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DIY Advent Calendar Ideas

Advent Calendars capture all the excitement and suspense in the lead-up to Christmas. There are so many garish, shop-bought, pre-filled chocolate Advent Calendars out there, but at RSG - we like to do things a little differently...

Get creative and make an alternative DIY Advent Calendar that will fit in with your stylish home. We have selected our most favourite alternative advent calendars ideas and even had a go at it ourselves! For those of you who are short on time/lack a creative touch, there are two really easy options at the end ...We've got your back!

1. DIY Ladder Advent Calendar

Ladder Advent Calendar

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We love turning the ordinary into the extraordinary at RSG and creating a Ladder Advent Calendar does just this! A Ladder Advent Calendar creates a real impact and we love the idea of decorating furniture in your house to give it a Christmas facelift. To create your very own Ladder Advent Calendar, why not use an old-style wooden ladder (raid your local flea market, reclamation yard or Ebay) and decorate it with Christmas ribbon, stickers and fairy lights to make it look magical!

Try hanging 24 Christmas Decorations from the ladder, and each day you can add one more Christmas Decoration to your tree, or stick to 24 gifts to open each day. You can luxe it up as much as your budget will allow.

RSG Top Tip: Wrap fairy lights around your Ladder Advent Calendar to create a little Christmas sparkle.

2. DIY Acts Of Kindness Advent Calendar


DIY Acts Of Kindness Advent Calendar

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Making an Acts Of Kindness Calendar will not require much preparation and is a really nice alternative to chocolates or toys for kids...and grown-ups! This is a great advent idea for kids to get involved with, especially if you are trying to avoid overloading them with chocolate right before Christmas.

To create your very own Acts Of Kindness Advent Calendar you will need cards, envelopes, some string and some pegs. The design and style you opt for should be totally up to you. Inside each envelope, have a card with a nice act of kindness written on. Maybe it's 'bake cookies for a friend' or 'call someone, just to say hello'. By the time the 24th comes around perhaps a little treat in the last envelope is a nice reward for all the kindness you have spread.


3. DIY Chalkboard Advent Calendars

Easy, cheap and effortlessly chic, Chalkboard Advent calendars are a Rockett St George favourite! These simple advent calendars are really great if you want to create something a little different, but are strapped for time. All you will need is a dark wall, ribbon, gift tags, mini pegs and a little gift or decoration for each day. Perhaps use Christmas tree baubles like our Greek Goddess Bubblegum Decoration or Rainbow Rollerskate.

4. DIY Boxes Advent Calendar


We love the idea of opening up a little box each day with a small gift in each one. This idea is super simple, and to make it really easy you can buy your own boxes. Start off with your 24 boxes and then decide on how you want to decorate them. Maybe use baubles or colourd pom poms, perhaps paint on gold stars or Christmas trees.

Next up, think about what to put into your boxes. This might be something for the tree, chocoalte or what about miniture bottles of booze for adults!

5. DIY Hanging Advent Calendar

DIY Hanging Advent Calendar

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We love the simplicity of the Clothes Hanger Advent Calendar. It requires little preparation, but that's what makes it so genius! All you need is a clothes hanger, some string or yarn, some fabulous advent gifts and you've got yourself a delightful alternative advent calendar that will look incredible in your home.

RSG Top Tip: Great advent gifts include, playing cards, Christmas decorations, gift cards, chocolate coins and stationary!

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