We've pin pointed 5 of our director Jane Rockett's top 'Style Spot' tips that you can use in your home. These spots are all prime styling areas that may have been previously overlooked....

style spot


1. a focal point that grabs the eye. It can be a group of furniture, artwork and lighting that fit beautifully together and create an impact.

Creating focal points throughout your home that scream "look at me!" can be as simple as an area of well-placed vintage armchairs, a collection of carefully chosen prints or a stylish statement chandelier that all compliment your room to design the perfect style spot.



The coffee table is the nursery slope of interior styling. Why not keep a collection of your most inspiring books and magazines on display in a stack? Always work in 3's and 5's to avoid too much symmetry - it appears too staged. You want to create an inviting and engaging space with layers and texture. Focus on heights to avoid a one dimensional space - we love the contrasting shapes and surfaces of the metallic ball and matte pot in this picture. A gorgeous style spot!



Use mirrors, display items, art, candles, lighting and colour accents for a truly attention-grabbing fireplace. Hanging oversized mirrors or artwork above a fireplace not only attracts the eye by rule of symmetry, but becomes a powerful voice in the room.

We're in love with the staggered heights of the candles above. Doing this will not only throw stunning light into the room, but illuminate the fireplace adding depth and drama. Plus, we all look good in candlelight, right?

If you don't have a fireplace - that's okay! Create your own. You can install a wooden frame or even use wallpaper panels. Create a focal point that gives your room the personality it needs.



Yep. You heard correctly! These often small spaces are screaming for attention. Go crazy with statement pinstriped wallpaper or fill the walls with your own artwork. We love these spaces which surprise and amaze.

If you're feeling brave, try painting the ceiling something other than white. If a room is small sometimes it's better to embrace it rather than hide it. A dark or patterned ceiling is a bold way to achieve a quirky cool look at home.



This is often an overlooked spot that warrants a fuss. Empty wall space under your stairs is the ideal style spot for a picture wall or shelving display. Make a point of keeping it personal. A picture wall could be made up of your own photos, drawings and other memories. With a space like this you can pick and choose different picture sizes to fit the custom space and achieve an eclectic look.

If you don't have stairs then look to places that would often be left ordinary. Somewhere unexpected. Try painting the edge of the door or step with a pop of colour - don't be afraid to try something new!



Be open. Don't tuck everything away in cupboards or cabinets. Curate your kitchenware and hang or place the best ones on shelves to create a stylish display. This really helps you to edit what you actually need to keep in your kitchenIf it's not worth displaying, it's not worth keeping (except for that one shabby but very special mug!)

Mix it up with herbs and hanging plants for the fresh and impactful look you're after.






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