There's something wonderfully pleasing about perfectly organised kitchen cupboards and larders...

In fact, we've become a bit obsessed with @thehousethatblackbuilt, @madaboutthehouse and @renovating_ethelwolf  kitchen storage ideas! Named in LivingEtc March Issue as an Interior Design Trend for 2019, we've compiled a guide of our top storage ideas for your larder so that you can recreate the look in your home too.

Scroll down to discover our top kitchen storage ideas...

Image credit: @thehousethatblackbuilt



Kitchen Storage Ideas  - The Built-In Pantry Or Larder. Image credit @madaboutthehouse and @livingetc

Whether you have space for a built-in food storage pantry, free-standing shelves, a kitchen dresser or even a simple utility drinks trolley; make use of the space you have. If you have a beautiful built-in pantry or larder there really is no need to spend a lot of money - especially if you're feeling thrifty, and you can adapt and repurpose the storage that you already have.  So before you start; take a moment to evaluate your space and decide what storage works best for you and your budget.

Utilise Your Shelves, Trolleys and Units To Create Your Kitchen Larder, as seen in the home of Helene Morris (above, left) and Jane Rockett (above, right).
Photography Credit. Debi Treloar. Image Credit: Extraordinary Interiors by Jane Rockett and Lucy St George.

Kitchen Storage Ideas

Products Featured (from Left to Right): Oak Shelf With Cast Iron Brackets - Large or Small, Wooden Antique-Style Library Cabinet, Metal & Wood Industrial Style Shelf Storage On Castors, Wooden Ladder With 5 Basket Shelves, Three-Tier Black Metal Hanging Shelf.



Image credit: @thehousethatblackbuilt

- Empty food from ugly packaging into containers.

Cereal, crisp packets, tea bags, biscuits... the list could go on. Anything that is not beautiful can be emptied into pretty jars and storage containers creating a well-ordered and beautiful kitchen storage display. This is what blogger and Instagrammer, Chelsea of The House That Black Built did in her recent kitchen renovation (check out her renovation on Instagram - it's unreal). Not only does it look beautiful, but it also makes it easier to find things when you are cooking dinner for your kids or friends and family in a rush.

Kitchen storage container ideas

Products Featured (from Left to Right): Customisable Pussy Cat Pet Treat Container, Set Of 2 No.1 & No.2 Storage Tins, UK Made Pottery Black & Gold Hen Egg Holder, Set Of 2 Biscuits & Chocolat Tins, Set Of 3 Storage Pots With Lids.

 - Glass Jars.

This leads us nicely onto beautiful glass jars. Glass jars and storage containers with your grains, cereals, nuts and seeds are useful ways to store your food staples whilst looking incredibly aesthetically pleasing too. A great idea for open shelving units, you could even attach chalkboard labels onto the glass or plastic containers for an organisation gold star! This is what @renovating_ethelwolf has done in her open-shelf kitchen organisation display to magical effect! We have a selection of recycled glass containers with fun and quirky sayings (pictured below) as well as our fabulous new ribbed glass Disco Biscuit Container.

KITCHEN STORAGE IDEAS - OPEN SHELVING. Image found on Pinterest (above, left) and via @renovating_ethelwolf (above, right).
Glass storage jars for the kitchen
Products Featured (from Left to Right): Glass Salt Container, Beautiful Glass Storage Bottle With Plastic Lid, Industrial-Style Storage Jar, Authentic Mason Glass Storage Jar, Traditional Diner Sugar Shaker With Spout, French Glass Storage Jar With Black Star Lid.

 - Storage Baskets. 

Great for dry or packaged food items, like potatoes or packets of crisps. Invest in some beautiful baskets - with or without lids - that are useful and stylish too. We believe that everything in your home should be beautiful - even the useful stuff!.

Image credit: @thehousethatblackbuilt and @hornsbystyle

Kitchen storage ideas baskets with lids

Products Featured (from Left to Right): Set Of 2 Natural Seagrass Baskets With Black Bottoms, Antique Brass Coloured Wire Utility Basket, Set Of 2 Natural Seagrass Baskets With Stripe, Moroccan Wicker Basket With Lid - Extra Small, Black Natural Jute Hanging Storage Basket.



Image Credit: @madaboutthehouse and luizazaidan

Keep your kitchen worktops clutter-free by hanging your kitchen essentials up high. This is particularly useful for small kitchens with limited counter space. Or, for those who prefer a paired back and minimalist scheme in their homes. It's also incredibly practical for non-food items such as pots, pans and kitchen utensils.


Amber Recycled Glass Storage Jar - Pills £12.00 | Amber Recycled Glass Storage Jar - Loot £16.00 | Amber Recycled Glass Storage Jar - Stash £16.00

Put your cans and tins in drawers with the label facing up so that you can see them more easily. It's a great time-saver for when you'rere writing your shopping list.


Clamp Table Lamp £49.00

Typically pantries and larders are dark rooms to keep your food cool and fresh. This can make it tricky at night when you are searching the cupboards for a midnight snack. So, don't forget to include great lighting! Hang ceiling lights or wall lights as directional lights or alternatively invest in a clip-on light or clamp light that can be clipped or clamped onto your shelves. We have a selection of new beautiful lighting that would be perfect for your pantry.

Image Credit: Extraordinary Interiors by Jane Rockett and Lucy St George.
The home of  Quentin Leroux (above, left)  and Fred Musik (above, right). Photography Credit. Debi Treloar.

For more storage inspiration for your Pantry, check out our fabulous Kitchen Department or head to our Pinterest Board.

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