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2023 Trend: Modern-Day Monochrome

The Modern-Day Monochrome trend celebrates the classic colour combination of black with white. In short, this iconic duo is a timeless favourite for the home, providing a background for personal style touches. In addition, monochrome interiors offer a chance to experiment with bolder hues on a smaller scale. After all, what doesn’t look amazing with black and white?! Keep reading for inspiration on introducing a luxe monochrome look to your home this year...

Trend Moodboard

There is no doubt that black and white is a match made in heaven. Embracing depth in contrast, there is a reason why we come back to these colours time and time again. As a result, monochrome has earnt its place in the interiors hall of fame. Although considered one of our top trends for 2023, Modern-Day Monochrome offers a timeless and future-proof take on interior design trends.

"Just like your home, the monochrome trend is always moving and evolving. Therefore, it can take many forms and ranges from softer palettes to brilliantly bold interpretations. This year, we’re embracing the latter. Above all, this trend is perfect for pairing with the other key looks of 2023. For example, playful patterns and the presence of colour pops. Elevating checkerboard patterns and classic spots and stripes, monochrome offers a failsafe way to experiment with print. In addition, as we move towards the autumn months, we plan to pair black & white with warm rust reds and leafy greens to create a bold look grounded in nature.” Lucy St George

Modern-Day Monochrome: The Colour Palette

image of monochrome colour palette with black, white, burnt orange and green

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The Modern-Day Monochrome colour palette embraces shades of black and white as the base for your decorating decisions. Firstly, it’s important to find the paint colours that work best for you and your home. Rich shades of black with warm undertones can create a cosy atmosphere in both large and small spaces. However, as Lucy St George discovered in her kitchen, black can also make your home feel like a nightclub. Although that fact is undeniably amazing in many ways, you might want to steer clear of black for your workspace. On the other hand, white is brilliant for bouncing natural light around the room and creating the feeling of additional space. There are many shades of white to choose from but for north-facing rooms, we always recommend an off-white without cool undertones.

Next, it’s time to think about the colours that will lift a monochrome scheme. Inspired by the rise of earth tones, we’re embracing colours with serious warmth. For instance, burnt orange, terracotta and rust are a must for 2023 and look gorgeous with the Modern-Day Monochrome trend. Moreover, as Lucy mentioned, evergreens continued to take centre stage. Green is one of the most versatile colours to decorate with. As a result, it’s a favourite amongst the RSG team and this year we’re loving everything from olive to forest green and pistachio. For a more muted look, 70-inspired neutrals including honey and caramel hues blend beautifully with black and white.

Get The Look

The beauty of the Modern-Day Monochrome look is how easy it is to style in real life. So, don’t be afraid to opt for statement black-and-white patterns on larger pieces of furniture. The Fabulous Club Chair is the perfect example of this. In addition, bold colour pops of black or white work well for storage in any setting imaginable.

Finally, it’s time for the accessories... Our black & white stripe lighting collection provides a playful take on this trend. Simple and chic, these designs have become instant bestsellers and introduce monochrome magic to the cosy corners of the home. In the same vein, black and white accessories can transform any space on a budget. From cushions to artwork, hero accessories in monochrome are ideal for introducing your personality to the home.

For more monochrome maximalist vibes and inspiration, check out Lucy on Instagram: @lucystgeorge

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