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top 5 resolutions for you and your home 2019

Top 5 2019 Resolutions for You and Your Home

top 5 2019 resolutions for you and your home

We love the New Year, it is a time of positivity and hope, a time for planning and change. This year, we are focusing on how to improve both our own world but also how we affect the world around us. We believe that making small changes to your life that will improve your happiness is really important.

This year, we wanted to inspire you with some top new years resolution ideas that are both home/interiors related but also mindful and self-caring. So if you're yet to think of some New Year Resolutions or have room to add in a few more then look no further! We have created a list of our top 5 interior resolution ideas for your home in 2019.

1. Be Bold With Your Colour Choices in 2019

1. be bold with your colour choices in 2019

Colours in the home is a trend that is here to stay, so why not embrace more colour in your home this year? Colour affects our mood enormously and can be used to inspire, calm and stimulate 😉 - read our blog on How Colour Makes You Feel for more on this.

But don't worry, if you need advice on introducing colour to your home decor, you needn't go all-the-way with colour in your home this year. In fact, even small accents of colour will reinvigorate your interiors and improve your mood.

Our top ideas for adding colour to your home decor:

- Cool Cushions - Switch up your cushions and invest in some cool cushions in your chosen vibrant hue. It's such an easy and affordable way to add colour to your home and, if after a few days of living with the new colourful cushions you decide that you don't like the look you can easily remove them.

- Two Tone Walls - Two-tone walls are all the rage and add striking depth and geometrics to your home interiors. A great way to experiment with colour in the home, we recommend opting for one dark colour, such as our brown Briarwood Paint and one complementary tonal colour such as our Broderie Paint. It looks fabulous and is a really great way to add colour to your home.

- The Fifth Wall - Feeling adventurous? Well then, why not paint your ceilings in a gorgeous hue? The ceiling is known as the fifth wall and is so often neglected. By painting your ceilings you will add layers of depth and interest to your home. Not forgetting, of course, that it's a fabulous alternative idea for adding colour to your home decor.

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2. Create a Relaxation Zone in Your Home

2. create a relaxation zone in your home

If one of your resolutions this year is to be more mindful and look after your mental well being, then why not create a space in the home solely dedicated to this pursuit?

To curate a relaxation zone in your home, follow our easy steps below:

- Pick a space - Chose your zone in your home that is undisturbed and away from easy distraction or interruption. Also, ensure that there is enough space and/or light for what you would like to use this space for.

- Make it Comfortable - what do you plan to do in your space? You may want to exercise, read, meditate, paint, or just sit and stare. Whatever you want to do, ensure that you are comfortable, choose a special chair or luxurious cushions to make this space your own.

- Use it Everyday (if you can) - Once you've found your perfect spot, and have created your zone ensure that you make time to use it. We all have good intentions but keeping to our resolutions can be hard to keep, but self-care is important and should be a priority.

3. Cut down on Single-Use Plastics In The Home

3. cut down on single use plastics in the home

We're all aware of the damage that single-use plastic is having on wildlife and the environment, so why not try and be more sustainable with your home interiors this year? A really simple way to achieve this is by cutting down on single-use pieces such as coffee cups, straws and milk cartons.

So here are a few ideas to get you inspired:

- Get yourself a Reusable Coffee Cup that you love - Let's face it, coffee and tea always tastes nicer in your favourite mug. So scour the internet and your favourite shops for a Reusable Travel Mug that you love and take it everywhere you go. You could even make your hot beverage at home rather than buying it from a coffee shop which will save you pennies. We have a lovely re-usable coffee mug that you can shop here if you are interested - Oh La La Stars Travel Mug £25.00.

- Get a Milkman - Go old school and get a milkman! Not only is this a great way to reduce your plastic waste, but it also supports local businesses and there is just something lovely about having your milk delivered to your doorstep every day. To find a Milkman near you, click or tap here.

- Drink Wine With Corks Not Screw Lids - Even the simplest things such as not drinking wine with screw lids can make a huge difference. So switch to cork top wine and feel smug in the knowledge that you are making a difference to the environment, whilst enjoying your favourite glass of vino!

- Use Bars of Soap To Avoid Plastic Soap Dispensers - Soap in throwaway dispensers is not the most environmentally friendly option out there. So, simply switch to plastic-free bars of soaps which are typically cheaper and have less of an impact on our earth. Alternatively, you can invest in some lovely Soap Dispensers for the home that you can reuse and refill. We have a range of reusable soap dispensers including the Antique Style Soap & Lotion Dispenser £29.00 and Apothecary Style Soap & Lotion Dispenser £28.00.

- A few more ideas...

Carry a water bottle with you, give up gum, ditch the clingfilm and buy biodegradable teabags or loose tea.

Remember even the smallest changes helps.

4. Buy Well

4. buy well

"Buy Less, Choose Well, Make It Last"

-Vivienne Westwood-

Continuing on our theme of being more sustainable in 2019, one of the best ways to be more responsible with your buying choices is to buy well. By this, we mean taking the time to sources homeware, lighting, accessories and furniture for the home that you really love. Ultimately, the pieces that you choose for your home should be timeless. Something that you can keep and repurpose for years to come.

Here are our top tips for buying well:

- Buy Less - Be smart with your choices and opt for investment pieces that you know you'll love. It's always worth paying more for something that will last.

- Choose Well - At RSG we believe that the hallmark of a timeless piece is that you fall in love with it over and over again. So, be mindful of fickle trends and always ask yourself 'Does this piece suit my unique style?'.

- Make It Last - Once you've chosen that sofa, armchair, table or other timeless pieces for your home, you've got to make it last. So take care of your pieces, repurpose it around your home and if you decide to get rid of it then why not sell it, donate it or give it to a friend? You could even, upcycle it! Check out our next new year's resolution idea for more on this.

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5. Get Creative

5. get creative

A final resolution for your home this year is to get creative! Creative or DIY activities are a great way to put your own unique stamp on your interiors, plus they are really enjoyable and mindful activities too. A win-win, in our opinion. It is surprisingly satisfying to create your own homeware and give your furniture a unique twist.

Here are our top creative activities for your home:

- Frame It - artwork doesn't have to cost the earth, frame postcards, love notes, children's drawings, playing cards... the list is endless.

- Paint an old piece of furniture - If you are nervous about introducing colour to your home here is a great way to create a colour pop with the furniture you already own. How about painting your bedside tables, a coffee table or a chair in a new colour. Be warned painting furniture is addictive.

- Change your knobs - a quick and easy idea that transforms cupboards, chest of drawers, cabinets and doors. There is a great choice of knobs and handles available here.

- Upcycle your old furniture with wallpaper - line your cupboards, cabinets and drawers with wallpaper. In fact, there are lots of great things you can use wallpaper for - read our blog on 5 Alternative Ideas for Up-cycling with Wallpaper

And there you have it!

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