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Christmas Styling - The No house Rules Way!

Recently, we challenged self-confessed interiors addicts, Katie (@comedowntothewoods) and Amy (@thistyle_rocks) who together make up @NoHouseRules to transform two spots in their homes into a magical Christmas extravaganza with a selection of RSG pieces! To add an element of wonder and surprise our elves at RSG packed up two Mystery Boxes and sent it up North to Peach Palace (Katie's home) and Residence Rocks (Amy's home). Along with the mystery boxes the pair were each given two briefs: one for Katies gorgeous Edwardian Hallway with a sweeping staircase and beautiful parquet floors and the other for Amy's period detail dining room which has a beautiful Hague blue walls ... the perfect festive backdrop.

Amy and Katie then worked their magic to create two Christmas looks that you could easily incorporate into your own home this Christmas! Amy and Katie's hard work really paid off and the result was absolutely showstopping! They have documented the entire process on their blog, but we loved it so much that we just had to give you a little sneak peek of the highlights of the challenge, along with Katie and Amy's Top Christmas Decorating Tips...


The first styling challenge that we set Katie and Amy was to transform the Edwardian Entrance Hall at Peach Palace into a Christmas Hallway Heaven! So for the inspiration, we provided the brilliant duo with two distinct looks: golden luxe for the staircase and Christmas tree and playful kitsch for the sideboard styling. Here's a selection of pieces that we included in their mystery box...

Set Of 2 Burgundy Honeycomb Ball Decorations £7.50 | Gold Metal Bird Decoration £8.00 | Good Luck Gold Hand Hanging Decoration £14.00 |Set Of 4 Hanging Holographic Silver Foil Pinwheel Decorations £25.00 | Lucky Eye Hanging Decoration £20.00 | Artisan Dove Decoration £6.50

From there we let Katie and Amy work their Christmas magic, to wondrous effect! Check out their top tips and images of their work below...

No House Rules Top Tips For Christmas Home Styling 

  1. Christmas Lighting. Its all about creating the perfect ambience at Christmas, so get ready to turn those overhead light off! Pack the room with candles and wrap fairy lights high and low
  2. Mixed Metallics. Chuck em all in, golds, silvers, brass, bronze, all in a big festive melting pot.
  3. Layer It Up. Decorate on all levels, use objects at different heights so that there is always a treat for the eye
  4. Seasonal Scents. The obvious choice is candles and there are some beautiful Christmas scented ones but they can get pricey. There are loads of ways to make your room smell festive, our personal favourite is to get the mulled wine on (obvs) but you can find more ideas here.
  5. Bring The Outside In. Forage in the garden or in the woods, branches, pine cones, greenery, the more the actual merrier. Who cares about the spiders!
  6. Have Fun! First and foremost enjoy it. Don’t get hung up on it being too styled, matchy or instaworthy, grab a glass of something you love, pop some Mariah on and feel relaxed in the knowledge that your house is unlikely to be the best dressed on Instagram but it will be full of happiness.

The Staircase



The Christmas Tree




The Sideboard




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Our second challenge for Katie and Amy took place at Rocks Residence and their brief was to create a festive tablescape that is totally insta-worthy! Our mystery box was filled with glittering accessories, metallics and quirky candlesticks. Here's a selection of pieces that we included in their mystery box...

Handmade Ceramic Plate - Star £12.00 | Faria Dinner Service Collection - Black £12.00 |Gold Tip Black Feathers - Pack Of 15 £4.00 | Quartz Crystal Hanging Decoration - 3 Colours Available £3.00 | Angled Bird Foot Candlestick - Gold £59.00 | Linen Napkin Set - White £30.00 | Bottle Of Stars - Silver £6.00 | Etched Wine Glass £7.50 | 

Once again, Amy and Katie worked their creative socks off and have created a Christmas Table Setting that is absolutely dazzling. Check out their top tips and images of their work below...

No House Rules Top Tips For Christmas Table Styling

  1. Use a tablecloth. This is like the underwear for your table! Would it be fair to assume you would not forget your undergarments to entertain the in-laws on Christmas day?! Then don't do it on your table. We used a dark grey linen in one of our tablescapes which served as a lovely background to the black serving platters and matt chrome cutlery.
  2. Hang Your Decs. This has both a styling and practical advantage. If you can find any way to suspend your decorations (fishing wire and cable ties would be advisable) it will take your table to new heights- sorry! It creates interest above eye level and creates drama that may get lost on the table. More importantly, it frees up space for a bottle or two!
  3. Layers. Layering up your crockery with charger plates is simple but effective- providing a stage for your sprouts and creating those all important layers which any stylist will tell you is top of the Interior tips list.
  4. Mix Metallics. Silver, gold, brass, copper- the more the merrier. We enjoyed playing with all of these tones. The sparkle of metallics is without compare and brings your table to life. They compliment each other- do not be afraid to mix them up. Your decs will transform from being uniform and sterile too warm and inviting.
  5. DO have candles and lots of them! Tealights, dinner, pillar, votives. It really doesn’t matter and needs little instruction or further details from us. You know it makes sense so just do it! We were both huge fans of the bird feet candlesticks from RSG. They are fun and quirky with that gorgeous metallic thing going on that we all love.
  6. Use Fairy Lights On Your Table. String some fairy lights down your table, around the chairs, over Grandma….. the sparkle and twinkle from fairy lights are the perfect addition to your Christmas table. What other time of year can you get away with lighting up your table like Blackpool illuminations?! The addition of fairy lights means there is no need for the big light so turn it off and the kids might mistake a vegetable for something they would actually choose to eat!





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A huge thank you to Katie and Amy for taking part in our Christmas Styling Challenge! For more about this exciting collaboration make sure you check out Katie and Amy's blog at Come Down To The Woods. Photography Credit for all images: Jim Poyner.


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