Six Of The Best Lighting Tips

Good lighting can completely transform your living space.

We're often asked in our Interior Advice Forum to give our advice and top tips on making homes more beautiful. For us, this always involves discussing lighting. In fact, we dedicated a whole chapter to lighting in our first book, Extraordinary Interiors. Chapter 5 'Lighten Up' explores our best lighting advice in detail with beautiful real home photography.

Lighting plays a key role in adding magic to your home and can really make or break the look and feel of your room. So we decided to put pen to paper (virtually speaking) to jot down our Six Best Lighting Tips that you can use in every room in your home. Keep reading for our Six Best Lighting Tips...

Best Lighting Advice Tips palm tree light

1. Consider The Function of Your Room.

Choosing the right lighting for your home can totally depend on what you use that particular room for. To make sure you don't fall into the 'panic buy' trap or buy something which does nothing to enhance your room, we've created a more comprehensive guide with our very best lighting advice on 'How To Buy Lighting For Your Home'. Give this a read before you begin shopping for any lights and you'll have already narrowed down what you're looking for.

2. Dare to Dim.

As many lights as possible should be fitted with a dimmer switch, even in the bathroom. Your lighting should change for different events or moments. Bright lights are acceptable and necessary when working at the dining table or bathing the kids, etc... But they need to be dimmed for dinner parties and long luxurious bathing. Change your light level as you would your clothing - different outfits for different occasions. Fairy lights are also a fantastic way of adding a wonderfully warm glow of light to certain areas of the room. When teamed with flickering candlelight, everyone will be feeling relaxed and calm.

Best Lighting Advice Tips dimmer switches

3. Create Layers.

Central lights create bright blank light over a room with no shadows or ambience. The best lighting advice we can give you is to turn it off (or follow tip number 2) and focus on creating new light sources around the rest of the room. It will change everything. Lamps are an essential part of creating a mood in a room. We recommend at least 3 light sources at different heights in a living room, more if possible. Use these to create pockets of light which illuminate your ornaments and add wall lights to highlight your favourite artwork. Doing this will create shadows and atmosphere which add to the personality of your living space, making your room cosy and welcoming.

"Layering different lights will transform the entire atmosphere in a room. Add magic to yours by positioning table lamps and floor lamps around the room to create a warm and inviting glow." - Lucy St George

Best Lighting Advice Tips unique statement lights

4. Make a Statement.

Unless you have enormous rooms or fabulously tall ceilings, one of our key pieces of lighting advice is that the only occasion that a central pendant light is acceptable is in a hallway or over a dining table. And these lights should be fabulous! Try a chandelier or something with a sharp silhouette, such as the Golden Eye Pendant Light With Fringing. The same can be achieved with colourful or patterned lampshades or totally show-stopping floor lamps like the Rockett St George Palm Tree Floor Lamp.

"Whether it's a glamorous lampshade or a fabulous statement ceiling light - dare to be different and go to town when it comes to your lighting. This will add style and elevate the whole look and feel of your room." - Lucy St George

Best Lighting Advice Tips 3 kitchen islands lights

5. Be Odd.

Lights over kitchen islands are on-trend, look fantastic and are super practical too. But a rule of thumb to follow is to make sure you have an odd number. Go for 3 or 5. Just like flowers in a vase, they always work better when styled in odd numbers.

6. Take to Task.

Good lighting is necessary when you're working or reading, etc, so a directional wall light or desk light can be a wonderful thing. You don't need to flood the whole room with light, but just highlighting your workspace or reading nook will really make a difference. We suggest the gorgeous Fabulous Wall Light or try quirky Clamp Table Lamp which can be fixed to a shelf and will highlight the area you need beautifully.

"It's super important to light the areas you spend time reading or working in, particularly in the kitchen or by your desk or reading nook. Wall lights are your best friend for this." - Jane Rockett


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