Adding space to the home - especially smaller spaces - is an interiors problem that most of us face at one point or another. Over the years we slowly fill our homes and if left unkempt, your home can end up looking cluttered. We have the solution! By taking it room by room and being a little creative with your storage solutions you can overcome this common dilemma. To make it easy we have condensed the most important factors and come up with our Top 5 Essential Tips to add space in the home...

No.1 - Stylish Storage

Geometric Daytona Cabinet £850.00

As always it's important to have fun and inject your personality into your home when you are undertaking home improvement projects. Let the process of adding space into your home be something that you actually enjoy doing. So take to time to source storage pieces that you love (the quirkier the better) and we guarantee that you will create a home that stays faithful to your individual style.

This is fundamental when trying to add space to your home. The whole idea is to de-clutter and tidy away the things that are not beautiful and so packing these things away into ugly boxes or units is counterproductive (unless the ugly storage is hidden under the bed or at the back of a wardrobe in which case go ahead!).

Antiqued Iron Bird Cage Style Display Shelving Unit £595.00

Hunt around for botanical cabinets and quirky display units to see your home transform to a more spacious and stylish abode!

Distressed Faces Dresser £425.00 and Adjustable Brass & Wood Wall Shelf £85.00
Wall Mounted Distressed Black Display Cabinet With Botanical Lining £275.00

A really handy and beautiful storage solution for all of your most treasured items, favourite mementoes and photographs would be to create a 'Cabinet of Curiosities'.

Jane (co-founder of RSG) has a cabinet of curiosity in her living room and for her, it is a life-sized photo album. She has filled the cabinet with treasures from her travels, a photograph of her grandfather, a heart shaped leaf give to her by her daughter when she was younger, aged coral, an Eames house bird and more.

It's a deeply personal and beautifully unique way of storing your favourite things! Just make sure you read TIP 5 before you start...

Jane's Cabinet of Curiosities as featured in You Magazine.

No.2 -  Utilise Empty Spaces

Photography Credit: Ikea

The back of the door, little nooks and under tables are all spaces that are often left empty. So it's important to get creative and utilise every inch of space that you have to make it work for you.

There are plenty of spaces that can be cleverly used to fit your bits and bobs. For example, why not hang a wire rack over your doors? This is a fantastic space saver and it's a great idea for a pantry or a bathroom door.

Richmond Bookshelf £85.00

Hang it all up high and out of the way! In our opinion, hooks and hangers are a household essential and it is a brilliant way to keep things neat and tidy. What's more, there is no need to opt for boring hooks and hangers if you prefer a more quirky look. Instead, source animal shaped hooks and patterned knobs to create a showstopping storage solution.

Dragonfly Hook Black and Brass £8.50 each and 'Hello' Coat Rack - Grey £38.00 

Baskets, bins, magazine racks and pretty boxes are all really easy ways to get the clutter out of the way, plus they look super stylish! This is a very inexpensive space-saver but can work wonders in creating a interiors haven. Or you could choose a multi-functional piece, such as a side table which doubles up as a magazine rack - it's genius!

Gatsby Side Table with Leather Magazine Holder £99.00
Sequin And Wicker Basket - Silver From £21.00 and Six-Tier Magazine Wall Rack £28.00

No.3. Create Style Spots

Photography Credit: Pinterest

Curate your favourite pieces and create a style spot. Not only are style spots amazing for getting your attention, they are also a really useful way to clear away the clutter. The brilliant thing about style spots is that they make you take a step back and consider a small proportion of your room. The key to creating an attention-grabbing style spot is to curate a collection of pieces that you love the most. Play with layers, textures, heights and colours and really inject a little personality. Anything that doesn't work should be stored out of sight.

Lucy St George's daughter, Ella, bedroom in Living Etc Magazine

No.4 - Let's Bounce!

Black Antique Style Wall Mirror With Shelf - Portrait £99.00

Mirrors are a genius idea when it comes to adding space into the home. You can create an illusion of more space, even in the smallest of rooms and this is a particularly good trick for bathrooms. Hang the mirrors up or prop them up against the wall and instantly add space to your pad by bouncing light all around the room. Reflecting light is the oldest trick in the book and works every time, making any space feel lighter.

No.5 - Spring Clean

While you can fill your home with clever storage devices, there really is no better remedy than having a good clear out. We like to go through our houses at least one or twice a year as it surprising how much stuff you can end up accumulating. Sell off or give away anything that you don't love or no longer use and de-clutter the home and your head. As they say ... tidy space = tidy mind!

Image: Jane Rockett's Kitchen shelves

For the items you can't bear to part with - the key is to make sure you edit what you have. Keep pretty pots or jars and hunt around for brass topped jars, quirky pots and dishes and then dot them around in your kitchen. The great thing about the kitchen is that there is normally a lot of storage space for you to keep the counters clear, but if you are in need of space consider putting shelving up and filling it with jars of foodstuff like Jane has done in her kitchen. It's a great space saver, plus it's very pleasing to the eye.

Failing that - go for maximalist in key areas and stuff all of your most beloved items onto a shelving unit for instant impact while saving on space!

Organised chaos! Photography Credit: Pinterest

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