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Black fireplace styled with trailing gold ivy garland, star decorations and a christmas stocking.

How To Style Your Christmas Garland

With Christmas right around the corner, now is the perfect time to start planning your decorations and making your home festive and welcoming for your family and friends.

Dark fireplace with garlands, stockings and honeycomb balls.


Apart from the tree, which some may say is the most important part of decorating at Christmas, be sure to consider a garland. A Christmas garland can be used throughout the home; over a door, in a hallway or over a fireplace! This is because a garland of fresh and faux greenery, lights, and your favourite decorations is a fabulous feature for any corner. Plus it gives you an opportunity to express your own personality and creativity!

Christmas is a time for family & friends, making memories and overindulging and this is also true when styling up your home, creating gorgeous centrepieces and statement spaces. So to help with this Lucy, co-founder of Rockett St George has given us her top Christmas fireplace styling tips.

Lucy St George's Christmas Garland Styling Tips

two images of a pink tassel garland wrapped around stair bannisters.

1. Make everything sparkle. 

Firstly, garlands can become very front heavy. Because of this if you are placing yours on your mantle, make sure you secure it to the wall. You can do this with a nail and some string or florist wire and drawing pins. However, if you don’t want to make a hole in the wall or mantle then there are some really clever command strip hooks that you can buy which simply stick on the wall and can take quite a bit of weight.'

2. Lots of lights.

Add light chains for sparkle and to create mood lighting. Not forgetting, candles at varying heights within your display, mixed with tea lights in a variety of vessels for ultimate impact. So, together with your light chain, this will make your display really stand out.

3. Heights add wow-factor

Your aim should be to create wow factor and you can do this by juxtaposing objects. So, be sure to play around with scale.  If everything is perfectly proportioned or too symmetrical then your display will become very formal.  So, follow nature and aim to be a little freer.

4. Odd numbers look best.

Follow the rule of three by clustering eclectic pieces that you love together in threes. This rule also allows you to mix and match patterns and designs.
Remember, displays always look better when using odd numbers. This is especially so if you have a large mantle or you are creating a spectacular ceiling hung display.
5. Metallic Magic
Mix up your metallics. By mixing your metallics you can add a bit of glamour to your home. This is because the mixed metals add shimmer and warmth to any display.
6. Scents are everything 
Adorn your garland with scented candles or foliage from the garden. Alternatively, have small vessels filled with foliage or flowers within your display as this will make your arrangement have movement and soften any hard design lines. If you need to wire anything then use florist wire. Because its sturdy and flexible you can wire in anything, from ribbons, Christmas decorations, small picture frames, fruit, sweets, small bottles of booze. No matter what your style; you can add anything you like!
bauble garland drapped from a fireplace and dining chair.
And, there we have it! Now that you have created a beautiful garland you can adorn it on staircases, curtain rails, above doorways, on your drinks trolley, or even on the tree. 

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