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How To Decorate Your Home For Xmas

How To Decorate Your Home For Xmas

Discover our top tips for decorating your home this Christmas.

As we start to prepare for Christmas celebrations, getting your home ready is just as important. At Rockett St George, we love decorating our homes and the joy it brings to the season. Moreover, this guide will give you inspiration for how to decorate your home for Xmas, talking you through different styles of Christmas home decor and how you can get the look...

Silver glass trees on a side table.

Christmas Decor Must-Haves

From the hallway to the living room, there are so many fabulous ways to bring personality to your decor at Christmas. A season to express yourself within the home, we love the little touches that make for an exciting scheme when it comes to your interior styling. Finally, read on to discover what you can do to elevate the look of your scheme during using Christmas home decor.

1. Christmas Fairy Lights & Lighting Ideas

To create your very own magical wonderland during the festive season, we recommend that you simply start with the lighting!

At Rockett St George, we believe that the right lighting is imperative to a home that is both welcoming and stylish. On top of this, a glorious glow will set the mood for an evening spent with friends or family, especially during the month of Christmas. This means that, when choosing your Christmas home decor, opting for twinkling lights, candles and table lamps will create the wow factor amongst your scheme instantly.

 Image of gold fairy lights wrapped around the neck of a bust.

2. Personal Touches To Your Festive Decor.

Personal touches within the home are so important. So, at Christmas time, you mustn't forget to incorporate some marvellous memories into your interior. Sometimes, following the latest trends means that the pieces that evoke that homely feeling can get left behind. Additionally, using memories that you hold dear around the home at Christmas is the best way to make your scheme unique to you! Whether this is your first home or you are just in need of an interior refresh, we have some lovely Picture Frames and other trinkets that make for a more meaningful interior.

Image of two christmas home settings where christmas decor has been mixed with personal items to create a unique look.

3. Amazing Christmas Accessories

Christmas would not be the same without some amazing accessories. So, why not go all out with your Christmas home decor this year and use some adornments that dare to be different! From ultra quirky hanging Christmas tree decorations to garlands and tableware, it's really all in the detail when it comes to accessorising your home. Moreover, this is a great opportunity to have fun when decorating, so keep reading to see inspiration on how...

Christmas Home Decor Themes

There are so many ways to experiment with your interior styling when it comes to Christmas Home Decor. For this reason, we are going to show you some of our favourite themes that we are lusting over this year to add a bit of quirky to Christmas!

This Barbie Loves Christmas

Discover the enduring allure of pink in our 2023 collection, a tribute to the millennial obsession that's still going strong. Channeling the spirit of Greta Gerwig, we're infusing your holiday with Barbie-inspired magic through stunning pink ornaments that command attention on your Christmas tree. From delicate blush hues to bold fuchsia shades, pink embodies love, passion, and boundless creativity. Elevate your seasonal decor by embracing these vibrant vibes, transforming your space into a festive Dreamhouse paradise.

Image of a pink decorated staircase and a pink croc shoe decoration.

Our trend pays homage to Barbie's timeless glamour, featuring bold pinks complemented by touches of gold and vibrant, multicolored accessories. Dive into the spirit of the season with our hot pink rendition of the controversial yet iconic off-duty shoe, reimagined as a playful tree decoration and surefire conversation starter. Whether you're a Barbie enthusiast or not, this trend offers an ideal opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of colorful Christmas decor. Bring your festive fantasies to life, making this holiday season as unforgettable and vibrant as Barbie herself.

Not so guilty pleasures

Explore Rockett St George's Christmas collection filled with delightful and unique decorations designed to bring joy to your holiday season. We believe in infusing your home with individuality, and our eclectic ornaments are the perfect way to set your Christmas scheme apart. From ornaments featuring musical icons like Harry Styles to a tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II in a vibrant hot pink ensemble, and baubles inspired by breakfast delights, we celebrate the magic found in everyday pleasures.

Watermelon, fried egg, chips, lips and happy decoration.

Our collection captures the essence of life's simple yet precious moments. Embrace the uplifting power of singing your heart out to your favorite tunes, relish in happy hour cocktails with friends, or savor the bliss of a perfectly made avocado toast. These decorations are more than just ornaments; they are tokens of happiness, reminding you that life's little joys are the most precious. Elevate your holiday decor with our selection, celebrating the whimsy of everyday experiences and infusing your home with the spirit of happiness. Make this Christmas season truly magical with Rockett St George's unique and delightful ornaments.

Rave, Re-Use & Repeat

In our 2023 range, sustainability meets style. Each pinwheel, star, or honeycomb has been thoughtfully crafted for reuse, emphasizing our commitment to eco-friendly festivities. Explore our extensive collection, where every piece is designed to enhance your celebrations year after year. Invest in decor that endures and adds a touch of elegance to every occasion. Shop now and create unforgettable moments with Jane & Lucy's exquisite and sustainable decorations.

Paper christmas trees


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