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Curating shelves

Jane Rockett's Top Tips For Curating The Perfect Shelfie

There are 5 styling tips for your home that can work wonders.

When it comes to creating amazing displays and insta-worthy style spots, it can be tricky to know where to start. So we called upon interior design expert and co-founder of Rockett St George, Jane Rockett (follow her on Instagram - @rockettstgeorge), to round up her top 5 tips for curating the perfect shelfie in your home. Easy to follow, the styling tips that Jane has shared with us in this blog are the rules that Interior Designers and Stylists swear by. So whether you are styling on a floating shelf, shelving unit or cabinet of curiosities, these we hope you find these tips super useful for your home interior...

If you are wondering how you can achieve the perfect 'shelfie' Jane's top 5 styling tips for your home below!

Jane's Top 5 Styling Tips For Your Home

1. Mix things up with different heights and sizes

Our first styling tip for curating the perfect shelfie is to get creative with heights and sizes. Now, undoubtedly this may be a simple tip but the impact created by variations in heights is not to be underestimated. It prevents a space from becoming one-dimensional and a bit flat. Here are a few ideas that Jane recommends for mixing things up:

  • Layer your candlesticks. Prop candlestick holders on vintage books to add extra height or vary your candles e.g. opting for a mixture of tealights, pillar candles and candlesticks. She also recommends opting for beautiful, quirky and unique candle holders to add extra wow-factor to your display.
  • Fill vases and plant pots with different plants, grass and florals. House plants are genius for creating impact with different sizes and scale. If you struggle to keep plants alive or want a lower maintenance option then consider opting for faux plants instead. The impact is just as spectacular and with so many life-like faux plants out there it can be hard to tell the difference!
  • If in doubt, go for oversized or giant artwork and mirrors. Statement pieces in themselves an oversized mirror with an ornate surround or an incredible giant artwork will never fail to turn heads. Hang them above your styled console tables and mantlepieces. The variation in size and scale adds a sense of grandeur and elegance to your home decor.

2. Textures, textures and more textures.

Onto the next tip for curating the perfect shelfie - textures!

Textural variations add depth and interest to your display. In fact, we'd go as far as to say that a style spot is not complete without a mix of textures. Now, you don't just have to stick to the usual textures, for example, rugs and cushions to create impact. Instead, why not opt for textural objects of interest?

Some of Jane's top textural ideas include:

  • Textured pieces. From ribbed vases, bobble jugs, art nouveau vases to faux coral ornaments it helps to mix in a few textured pieces. This is particularly key for drawing the eye to an area of interest.
  • Glass objects. Glassware reflects light and glistens in your living space, not forgetting that the transparency of the glass makes it a wonderful neutral to enhance your style spot. So, when it comes to styling your space try to add in glass decanters, glass vases and glass candle holders.
  • Mix in metals. Adding an edge to your space, metallics are a must for your style spot. Opt for brass accents, copper tones and matt metals for the ultimate raw and edgy look.
  • Nature is the absolute daddy when it comes to glorious textures. So be sure to incorporate different grasses and plants for a wild textural look!

3. Keep it tonal

Creating flow and unity in your home, keeping your colour scheme tonal i.e. using complementary colours in your displays is always a great idea!

Crucially, keeping your colour scheme tonal, for example using a mixture of complementary neutrals such as blacks, grey, warm browns, metallics and whites, has a positive effect on your mood. No matter what complementary colours you choose the tone-on-tone colours will help promote a feeling of calm and relaxation in the home. More on how colour makes you feel can be found in our blog or our book - Extraordinary Interiors In Colour.

But, if you want to really turn heads you could throw in a colourful surprise. Examples include a statement colourful art piece, a colour pop vase or a spectacular colourful fringed chandelier. All of these examples are the finishing touches to your styled home that can make all the difference.

4. Odd Numbers

Jane's penultimate styling tip for curating the perfect shelfie is odd numbers. Think in ones, threes and fives when curating a display on your sideboards, coffee tables, display cabinet and shelves. Whilst uniformed displays with matching numbers look pleasing to the eye. It can make your home feel like a show home or hotel room. Instead, mix up your display ornaments in odd numbers. It's super interesting and it will keep eyes transfixed on your display spot.

5. Always include something that makes you smile

Finally, and most importantly you've got to add humour and quirk. In fact, we would argue this is the top tip for curating the perfect shelfie and if you follow just one rule then let it be this one. Pieces that entertain, make people laugh and turn heads are genius at taking your styled space from great to showstopping. So don't hold back! Here are some quirky objects that Jane recommends:

More fun and quirky ornaments can be found in our Home Accessories Department.

Check out our amazing behind the scenes shelfie video below...

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