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2023 Trend: Colour Crush

The colour crush interiors trend celebrates decorating with total colour confidence. Most importantly, this trend's vibrant, saturated shades are designed to make a statement. However, these beautiful bright colours also act as a secret styling weapon to boost your mood. From hot pink to neon green and everything in between, discover how to decorate your home with colour this year...

Trend Moodboard

During the pandemic, our homes took on new importance as a sanctuary to retreat, rest and recharge. As a result, we have seen an increase in people turning to furniture, accessories and art with mood-enhancing effects. With this new purpose continuing, the colour crush trend is easily one of our top trend picks for 2023...

When we talk about good-mood interiors, colour is key. We spent a long time researching colour as part of our last book Extraordinary Interiors In Colour. So, it’s fair to say we’ve become something of experts on the subject. In short, colour has the power to shape how we feel in our homes. For example, sunset colours such as rich orange, pink and yellow introduce instant warmth and optimism to any space, large or small. However, the bold colours that have the potential to create an instant dopamine hit are often tricky to decorate with. Therefore, for 2023, we’re taking inspiration from the iconic Memphis trend of the '80s, with playful pops of bright colour.” Jane Rockett

Colour Crush: The Colour Palette

When it comes to the colour crush palette, the bolder and brighter the colour, the better! After all, when embracing accents of vibrant colour, you can afford a more playful and experimental approach.

Firstly, consider pink. As Pantone’s Colour Of The Year, hot pinks such as magenta, berry and fuchsia are having a moment. Pink is renowned as the colour of sweetness and encourages love, joy and creativity. Next up is green. Green has long been applauded for its connection to nature and is said to evoke feelings of balance, renewal and even luck. Moreover, how could we forget golden hour yellows and zesty citrus tones? Taking inspiration from the sun, these colours introduce a summer state of mind to the home. So, regardless of the weather outside, you will feel energised with optimism at home.

Get The Look

Above all, the colour crush trend encourages a more confident approach to colour. Consequently, you don’t need to make big décor changes to embrace this trend. In fact, with bold colours, we always recommend starting small to make sure you love the look first. After all, your home needs to work for you in everyday life.

New to our 2023 collection, colourful glassware including coupe glasses and storage jars provide the perfect opportunity to experiment with the colour crush trend in your kitchen, or on your dining table. In addition, abstract mirrors and vibrant art promise to transform empty walls with a pop of electric colour. You can also play around with cushions, lighting and candles in bright colours throughout your interior. The most important thing to remember with this trend is that if you love the colour and it lifts your mood, then it deserves pride of place in your home!

For more expert advice on decorating with colour, check out Jane's quick tips on Instagram here.

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