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A beautiful blue gallery wall with pictures in different frames.

Our Ultimate Wall Art Buying Guide

Wall Art Buying Guide

Discover our top tips for buying beautiful wall art...

Firstly, in our opinion, wall art is essential for any home. Great for both renters and homeowners, wall art offers a wonderful way to transform blank walls with personality. However, with so many options out there, it can be hard to find your vibe. Above all, our top tip is to focus on pieces that you love. Forget trends and instead opt for designs that create an emotional response. Moreover, as with any purchase, if you’re on the fence, we recommend waiting a while before adding to the cart. If after a week or two you still love the art print, photo or poster, then it deserves a spot on your walls!

However, we do have a few key themes that make buying wall art a breeze. So, if you are in need of a little inspiration, look no further. From neon lights to rock ‘n’ roll posters in black and white, here are our 5 failsafe themes for introducing art throughout your interior.

Black & White Wall Art

Timeless and chic, you cannot go wrong with a monochrome palette when it comes to wall art. For example, check out the home of RSG Co-founder Lucy St George. In her office, Lucy has created a gallery wall of black and white artwork. In short, the effect is both creative and captivating. By bringing together her favourite monochrome pieces, the wall is transformed into a fabulous feature. In addition, Lucy’s introduction of accents of colour to help make her wall art pop is a great idea to steal.

The versatility of black and white art prints also allows for a more playful and daring approach. In other words, as monochrome looks great with every interior style imaginable, you have the freedom to play around with quirky designs and unique pieces that bring a hint of humour to your walls. From the Disco Legs Art Print to the Black & Cream Love Art Print plenty of inspiration can be found in our Art Prints collection.

Neon Signs

Next up is neon lighting. Firstly, neon signs may be usually categorised as lighting. However, we believe they deserve recognition as a wonderful work of art. Neon signs have dominated the last decade as a result of the retro revival sweeping the interiors world. Similarly to black and white wall art, neon is a great way to bring personality to the walls. Therefore, neon deserves pride of pride in our buying guide.

When it comes to neon, there are no rules. In fact, the more personal and unique to you, the better! For example, choose song lyrics from your favourite tracks or opt for simple neon designs that help set the tone. From your kitchen to the home office and cosy snug spaces, neon is guaranteed to make a statement.

Colourful Wall Art

A monochrome and orange art print styled with vases on a sideboard.

A fabulous style secret for renters or anyone working with white walls, colourful wall art is the perfect way to play around with bold colours. For example, gallery wall queen Lisa Dawson’s home offers up plenty of inspiration. See for yourself here!

Firstly, colourful art prints are a great starting point on your journey to colour confidence. Experimenting with bright colours through art can help you to discover the colour palettes and tones that work best for you and your home. In addition, colourful art introduces instant joy to the walls of your home. So don’t be afraid to add powerful pieces in vivid colour palettes to your art collection!

Quirky & Unusual Wall Art

Wall art doesn’t need to break the bank or come from a traditional source. In contrast, some of the best artistic displays we’ve seen look outside the box when it comes to sourcing art. It’s no secret that art can be incredibly expensive. Therefore, we recommend a more experimental approach.

Pink and yellow denim and bone throws hanging on the wall.

Above all, focus on that all-important rule of finding the things that you love and letting your creativity run wild. You can frame pretty much anything on the walls of your home. Emma Jane Palin’s dreamy display of vinyl album covers in her dining room is a fabulous example! Moreover, why not look to images from books or frame letters, treasured photographs or even t-shirts? One of our favourite design tricks is to hang a rug or throw on your walls. Our Denim & Bone Throws are perfect for this. In short, this helps cover a big space and promises to make a statement!

The Gallery Wall

A beautiful colourful gallery wall.

Last but not least, it wouldn’t be an art buying guide without addressing the gallery wall. We have a slight obsession with gallery walls at Rockett St George. However, there really is no better way to make a feature of your walls and bring your favourite pieces together. In addition, a gallery wall allows you to combine all the tips above to create something completely and wonderfully unique to you!

If you are feeling overwhelmed with the task then we recommend starting by embracing a theme. This can be anything from a focus on colour to a celebration of nature, music or rock chic style. On the other hand, don’t be afraid to trust your instincts and throw together all your favourite wall art designs for a more eclectic look. Most importantly, just don’t forget to include items of different shapes and sizes to tie the display together!

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