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Sitting Room decor

Sitting Room Decor Ideas

The living room is where you can kick back, relax and be entertained.

So your living room decor should reflect this mood and be a space that you actually want to hang out and entertain in. From your sitting room furniture to your sitting room wall decor, there are a few things that you can do to transform your living space. So, we've put together some of our top sitting room decor ideas for you to try out in your home. Don't forget to share your sitting room style with us on Instagram! / #rockettstgeorge.

Sitting room decor ideas #1 - Wallpaper wonders

Image Credit: The home of Wendy Morrison as featured in Extraordinary Interiors In Colour by Jane Rockett & Lucy St George. Publisher: Ryland Peters & Small. Photographer: Catherine Gratwicke.

Make an impact with your walls and ceilings. Wall murals or wallpaper are magic at transforming your living spaces from ordinary to extraordinary. In fact, it's probably the easiest way to make an impact in your living room.

We always love to see interiors where the homeowner has gone all-out with maximalist wallpaper patterns. Think nature-inspired wallpaper and contemporary wallpaper patterns. Feature walls are a thing of the past, so be brave and daring and wallpaper your entire sitting room. To create continuity and flow in your living room, team your wallpaper with complementary colours. For example, pick cushions, rugs and curtains with tonal colours. This will help ground the overall aesthetic of your sitting room whilst also making a show-stopping impact.

Another sitting room decor idea is beautiful wall murals. Wall murals can transform your entire living room oozing elegance, glamour and individuality. Some of our bestselling wall murals include our Edo Mural - Mint Green, Twilight Garden Wall Mural and Chinoiserie Wallpaper Mural.

Sitting room decor idea #2 - Statement sofas

dark living room with a hot pink velvet sofa

Image credit: The home of Michael Minns as featured in Extraordinary Interiors by Jane Rockett and Lucy St George. Publishers: Ryland Peters & Small. Photographers: Debi Treloar.

Nothing makes quite the impact like a statement sofa! A brilliant way to add style and personality to your living room decor, it's well worth investing in a statement sofa that you love. In fact, as Sophie Robinson and Kate Watson-Smyth, say in their podcast - The Great Indoors (listen to the episode here), if you are going to spend money on furniture - make it your sofa and your bed.

Now, one of our favourite sofa ideas for your living room is a colour pop sofa! The ultimate way to create wow-factor interiors, a colour pop couch should jump out at you as soon as you walk into your living room. Ideas include a mustard velvet sofa paired with charcoal grey walls or a beautiful bright blue sofa in a white-walled living room. Colour-pop sofas are also particularly great choices for renters who have magnolia or white walls.

Alternatively, love seat sofas or borne settee are great sitting room decor furniture that can really turn heads. They would also make great choices for large entrance halls too. Never failing to create a statement in your home.

Sitting room decor idea #3 - Wow-factor floor lights

image of a large floor plant, art print and floor lamp

Image credit: The home of Fred Musik as featured in Extraordinary Interiors by Jane Rockett and Lucy St George. Publishers: Ryland Peters & Small. Photographer: Debi Treloar

Our next sitting room decor idea is statement floor lighting. Whilst, you can never have enough lighting in your sitting room, to really create an impact you've got to have statement lighting.

We're not fans of overhead lights, particularly in the sitting room. Your living room is the space in your home where you want to relax and unwind. Because of this, a stark overhead light that floods your living room in a blanket of white light is not conducive to a feeling of relaxation. The solution to this problem is really simple - lots of floor lights! Invest in some beautiful floor lamps and pop them in nooks and spaces where you'll need light. Examples include over your sofa or statement armchair where you like to read. Our Palm Tree Floor Light or Beautiful Tassel Floor Light are both great examples of statement floor lights.

However, if you really must have a ceiling light be sure to install a dimmer switch or never turn the ceiling light on!

palm tree floor light and a fringe floor lamp

Floor lamps featured: Palm Tree Floor Lamp £595.00 | Beautiful Tassel Black & White Floor Lamp £325.00

Sitting room decor idea #4 - Amazing art display

Image credit: The home of Caitlin and Samuel Popham of Popham Designs. As featured in Extraordinary Interiors In Colour by Jane Rockett and Lucy St George. Publishers: Ryland Peters & Small. Photographer: Catherine Gratwicke

We are seeing more and more living rooms with expressive art walls. From picture walls to oversized artwork hanging above the mantlepiece, there's no denying that art display makes a roaring impact.

One of our favourite decor ideas is a picture wall aka gallery wall. It's the perfect opportunity to let your creativity run wild and create a personal living space. We especially love it because it affords you the opportunity to mix in quirky details and eye-catching touches. Examples include mixing up your photo frames with antique frames, metal frames and wooden frames. You can also incorporate wall art such as Faux Giraffe Heads, Quirky Wall Beetles, Abseiling Men and personal photographs. When choosing your artwork for your picture wall you can add a little something extra by mixing in typography art or signs.

RSG Top Tip: Arrange your picture wall on the floor first so that you can curate your chosen formation. It will prevent you from hammering unnecessary holes into your walls and will give you the freedom and flexibility to switch up your arrangement before hanging it on the wall.

Sitting room decor idea #5 - Cocktail Corners

Image Credit: The home of Niki Jones as featured in Extraordinary Interiors by Jane Rockett and Lucy St George. Publishers: Ryland Peters & Small

A growing sitting room decor trend is cocktail corners! A lot of fun, having a boozy bar trolley or drinks cabinet creates that hotel luxe feeling in your home.

Great for those of you who love to entertain, a drinks trolley or cabinet creates an interesting focal point that will catch your eye as soon as you walk into the room. Dress up your drinks trolley or cabinet with table lights, glittering glassware, champagne buckets, plants, books and of course booze! Remember, objects look best when styled in varying heights and sizes. So mix up your cocktail shakers and bottles to attract the eye.

As a finishing touch, get your hands on cocktail chairs and glam armchairs. Perfect for sitting back and relaxing with a G&T in hand!

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