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A pile of colourful and fringed cushions styled on a neutral armchair

The Rockett St George Guide to Styling Cushions

How many, what size, what colour – and should you style on an angle? Everything you ever wanted to know about styling cushions is here, so read on for inspo. You’re SO welcome

A collection of colourful, fringed cushions with slogans like

Whether your style is minimalist, traditional rustic farmhouse or all-out bohemian craziness, chances are there will be a cushion or three in the mix. Styling cushions is a bit like icing a cake – the main event (ie, your home) will work without them, but they just make everything so much nicer. And the good thing about cushions is that they’re versatile (much like icing). If they don’t work in one room, simply move them to another, or to a different piece of furniture, until you find a spot they do work in. And if you change your mind completely, you can always use them for solely practical tasks, such as making a kitchen bench a comfier perch, or sprucing up the dog’s bed (they won’t care if the coral colour you were hoping for tends slightly more towards pink). 

So relax, let the creative juices flow and give your inner interior designer a headstart by following the tips here. A cushionscape of perfectly curated squashiness awaits! 

1. Decide on a colour scheme (or not...)

If you like order and symmetry, you’ll likely want (at least some of) your cushions to match. This allows you create balance and ‘mirroring’ in your display, which is particularly important if you’re styling cushions as the focal point in your room, against an otherwise neutral backdrop. Buy in complementary pairs, then split and double up with its opposite number to create interest in terms of both colour and texture. 

Two bold-striped cushions in black and neutral styled side by side on a garden bench

2. Symmetry vs. asymmetry

This is a close cousin of the well as colours and fabrics / textures, decide whether you want a symmetrical or asymmetrical arrangement for your cushions. Symmetrical arrangements, with matching pairs of cushions on each side, create a sense of order and balance. Asymmetrical arrangements, with cushions arranged in a more relaxed and eclectic manner, add a touch of spontaneity and personality. This tends to be the RSG MO, but you know what we say - your home, your rules! 

3. Go for odd numbers

When arranging cushions, consider using odd numbers for a more balanced and visually pleasing display. Style cushions in sets of three or five to create a cohesive look that feels intentional.

4.Perfect the art of layering

Layering cushions of varying sizes and shapes adds depth to your seating area. Start with larger cushions at the back and layer smaller ones in front to create a cascading effect. Mixing different sizes also provides varying levels of comfort and support.

A collection of cushions in different shapes, sizes and colours styled against a  soft black background

5. Consider proportions

Take into account the size of your furniture when selecting cushions. Larger sofas or beds can accommodate larger cushions, while smaller chairs or benches may look better styled with cushions that are smaller to avoid overwhelming the space. 

6. Play with heights

Add visual interest by varying the heights of your cushions. Mix standard square or rectangular cushions with lumbar or bolster cushions for added dimensions. Place some cushions flat against the back of the furniture and prop others up at an angle for a dynamic look.

7. Seasonal themes

Update your cushion styling with the changing seasons or holidays to reflect the mood and atmosphere of your home. Use lighter fabrics and colours for spring and summer, and cosy textures and warmer tones for autumn and winter.

Two stripy cushions styled on a rattan outdoor sun lounger with pink throw

8. Accessorise with throws

Pair cushions with throws or blankets in complementary colors and textures for added warmth and cosiness. Drape a throw casually over the arm of a sofa or chair and layer cushions on top for an inviting look.

9. Add personal touches

Incorporate cushions that reflect your personal style and interests, whether it's through unique patterns, embroidered designs, or quirky accents. Mix in cushions with sentimental value or handmade touches for a personalised touch.

10. Edit and refresh

Periodically edit your cushion collection to keep your styling fresh and updated. Rotate cushions between rooms, swap out covers, or introduce new cushions to keep your decor feeling current and inspired. And that all-important question - should cushions ever be styled on an angle? The answer is - of course, if that's what tickles your fancy! Your home, your rules - so work those right angles, baby. You got this! 

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