As the festive season gets into full swing we have put our heads together and come up with our top tips on how to decorate your house for Christmas!

From decorating your house to decorating your Christmas tree there are so many things that you can do to make your home festive. Keep on reading to discover our things to do to make you feel Christmassy!

Decorating Your Home for Christmas

Start at the entrance.

Lifestyle image of silver disco ball christmas wreath on black door.

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Go big or go home is our maximalist decorating manifesto at Christmas time. So really make an impact by starting at the entrance of your home. For most people, this would include an incredible door wreath, but we also recommend incorporating a few other touches too.

For your front door recommendations with a twist, we highly recommend checking out our Disco Ball Christmas Wreath. The embellish your doorway with a festive doormat (our Tis The Season Doormat and our Festive As Fuck Doormat are great choices). If you have lots of space on your front porch we also recommend hanging a garland above your doorway with outdoor festoon lights. You could even go all about and place a small potted Christmas Tree next to your door with quirky Christmas tree decorations.

Decorate your bannisters

Preventing your kids from sliding down the bannisters and create an amazing festive display all in one go!

A decorated bannister is super impactful and really wows your friends and family as soon as they walk into the home. Easy to do, wrap a garland down your bannisters which will inject gorgeous greenery into your decor and scents if it's real too. Then, accessorise! So, go to town with honeycomb balls in mustards, greens and pinks and snake light chains down the staircase too. You could even hang baubles and ornaments on the garland too.

Spruce up your fireplace

Our next tip for making sure your house is looking its best for Christmas is to transform your fireplace.

Traditionally we hang Christmas stockings on our fireplace, but we want you to take it a few steps further and make an incredible display. So, for example, fill your fireplace with stacked logs and wrap ivy around it (obviously, an unlit fireplace). It looks so lovely, but it's also a subtle twist that works for more minimalist Christmas styles.

Then create a festive mantlepiece. Most importantly, candles are an absolute must for your Christmassy Mantlepiece. Layer scented candles to infuse the room with incredible smells and then create interest with varying candlestick heights. To add a sense of fun to your mantlepiece then mix up your candlestick holders - we always love a quirky candlestick holder to make people smile. Next, hang a garland from your mantlepiece. Our Gold Fringe Layered Tinsel Party Garland and Ochre Paper Tassel Garland would be fantastic for this.  Then, weave fairy lights across the top of your mantlepiece or drape them over your artwork or mirror on top of the mantlepiece.

Finally, accessorise! Inject your fireplace display with festive ornaments and display pieces such as our Set Of 2 Paper Christmas Trees - Gold, Gold Glitter Unicorn Ornament and our Cheeky Ceramic Christmas Gnome - White.

Christmas Tree Decorating

Start with the Christmas Lights

Lifestyle image of hanging green ivy with a white light spray chain on a black background.

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The most important step to Christmas Tree Decorating is to start with the fairy lights. First of all, plug the lights in and test them before you put them on your tree. There is nothing worse than wrapping your tree in fairy lights only to find that the lights don't work.

Once you're happy that they all work, wrap the fairy lights up the trunk of your tree and then once you've fully decorated your tree decorate the branches with a second set for a spectacular effect.

Build the centre

Next up, we recommend filling out the centre of your Christmas Tree. This could be with tinsel with mini colourful baubles. Push these baubles or tinsel closer to the centre of the tree to create a maximalist effect.

Embellish your tree

Now for the fun part! Embellish with your most treasured Christmas Tree Decorations. We always recommend sticking to a theme here. Choosing a theme will help ground the look and help you plan your Christmas Tree decor in advance.

Some ideas for decorating your Christmas Tree include:

Quirky Christmas Tree Decorations

Male Burlesque Christmas Tree Hanging Bauble, Gold Naughty Gnome Christmas Decoration, Cheetah Hanging Christmas Decoration, Cat Lady Hanging Christmas Decoration and Pearlescent Multi Faces With Red Glitter Lips Christmas Tree Hanging Bauble. 

Rock'n'roll Christmas Tree Decorations

Red Lips With Cigarette Hanging Christmas Decoration, Female Burlesque Christmas Tree Hanging Bauble, Gold & Silver Lightning Bolt Christmas Decoration, Black Camera Christmas Decoration and Gold Glitter Cocktail Glass Christmas Decoration

Whimsical Christmas Tree Decorations

 Peace Dove Hanging Christmas Decoration, Set Of 3 Beaded Eyes Hanging Decorations, Quartz Crystal Hanging Decoration - 3 Colours Available, Carolina Hanging Decoration and the Gold Wishbone Hanging Decoration

Fashion Inspired Christmas Tree Decorations

Anna Inspired Vogue Christmas Decoration, Black & Gold Stiletto Boot Christmas Decoration, Rockett St George Bag Of Gifts Christmas Decoration Gold & Silver Lips Christmas Decoration, Shiny Gold Christmas Bauble With Leopard Spots and Black & Gold Stiletto Boot Christmas Decoration

Glitzy Christmas Tree Decorations 

Green Rhinestone Snake Christmas Decoration, Red Rhinestone Ladybird Christmas Decoration, Gold Rhinestone Decorative Beetle, Gold Rhinestone Decorative Grasshopper and Silver & Gold Shooting Star Christmas Decoration

Christmas Tree Topper

Finally, finish off your Christmas Tree Decoration with a fantastic tree topper.

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