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#ChangeAGirlsLife Art By Sylvia Tirado

#ChangeAGirlsLife Art By Sylvia Tirado

#ChangeAGirlsLife Liberation Art Print By Sylvia Tirado

For International Women's Day, we're thrilled to launch a collection of independently designed prints for the #ChangeAGirlsLife campaign.

This year, to celebrate International Women's Day, we launched an exciting initiative for young artists to get involved in. Moreover, in collaboration with The Prince's Trust Charity, we invited young female artists to create a piece of artwork for the #ChangeAGirlsLife campaign. As such, with women supporting women being so important to us at Rockett St George, we were thrilled to pick six amazing artists to be a part of this collection. In this blog, we detail Sylvia's spectacular Liberation Art Print and what inspired her to create it. Finally, see below to find out more about this brilliant piece of art and exactly why you need one!

About Sylvia

The Liberation Art Print By Sylvia Tirado | Click To Shop

Sylvia Tirado is a sixteen-year-old artist, living in London but originally from Latin America. She uses a variety of media in her works with the central focus on womanhood and the female experience. On top of this, she incorporates her own experiences as an adolecent into her art. As such, she also uses current issues she believes in within to inspire her pieces.

Sylvia's Design Inspiration

The Liberation Art Print By Sylvia Tirado | Click To Shop

Sylvia created the piece Liberation in order to raise awareness of domestic abuse, and give homage to the victims and survivors. As a crime that is fuelled by inequality, domestic violence is the leading cause of female injury and is not talked about enough in society. As such, after reading so many survivor stories, Sylvia was incredibly inspired to see how strong women can be. Revealing two sombre faces through etching and printing techniques, Sylvia contrasts these female figures with flowers in the centre to symbolise regrowth, freedom and hope. Through this piece of art, Sylvia hopes to raise as much awareness as possible to this cause. On top of this, she also wants to inspire the viewer to take action to create change in the world. She is a firm believer that women supporting women can lead to beautiful empowerment.

Where Can I Purchase The Liberation Art Print?

the princes trust art prints

The #ChangeAGirlsLife Art Prints | Click To Discover

You can find the Liberation Print within our collection of unique art available on Rockett St George and at our concession space in Liberty London. Even better, in support of the #ChangeAGirlsLife campaign, we are donating 25% from every sale of the winning designs, directly to The Prince’s Trust to support more young women and change their lives for the better.

Liberation Unframed Art Print: £60
Liberation Framed Art Print: £125

Why Support The Prince's Trust x Rockett St George Campaign?

All Of The Lovely Young Artists' With Their #ChangeAGirlsLife Art Prints | Click To Discover

The Prince’s Trust helps young people all over the UK to build their confidence and skills by supporting them into jobs, education and training. On top of this, their research has found that more than half (57%) of young women said they have lost confidence in themselves as a result of the pandemic. As such, a quatre of young women (25%) feel like they are going to fail in life, compared to 19% of young men. In response to this, The Prince’s Trust Women Supporting Women initiative helps address the challenges young women face. Moreover, Rockett St George is incredibly proud to support the #ChangeAGirlsLife campaign. Even better, the funds raised will help to bring hope and opportunity to young women who have lost confidence in their future, whilst also raising the profile and awareness of six talented young female artists.



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