An essential piece of furniture a coffee/side table is an excellent focal point for any room. Always on the lookout to create extraordinary interiors this got us thinking - how do you take an essential piece of furniture and turn it into something show stopping?! The secret ... combine a beautiful piece of furniture with something unusual, humorous or vintage and viola ... a 'style spot' has been created! Creating your table top style spot is a great fun and you can easily complete in an afternoon. So to help you create a coffee table style spot we have come up with our top 10 tips ...

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Be it a side table, coffee table, nesting table or even a side table with a magazine rack attached, make sure you pick the right table. If you are feeling really adventurous opt for a slightly unusual design such as a geometric shaped table or something with a quirky design such as a bird feet table. Alternatively, you can take something beautiful, such as a Marble coffee table and transform it into a style spot by dressing it with exciting accessories!

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Play with heights and layers and transform your style spot into a real showstopper! Easy to do, we recommend using books as your base and then layering your favourite treasures on top. Vary the dimensions and scale with different sized candles and candlesticks ... it really is quite extraordinary how this can transform your coffee table into an eye-catching extravaganza!

RSG Top Tip: Instead of putting the tallest items in the centre of the table, why not create an asymmetrical display and build the heights at one end of the coffee table. This looks particularly good if you have a large coffee table and don't want to fill the entire table. 

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In our opinion, humour and wit is a style spot essential! Having a quirky item displayed such as a Gold Peace Hand, an arty trinket or a colour pop has a transformative effect and most importantly it puts your unique stamp on your home interiors. Really go for it as it a really fabulous way to express yourself in your interiors ...  the wilder the better!

RSG Top Tip: Odd numbers is a style secret that we swear by. Instead of sticking to symmetrical designs go for things in three - trust us, it's a great way of creating structure and distinguishing your favourite items! 

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Add texture and different materials to create something that is really visually interesting. By layering tablecloths or perhaps a textural ornament such faux coral you can create a table top display that is totally instagrammable!

RSG Top Tip: Why not station a statement chair next to your style spot. This is texturally pleasing as the materials combine to create a beautiful style spot.

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Some of the best examples of a coffee table style spots are ones that cleverly incorporate colour. Be it a one colour pallet or a colour pop, there is something really striking about it. At the moment we are a bit pink obsessed and so we have opted for pale pink vases, candles and trinkets, whilst the greenery and the gold really balance the colour out.

Alternatively, you can stick to one hue. Take it from us, a black side table with black accessories and candlesticks is super sleek and sexy! The ideal solution for the colour-phobes out there!

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We know we harp on about this a lot, but greenery is so transformative to home interiors and can quite literally breathe life into your interiors! You can keep it low maintenance by opting for one faux plant sat amongst your other treasures, but we think a better option would be to go all out and immerse your side tables with green plants, trailing ivy and white delphinium.

RSG Top Tip: Sit a plant next to your coffee/ side table display which will create an epic high and low scale ... a total 'wowzer' in our opinion!

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A boozy alternative to a drinks trolley, why not create a mini-bar on your coffee table?! A marble tray would be perfect for this and will instantly add structure and symmetry to your interiors. What's more, this will help you to avoid creating a 'cluttered' style spot, by zoning of your smaller treasures such as shells, or photographs too.

If your side table is a little smaller like the Antiqued Side Table pictured, then you could even create an entire mini bar from your side table. We think the key here is to choose a side table in an interesting shape and colour. This easily draws the eye, before you have even accessories! Then collect your most beautiful barware to display. The emphasis is on your beautiful barware - anything that is not lovely or detracts from the style spot should be hidden away.

RSG Top Tip:  Side tables with gaps/glass are brilliant choices for small rooms as they create the illusion of space!

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Treasures and Memories are a style spot must! Photos, art pieces, shells collected from the beach, your children's art project ... the pieces that have a sentimental value to you should be on display. For us, it's like having a life-sized memory box and so take the time to select and refine the items that are most important to you.

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Accented light, candlelight, table lamps, chandeliers ... what ever you decide to do make sure you illuminate your style spot!  Style spot or not lighting is absolutely key to interiors and it is the finishing touch that can make or break your home interiors. Lighting has a real effect on the atmosphere and your mood in the home and so it's key to take time to consider how you are going to light your style spot.

Our preference has got to be low lighting. Install a dimmer switch or use candle light and create a chilled and sultry style spot. Perhaps dot the candle sticks around the table or use accent lighting to highlight your style spot!

RSG Products Featured: Round Marble Coffee Table - Large £200.00 Round Marble Coffee Table - Small £150.00

Who says that accessories only transform your coffee/side table into a style spot? A unique and quirky side/ coffee table can look really spectacular and you could even go one step further and have two side tables! Nesting tables would be brilliant for this and you can create interesting shapes and dimensions with the two tables.

Or check out our Table Top Tips - Styling Pinterest Board for inspiration!


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