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Mirrors are magical...

The ultimate design trick to add wow factor and additional space in any room of the home. Use our clever Mirror Buying Guide to help choose the perfect mirror for your home or garden.

By reflecting natural light back into the room, a mirror is a wonderful way to create the illusion of extra space inside the home and help make your room feel both bigger and brighter. Whether you're looking for a stylish alternative to a mirror bathroom cabinet, a full-length mirror, or need help choosing the best mirror - our handy mirror buying guide is here to help. Keep reading to discover our top tips and advice when it comes to buying a mirror in the UK.

Mirror Buying Guide

With so many different shapes and sizes, it can be difficult to decide which mirror is right for you. From a wall-hung, free-standing, round, or large mirror; our useful guide will help you choose what is best for you.

Introducing a mirror or two is ideal for opening up smaller spaces. But large mirrors are also a must-have for bigger rooms looking to achieve statement style and grandeur. As a result, mirrors are a superpower style secret that should be celebrated throughout the home. From the walls of your kitchen to luxe lounge spaces, the hallway and even your garden outside.

‘We always recommend going for the largest mirror you can afford to make the most of every ray of light. Traditionally, mirrors are hung from walls or placed on mantlepieces. So, make sure you consider what will be shown in the reflection. Pair with a showstopping chandelier or fabulous gallery wall of artwork to extend the wow factor. You’ll now see double the number of features, so the bolder and more beautiful, the better!’

- Lucy St George, Co-Founder of Rockett St George -

Adding Magic To Your Walls...

By reflecting all the beautiful design details around you, mirrors work perfectly with lighting to set the tone in your scheme. From the subtle ambience of sidelights to the shadows that bounce off the walls, a showstopping mirror enhances natural light and projects glowing reflections all around the room. With so many styles and sizes available, there are myriad of options for introducing the magic of mirrors to your home. This is especially so in one of your more relaxed rooms of the home - the Living Room. When you've kicked back in the evening and have switched to low-level lighting, your living room mirror will bounce the magic around the room for you, enhancing the mood.

Where natural light is limited, tall window-frame designs trick the eye and create the illusion of a fabulous extra window. This will instantly transform any dark space. For a more unusual approach to decorating with mirrors, we love convex designs that distort the reflection and vintage-inspired foxed finishes that add unique personality and character to the surrounding space. As further proof of practicality, mirrors with built-in shelves or storage are the ultimate multi-tasker to help keep your home organised in style.

Garden Mirrors for The Great Outdoors

Not just a solution for the walls of your home, mirrors can be just as effective when styled on sideboards, shelves or desk spaces and even in the garden. An arch mirror in the garden can look fabulous on a garden wall to give the illusion of a doorway to a secret garden beyond. Creating this magical moment in your interiors, inside or out, is what will set yours apart from the rest.

‘Mirrors are a brilliant design trick that we can introduce into the garden. In the same way as the home, outdoor mirrors are perfect for creating additional space. Perfect for smaller courtyards and patios, mirrors reflect natural sunlight back into the garden. Introducing a mirror to your garden is also a wonderful way to embrace the beauty of nature. Through the reflection of your outdoor mirror, you can essentially double up your plants. This creates a gorgeous, outdoor oasis with a tropical feel that will whisk you far away. Vintage and Crittall-style mirrors are a personal favourite for me. These beautiful designs add structure and character to blend in beautifully amongst textures of the garden. Nestle amongst foliage or display against a rustic brick wall. A fabulous mirror helps to create your very own secret garden for enjoying the lazy days of summer.’

- Jane Rockett, Co-founder of Rockett St George

Mirror Buying Guide - Bathroom Mirrors

Let's face it - bathroom mirrors can be pretty boring in terms of design. That's why we have curated our own mirror collection to bring more unique mirrors to the UK. Opt for something a little more stylish than a traditional (or plain!) style of the mirror bathroom cabinet. You will look in this mirror every day so choose something beautiful that you will love for years to come. Maybe it's a bathroom mirror with storage or a shelf or a mirror with hidden storage behind the glass? The possibilities are endless, so take a look at our edit below and see which is your favourite.

So you've decided what mirror you want to buy, now to find out where to buy mirrors? Well, you can shop our full collection of mirrors for the home and garden to find something a little bit different and fun for your home. For more mirror inspiration, see our Magical Mirrors board on Pinterest.

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