Our Story

We founded Rockett St George in 2007 after spending our weekends trailing antique shops, flea markets and car boot sales, re-arranging the furniture in our homes and continually re-decorating (much to our families' annoyance!). With a purpose to break free from chain store offering by sourcing unique, authentic and quirky pieces bursting with individuality our passion project has grown beyond our wildest dreams into a fully-fledged business.

The idea to launch Rockett St George first came to us when we were on holiday with our families. Whilst spending the afternoon sunning ourselves by the pool...

Lucy turned to Jane and said, "shall we start an interiors business?"

A match made in interiors heaven; Jane's skills in PR and photography and Lucy's extensive experience in retail created the perfect pairing.

And so, we combined our savings, bought a 'Website for Dummies' book... and Rockett St George was born! Fast forward over ten years later and our small online interiors shop is now driven by a fabulous team of over 30 people, with 5 warehouses, 3500 products (including our own-design India and Marrakesh products), an outlet store, an award-winning blog and our first interior design book: Extraordinary Interiors. Plus, most recently, a concession at Liberty London which has been the ultimate dream come true and the absolute cherry on the cake!

It has been a hugely exciting adventure for us and although we have grown beyond our wildest dreams, we are still guided by our original purpose - to revitalise the interiors market with unique treasures, oddities, and curiosities. Our homes are our sanctuaries and it's a place to escape, restore and spend time with our favourite people and so it's incredibly important to us to help others create a home that is uniquely personal to them.

To this day, we continue to treasure hunt across the world in search of unique, glamorous, eclectic, witty and rock 'n' roll home accessories, furniture, lighting, kitchenware, art and gifts that you cannot find elsewhere. We hope that our collection of one-of-a-kind and quirky pieces inspire you to be fearlessly bold with your interior design.

Asides from our unique product offerings, we aim to inspire and connect with you through our monthly hot list and blog, VIP club, at our exclusive RSG customer events and through our buzzing social media channels. We pride ourselves on our Customer Service and are always happy to speak with you about your décor and plans for your home.

Ultimately, we hope that all that we do at Rockett St George inspires you to curate a magical and extraordinary home of your dreams.

In 2016 we launched our first pop-up store on the 4th floor at the iconic Liberty London.
Check out our video here...