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Bringing colour into your home can uplift your interiors making it your ultimate happy place.

Whether it's colourful wallpaper, cushions, rugs or art that you decide to decorate with, we have some great tips to help you be more colourful in the home. Go the whole hog and paste a beautiful wall mural or colourful wallpaper on the walls, or simply add bold accessories. The home of Caitlin & Samuel Dowe-Sandes (as featured in our latest book Extraordinary Interiors) celebrates an explosion of colour in each room. The living room in their Moroccan home is an extra special and creative space that is set off with captivating bright turquoise walls. When you're brave with your interiors they are ALWAYS more memorable.

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Image Credit: The home of Caitlin & Samuel Dowe-Sandes as featured in Extraordinary Interiors In Colour by Jane Rockett & Lucy St George. Publishers: Ryland Peters & Small. Photographer: Catherine Gratwicke.


But never fear - we know that pulling a look together is not always easy.

And this is especially so when you want to copy a look that you've seen online or in a book. To help, we've pulled out some key pieces to show you how to achieve the look of Caitlin & Samuel's fabulous colourful living room. See below for our favourite colourful home decor ideas and get the look with our Top Tips for adding colour to your interiors.

Colourful Living Room Ideas Get The Look by Rockett St George

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Top Tips for Creating a More Colourful Home

  1. Add colourful paint and wallpaper murals to the walls. If you're worried about taking the plunge and painting your whole room one colour, why not use a mural on one of them to break it up? Match the same tones within the wallpaper mural to make sure the look will sit perfectly together.
  2. Use neutral or metallic furniture and let the walls and accessories do the talking. Neutral or metallic pieces will fit a wide variety of decor styles. Which is great if you're anything like us and get the itch to decorate every few years to keep things fresh.
  3. Use colourful art. Blending your favourite artworks can be a great way of bringing colour into the home. Pick out some key colours from those that you plan to use in your room and mix your artwork to include some of these.
  4. Colourful accessories are key. The beauty of adding colourful accessories to your living room is that they can be changed up quite inexpensively. This means you can build up a range of accessories to rotate around your home.

So why not give these tips a try using your own colour choice? Find an image that you like and pin it up on your wall for a couple of weeks in a place where you will see it every day. This step saves you time as you'll know if you still love it after 2 weeks and are ready to get decorating! Remember, be brave and be bold with your home decor and you are guaranteed to create a magical and inviting space that everyone will love.

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