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In Focus: The Ultimate Silhouette Vase Collection

In Focus: The Ultimate Silhouette Vase Collection

Introducing our quirky fabulous collection of must-have silhouette vases...

At Rockett St George, we love unique pieces that not only tell a story but also can be treasured for years to come in the home. So, we are thrilled to bring you our new ultimate vase collection of silhouette designs. Celebrating the beauty of the body, these dazzling flower vases are made to stand out from the rest in any space. Whatsmore, not only are these decorative vases the perfect way to display your flowers or pampas grass, they are a stunning piece of art in themselves. On top of this, we speak to Rockett St George Founders Jane & Lucy about why they love this glorious collection. Read below to find out why you need one of these gorgeous vases in your life...

The Silhouette Vase Collection

There's nothing not to love about these quirky adornments that mix functionality with effortless style! Showcasing beautiful shapes, voluptuous curves and the female body, we simply adore this fabulous range. Just as stunning individually as they are as a curated display, these dazzling flower vases will add interest to any scheme. Additionally, they are super easy to style. Made from ceramic with a matt white finish, these quirky vases can be paired with any interior and they are guaranteed to stand out! On top of this, you can uplift the look of your vase display with some tranquil pampas grass or beautiful blooms. The opportunities are endless!

Read on to find out what our Founders Jane Rockett & Lucy St George think of these charming white vases. Plus, discover their great styling tips!

The White Sitting Full Body Vase

Image featuring the White Full Body Vase

Image featuring the White Full Body Vase | Click To Shop

''This gorgeous lady celebrates the beauty of all body types. I love the incredibly detailed shape, textured legs and curves throughout. On top of this, the White Sitting Full Body Vase is both empowering and sassy in style! It's the perfect home accessory to elevate the look of your home decor. Whatsmore, my favourite thing about this ceramic vase is that it can be displayed in three different ways. This gives this vase plenty more styling opportunities from a side view, to a perching position to a cheeky bum from behind! I mean...what's not to love about this divine character?!'

Lucy St George, Co-Founder.

The White Bum Vase

white bum vase

White Bum Vase | Click To Shop

''The super stylish White Bum Vase is a voluptuous design that will make a statement wherever you choose to place it. Whatsmore, this vase embraces the magnificence of curves, both in the body and interior design. This vase can be perfectly paired with natural textures, marvellous monochromes and pretty pastels too. I love how you can style this bottom vase both ways, providing two amazing looks for your home decor. On top of this, the smooth matte finish of this unique vase will bring a calming and peaceful vibe to your scheme. Finally, if you are as obsessed with pampas grass floral arrangements as I am, then this is the perfect vase for this kind of bouquet!''

Jane Rockett, Co-Founder.

The White Sitting Lower Body Vase

''A stunning stop you in your tracks kind of piece, the White Sitting Lower Body Vase is just marvellous! Moreover, the hanging legs mean that this white vase can be displayed sitting on a sideboard, console table or shelf. This is truly the most statement adornment for the ultimate shelfie! Additionally, the eye-catching design commands attention wherever it is placed and will make any scheme extraordinary. Even better, you could use this elegant little piece as a storage solution from the shelf in your kitchen to the dressing table in your bedroom. There are so many delightful ways to style, so don't be afraid to go wild!''

Lucy St George, Co-Founder.

The White Boob Vase


The White Boob Vase | Click To Shop

''A wonderfully eccentric addition to any home, the White Boob Vase will steal the show amongst your decor. Moreover, with our amazing range of naked body interiors, we thought it would only be right to have a vase that celebrates the beauty of the boob! On top of this, the gorgeous torso shape of this body vase makes for the most striking base for your floral arrangement. Finally, this is the perfect centrepiece for any eclectic display, whether that be on a sideboard, shelf or cabinet. This boob display vase will add height and variety to any fearlessly fabulous style spot!''

Jane Rockett, Co-Founder.

What To Style With The Silhouette Vases

pampas grass and faux plants

Pampas Grass & Faux Foliage | Click To Shop

If you want to make an effortlessly eye-catching display, there are so many ways to style your statement Silhouette Vases. Whether you are purchasing the complete collection or choosing your favourite flower vase, our glorious collection of pretty Pampas Grass and Faux Plants are the perfect choices for styling. These vases are the perfect way to curate a playful interior. So, don't forget to have fun with your decor when designing your floral vase display!

Products Featured:

  1. Brown Pampas Grass Stems
  2. Artificial Hanging Foliage Succulent Vine
  3. Pink Pampas Stems
  4. Short Natural Pampas Grass Stems
  5. Black Pampas Grass Bunch

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