Jo Wood is an iconic rock 'n' roll chic!

Growing up in a creative family and with a vibrant career as a model, Jo created her own organic skincare brand in 2005 after a struggle with illness. Since then, her company, Jo Wood Organics has grown from strength to strength. In her free time, Jo has developed her creative interest in interiors and has a passion for vintage, eclectic and rock 'n' roll pieces that has made her home into a unique and personal space. With a home rocking an edgy and cool vibe, we sat down with Jo to talk all about her brand, her home and her favourite Rockett St George pieces! Plus we've created an edit so that you can shop Jo's look too! Click the button above to see more.


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1.Start at the very beginning. Tell us about yourself and your career background?

I was born in Billericay, Essex. My father was an architectural model maker and my mother was a doll maker, collector and restorer.

When I was 16 I left home in Benfleet, Essex to follow my heart and become a model and was the face of 1972! After that, I married and had my first child at 18 and left my husband at 20. I returned to modelling and then met my next husband at 22, Ronnie, and became a rock and roll mum!!!

In 1990 after years of "fun ", my body had had enough and I became ill. I was pumped full of steroids and was told that I had Crohn's disease. For the next few years, I took the steroids and it felt like my soul had been taken away. This was until I met a wonderful herbalist called Gerald Green. Gerald sat me down and said, "what do you eat?". 

That afternoon changed my life forever. Gerald taught me about food and, as they say, 'let food be thy medicine '.

2. What inspired you to found the Jo Woods Organics brand?

Once I was better ( I was misdiagnosed ) and my appendix was removed I realised how important the food we put in our bodies is. From food, it went to cosmetics, and after getting a book called The Fragrant Pharmacy by Valerie Ann Worwood from my bro on how to make wonderful organic fragrance I was off and running!

I was then introduced to Colette Hayden a cosmetologist and launched my first range in 2005. All organic and good for the skin.

My dream was and still is to open people's eyes to real organic products that are healthy and beautiful too.

Hallway Image Credit: The Interiors Edit.

3. You grew up in a creative household.  How has this influenced your interior style?

My parents bought a run down old vicarage in Benfleet when I was nine and began to restore it. I loved the transformation and it has stuck with me ever since. Nearly all the homes that I have lived in needed renovation. I'm in my element when doing up a home!

4. Tell us a little about your home. What is it like? How does it reflect your personality and style?

The home that I'm in now was once three flats when I initially bought it In Camden. I worked with a great builder who I worked like a slave and in 4 months spent my first Christmas there.

My style is a cross between Marie Antoinette and rock and roll. I love to reuse, redo and reclaim. So, rather than buy a new couch I will recover it. The house is very eclectic, I still own a statue of a woman from when I was 18 years old. How it survived I have no idea!

My house is very much me... with the beautiful things that I love and humour around me.

Living Room Image Credit: The Interiors Edit.

5. You love vintage pieces with a rock ‘n’ roll edge! Where do you go to source such a wonderfully eclectic collection for your home?

Most of my things are found in flea markets and antique shops. I absolutely love to find a great piece whether it is a pearl chandelier for 100 dollars in a Miami market or an old used workbench from a workshop found in a Hastings antique yard.

Image Credit: The Interiors Edit.

6. Which room in your home do you typically spend the most time in? How have you curated the design in this room to suit your needs and unique style?

There isn't just one room that I spend more time in. Although, I love to be in my kitchen as it's an open plan dining room and TV room. My bedroom is where I meditate and I find it so peaceful. I always love to be in the living room with a big fire going and my family and friends around me.

7. What should no home be without?

A home should not be without a feeling of peace and happiness.

Bathroom Image Credit: The Interiors Edit

8.Give us your top three skincare tips?

  • Always remove makeup at night.
  • Use organic oil on your face and body (a good oil will feed the skin).
  • Sleep.

9. Finally, name three RSG products that you love?

Love the Rockett St George Skull wallpaper that I have in my hallway. The Rebecca Sophie Leigh print ( love her ) and Crystal star tumblers.

Day Of The Dead Skull Wallpaper - Gold & Black £120.00. | Unframed Ella Art Print by Rebecca Sophie Leigh £250.00. | Set Of 6 Vintage Style Crystal Tumblers - Various Designs £66.00.

Quickfire Questions

1. I am happiest when… Around the ones I love.
2. Favourite magazine is… Reclaimed Magazine.
3. A dream holiday would be spent… On an Island.
4. An ideal day would be spent… At a reclamation yard or flea market.
5. Personal motto is… Love our planet, be organic.
6. My guilty pleasure is… Organic wine and organic raw chocolate.
7. The last film I saw was… The Greatest Showman.
8. My favourite book is… Nutritional healing and House on the Strand by Daphne du Maurier.
9. In five years’ time, I want to be… Even fitter and happier than I am now.
10. Three things I can’t live without are… My family, organic food and laughter.




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