Who knew you could make so many great things from old wooden pallets?! It's a recent DIY trend that we are just loving! If you search Pinterest for inspiration on this you will be amazed! What's even better is how inexpensive it is - Plenty of local businesses will have pallets that they will give to you on the cheap or even for free (your local DIY/Hardware store is a good place to start) and if you can't source them this way then Gumtree and Ebay have loads. So if you're feeling creative and searching for a DIY project, look no further...
 Photography Credit: Pinterest

A simple list of items that you will need:

  • Wooden Pallets
  • Hurricane Straps
  • Screws
  • Drill

If you are planning to treat the wood or paint it, you may also need:

  • Hand Sander
  • Respirator
  • Wood Conditioner
  • Your wood paint of choice (be sure to note the wood type of your pallet and discuss with your paint mixer which paint is most suitable).
  • Polyurethane Varnish (if you want to create a polish or shine)

Note before: Please check that your pallet is safe to use! Each pallet is unique and different woods take differently to treatment. We highly recommend that you check out this guide as to what woods are safe to upcycle as some can release harmful chemicals and toxins: Pallet Safety.

Photography Credit: Pinterest
Who needs to spend hundreds of pounds on a bed frame when you can make one out of a few wooden pallets?! An absolute dream for those on a limited budget or for those who want to create a warehouse/boho look in the home. All you will need to do is size-up your pallets according to what mattress you will be using (e.g. double, queen, king) and then source a number of pallets to hold your mattress! You can stack the pallets on top of each other to create a higher bed and even attach wheels on the bottom to move it around ... just make sure you fix the pallets together!

It goes without saying that the pallets you choose will need to be identical in size and dimensions. If you can't source this from a local business/eBay then we highly recommend purchasing the pallets. No one likes a wonky bed! 

RSG Top Tip: To create an even coat of paint we highly recommend sanding the wooden pallets down - a simple hand sander should do the trick! To avoid breathing in harmful dust make sure you do this job outside and please wear a respirator. 

Photography Credit: Pinterest


In our opinion, a pallet bar is G E N I U S ! We love getting boozy at RSG and a house really isn't a home without a drinks trolley or cocktail bar. Easy to make, a wooden pallet bar is super sophisticated and stylish. All you will need is one or two wooden pallets measuring about 1.5 / 2 metres tall, a separate panel of wood for the bar top, some screws and hurricane straps .... easy!

RSG Top Tip: Why not treat the wood for a sophisticated bar area? Talk to your local DIY store about the particular type of wood that you are using and they should be able to recommend wood conditioner and paint.

Photography Credit: Pinterest
Another inexpensive way to create beautiful furniture is by making a pallet sofa! Easy to make and suitable for both inside and outside, this really is a win-win!
To create your sassy sofa, decide on what shape and size sofa you would like. Perhaps a large 'L' shape sofa? Or a day bed? Or cute two-seater?! Once you are decided, measure-up and either source pallets that fit your sizing requirements or cut them down (it's much easier to do than you think). Then get creating!
RSG Top Tip: Why not create a back to your sofa by fixing a vertical pallet to the back? If you combine this with wheels then the sofa can be moved around making it super versatile and adaptable to your home decor.

Photography Credit: Pinterest
For the green fingered this is the dream! Easy to put together on a sunny Saturday afternoon all you will need is one or two small sized pallets, some mounting brackets and landscape fabric.
To begin, line up the pallets on the wall you want to fix them to so you know where to fix the mounting brackets to on the wall. This will make it easy to simply slide the pallet garden into place once finished. Next, place the pallet onto a flat surface with the open side (the back side) facing up. Then layer the back and bottom of the pallet with landscape fabric and pull taught with nails and staples to prevent soil from spilling out. It may be also worth sourcing a waterproof barrier for the back and bottom of the pallet garden for extra protection.
Next, turn the pallet over and pack the pallet with soil until it's nearly full to the top. Finally, add the plants to the top and through the crevices .... we think a maximalist approach looks best! Mount to the wall and voila! - a beautiful pallet garden!

Photography Credit: Pinterest

Coffee Tables are the focal point of seating areas, so we think it's really important to source one that you love ... or in this case make one!

Using one or two pallets (depending on what height you would like your coffee table to be), get to work sanding it down and painting it with wood paint. We think a moody black would look super stylish and sexy. Attach caster wheels to the bottom of your coffee table or why not use hairpin legs? You can source wheels or legs online or at your local DIY store and most of them simply require screwing into place. To style your coffee table, check out our Coffee Table Styling Tips Blog.

RSG Top Tip: For a rustic and vintage look consider painting your pallet with only one coat. It will give the pallet a chic worn and weathered look!


Who would have thought that wooden pallets are the ideal storage solution?! Easy to adapt to your specific needs you need never buy a storage unit again!

To make a simple bathroom storage unit, all you will need is a small pallet, a saw and some nails. Decide on your chosen size and then turn your pallet over so that the back is facing up. In this case, the back is going to act as the front of your shelves. Then nail slats to the bottom of the pallet and in the places that you would like a shelf.  So there we have it ... a simple storage unit that you can adapt to your specific needs! You can even deconstruct a pallet if you require something totally different in shape - free wood is always a winner!

strip it back 7Photography Credit: Pinterest
Cladding your walls with wooden beams and slats might be a challenge but the result is breathtaking, plus you get bragging rights for undertaking such a task!
To create, source a range of wooden pallets (no need to find identical pallets) and get to work removing the slats and nails. Remember, if you are filling an entire wall you will need quite a few ... we think around x15 minimum. Sand down the slats to create an even finish and then lay the entire design on the floor so that you have an idea as to where each piece will go .... think of it as a life-sized puzzle!
Next prepare the wall for installation by adhering thin strips of plywood to the wall. It would be a great idea to paint this plywood black so that any gaps between the slats are disguised ... trust us this little trick can work wonders! Once this is finished, nail or screw each slat to the wall and you're done!
RSG Top Tip: If cladding the entire wall is too much why not create a wooden headboard? We suggest sourcing different shapes, colours and sizes to create a mix of materials and layers that really draw the eye. 

works of art 724Photography Credit: Pinterest
You don't just have to make furniture out of your wooden pallets, you can create art too! There are endless examples on Pinterest of how you can do this from wooden signs, to quirky objects to beautiful wall murals ... seriously we could spend hours pinning!
One of our particular favourites has got to be these red lips. Easy to create all you will need is one or two wooden pallets that you will have to disassemble. Once dissembled sand down and then carve your design out. Once you are happy with this step, get painting. We love these luscious red lips, but how about sexy black lips or glamorous gold? Leave the wood to dry and then lay out the design on the floor. Then, piece by piece, nail the wood to the wall and stand back and admire your work of art!

swing into summerPhotography Credit: Pinterest

Our inner kid is delighted by this DIY idea! So easy to make all you will need is two pallets, hurricane straps, nuts and bolts, some strong rope and gorgeous chair cushions to decorate!


RSG Top Tip: Polishing your Swing Chair with Polyurethane varnish will ensure the longevity of your DIY furniture ... particularly if the furniture will be outdoor furniture! 

Photography Credit: Pinterest
A total WOWZER. We are obsessed with pallet lighting. Yes, this one will require a little work and patience but we think you deserve a DIY crown if you successfully pull this one off!
To create the lighting fixture of your dreams, source a pallet that is large enough to cover your desired lighting space (perhaps over your kitchen counters or island?). Measure up the crevices and remove any cleats that would obstruct the flex. Alternatively, you could drill circular holes for the flex to slot through.
Now for the technical part. Ask an electrician to fit your light fittings and flex into your ceiling and then drill the pallet to your ceiling with the flex and fitting hanging through. Finally, dress the pendant with beautiful light bulbs ( we love a mixture of different shapes and sizes) and there you have it - spectacular lighting created by yours truly!

In a DIY mood? Check out our Lacroix Picture Frame Blog or our DIY Terrarium blog for more fun ideas!
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