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Fireplace styling

A Beginners Guide to Xmas Fireplace Styling

How to Decorate your Fireplace for Xmas with 5 Easy Garland-Making Tips!

If you get your interior styling inspiration from Instagram then you'll be no stranger to decorating your fireplace for Xmas. Flooded with incredible displays each year, sometimes we can't believe our eyes! But garlands don't have to be difficult to make and can really enhance your Christmas Home Decor. Our co-founder, Lucy St George, spent many years as a florist before launching Rockett St George with best friend Jane Rockett. Lucy even decorated Christmas trees for a living at one point! So she is a lady who knows her floristry know-how.

So our guide on how to decorate a fireplace for Xmas wouldn't be complete without Lucy's 5 super-simple expert tips. Lucy is spilling the beans reveals tips that are usually a best-kept industry secret. But first, we must get the creativity flowing. So to warm us up for our garland making extravaganza, here are our most favourite garland images of 2019.

Our Favourite Xmas Fireplace Styling Ideas

How To Create Your Perfect Christmas Garland Display


how to create a Christmas garland for the fireplace or staircase

Image Credit: Rockett St George at Blacks in Soho

First things first, garlands can become very front heavy. So if you are placing yours on your mantle, make sure you secure it to the wall behind with a nail and some string or florist wire and drawing pins. But if you don’t want to make a hole in the wall or mantle then there are some really clever alternatives. Command strip hooks simply stick on the wall and can be pulled off easily afterwards without leaving a mark. They can also hold quite a bit of weight so should hold your garland securely. So let's get cracking with your beginners guide to Xmas fireplace styling with beautiful garlands.

Lucy St George's Top Garland Making Tips

  1. Add Fairy Lights. Light chains give you sparkle and create the ultimate mood lighting. For the best drama, add candles at varying heights to your display, mixed with tea lights in a variety of vessels. Together with your light chains, this will make your display really stand out.
  2. Create Wow Factor. Do this by juxtaposing objects and play around with scale. If everything is perfectly proportioned or too symmetrical then your display and become very formal. And god forbid someone should move something!!! Then it would become very noticeable that it is now out of alignment. Follow nature and aim to be a little freer.
  3. Use Odd Numbers – stick to three’s! Follow the rule of three by clustering eclectic pieces that you love together in threes. Displays always look better when using odd numbers – especially if you have a large mantle or are adding your garland to a staircase.
  4. Mix up Your Metallics. Add a bit of glamour with mixed metals. They add shimmer and warmth to any display.
  5. Scents are Everything. Adorn your garland with foliage from the garden or have small vessels filled with scented foliage or flowers within your display. This will make any arrangement have movement and soften any hard design lines.

Use florist wire to secure anything from ribbons, Christmas decorations, small picture frames, fruit, sweets, small bottles of booze... Whatever your style – you can add anything you like…!
The garland you have created can also be used on staircases, curtain rails, above doorways, on your drinks trolley, or even on the tree for a completely unique display! And now that you have all the tips and skills needed, there will be no stopping you!

We’d love to see how you style your garlands at home so please do post on Instagram or Facebook if you have an account and use the hashtag #rockettstgeorge or tag us and we’ll share our favourites!


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