Our favourite hot trend for SS16 has to be Terrariums. They offer a quirky take on the usual houseplant, and are so easy to put together.


Plants harmonise your environment in more ways than one. It is scientifically proven that keeping houseplants and flowers improves and maintains your physical health and enhances your mental well being. So relax and create your peaceful indoor garden...

The best thing about a terrarium (other than how it looks) is the incredible ecosystem that goes on inside them. They are like tiny little worlds just for your windowsill - and it only takes 4 supplies and 4 simple steps to make your own.


- A glass bowl, jar or pyramid.
- A variety of succulents and/or mosses
- Soil
- Rocks or pebbles


1. Put some small rocks or pebbles at the base of the glass. These are here to drain the water from the soil.

2. Place an inch or 2 of soil next. Adding activated charcoal is optional - this can prevent mold forming if the container has a smaller opening. You can spritz the soil with water as you go for added moisture (this can help arrange plants when potting later).

3. Hollow small areas in which to pot your selected succulents. You may need to add another small layer of soil over the surface around them to ensure they stay put!

4. Including extra pebbles or gravel will make for a more compact terrarium as well as adding texture and height. Feel free to decorate with any extras: arranging the terrarium with small crystals or moss can create a really beautiful display!



Hanging terrariums make spectacular features, but arranging your leafy creation on a windowsill to catch the light, or on a shelf as part of a bigger display can be equally impressive. We'd like to thank Emma from Tigers to Lilies for donating these exquisite succulents and air plants!


Often the containers in which we plant terrariums are fantastic items themselves, so we also recommend filling them with glittering fairy lights or filling with a sand base to hold candles. Both of these instantly create a stunning light display that will stand out in place of a table lamp. Easy, effective and extremely beautiful.


Check out Pinterest for more quirky terrarium ideas!



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