We all get itchy feet with our decor and want to update it with beautiful new items. However, when facing the task of a revamp, it can often be the smallest tweaks that make the biggest impact on your home...

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1. Choose your look

It's a good idea to know what you want (or at least what you don't want) before you begin. Whether you have your whole interior style figured out or just one favourite colour you want to use, this will help pave the way for the transformation you're looking for. Personality is key. “Living in a house that doesn’t reflect who you are is akin to wearing someone else’s clothes." - Christian Dior

Top tip: Pinterest is the obvious choice for researching your perfect style. Try to draw inspiration from all around you such as your favourite hotel decor, travel destinations and even restaurants. 

2. Edit what you have

The simple action of moving about your furniture can change a room entirely. Try to editycan change a room entirely – try to edit your belongings before you splash out on new items that you probably don't need!

Having a re-jig changes the energy in a room. If you don’t fancy a total redecoration, then moving a cabinet here or a bed there will totally transform the space into something new. Focus on details and what they mean to you. The way a room flows is just as important as displaying your most treasured items. Surround yourself with things you love whilst being aware of where they should go. Create a collection where all the items work well together and have a connection to each other.

Top tip: Curate your best pieces of kitchenware to hang or place on open shelves to create a stylish and well thought out display. This really helps in editing what you actually need to use on a regular basis - our rule is always use your best! Make every occasion a special one!

3. Paint and paper

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If you have big dreams of living in a palatial paradise or industrial warehouse, we can make that a reality. It's such an exciting time for wallpaper - faking it makes things easier and more affordable. Wallpaper is constantly surprising and provides a modern twist on lots of traditional styles. The Scrapwood and Tin Tile designs by NLXL are spectacular and so easy to use - these fly off the shelves at RSG and it's easy to see why - you can express so many creative and unique styles just by pasting them onto the walls.

Top tip: For an unexpected impact go crazy with statement wallpaper in a downstairs toilet or surprising space. We love it when we discover an amazing corner that would have ordinarily been ignored.

Try painting the ceiling something other than white. If a room is small sometimes it’s better to embrace it rather than hide it. A dark or patterned ceiling is a bold way to achieve a quirky cool look at home. Be brave!

4. Don't ignore the floor!

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You should pay as close attention to your flooring as you do the walls and ceilings: together they paint an overall picture and you don't want a dodgy carpet letting the side down! Rugs are our go-to solution. Different sizes, shapes and patterns can transform your room into a whole new style entirely. A great rug makes a room sing.

teak floor tiles
If it's stylish wooden floors you're dreaming of then you can easily get this look too. These beautiful and fully sustainable teak floor tiles are made using reclaimed teak from redundant buildings in India. We love that all the tiles are individual creating a look that is completely unique to you! They can also be mounted on the wall - as seen in Grazia!

Top tip: Whether you want a soft deep pile rug to pad around on or a slim tassled runner to fill a gap, bear in mind that they can either open a space up or make a space feel a lot cosier. If you want to create the feeling of spaciousness then short pile, light colours and simple patterns are the way to go. If you are looking to make a space cosier then rugs that have a thick or deep pile in darker colours with more ornate patterns will do the trick!

5. Finishing touches


Home accessories are so important. Whether you want to create subtle accents or make a loud statement, then cushions, door handles, display items and plants are your new best friend. Shake things up by using reversible cushions that you can flip whenever you need to alter the mood. Our new Jimmie Martin cushions with bright bold lips will create an exciting impact!

Top tip: Play with height and scale when you create a display. For a coffee table, layering books is a must, and displaying items on a mirror or single tile is an effective and pretty way to show off your favourite things.

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