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8 Ideas For Home Office Decor

8 Ideas For Home Office Decor

8 Ideas For Home Office Decor

Need help with your home office decor?

Well, you've come to the right place! Read on for our top 8 home office decor ideas!



Cool Home Office Desks

Let's start with the basics. To work comfortably from your home office you need to start your decor with a good quality desk. If you don't have the luxury of a separate workspace, such as a study or spare room, then consider where you may be able to squeeze in a desk in your home. Working from the kitchen table can seem like the easiest solution, but to have a dedicated workspace that you can leave set up will make a huge difference. It's so important to be able to shut down for the day and walk away from wherever you have set up your home office working space.

Stylish and Comfortable Home Office Chairs

Next up, a place to rest your derriere! For home office decor the key is finding a balance between comfort and style. And we never compromise on style! You don't need to invest in an expensive corporate office chair to stay comfortable. Plus, it will really ruin the aesthetic of the room. Since working from home myself, I have been using our Faux Leather Dining Chair With Black Hairpin Legs - Charcoal Grey (which is currently on sale!). The bucket-shaped seat offers so much comfort and support for my back, as well as moulded arms for additional comfort. Other options to try are velvet covered deck chairs which will give you some padding to keep you comfy all day!

Quirky Desk Storage & Ornaments

One of my favourite things about being in the office is the quirky knick-knacks which each person adorns their desks with, The fabulous Tina B is the queen of display and always has an interesting array of items on hers. So when it comes to your own home office decor, there is even more reason to decorate your surroundings with quirky ornaments. If they double up as storage - even better! Here are some of my favourite ideas...


Layered Lighting

As you know, lighting is key to any workspace and the home office is no different. No matter what lighting you have available in the room you should always make room for a desk lamp or floor lamp to keep your desk illuminated and ready for work. If working from home is a temporary solution for you, then borrow one from another room or buy a really beautiful lamp that you can use elsewhere in the home.

Home Office Inspiration Wall

Another way to add personality to your home is by creating a wall of inspiration. This can be filled with photographs, drawings, art prints, notes or pretty much anything you find inspiring. It's great for those moments when your mind starts to wonder or when you are in need of some ideas or escapism. Keeping your mind focused and healthy is just as important as looking after your physical comfort and health. even pictures of friends can offer you comfort and make you smile when you need it the most.

Your Favourite 'Work' Mug

Everyone needs a favourite mug! If you've left your usual mug at the office or don't yet have a 'work mug' - then now is the time to rectify this! Not only does your hot beverage taste better in the morning (promise!) it's also nice to have a mug associated with work that you pack away at the end of a busy day. It's symbolic of the working day and is a simple thing that will help you maintain some kind of structure and normality to your day. What's more, dialling into that morning conference call can become rather entertaining! See what others use as their favourite mug - some might surprise you!

Additional Storage for a Tidy Mind

You can never have enough storage, and this couldn't be more true of your home office space. To keep files and paperwork in order, reserve an area in a cabinet or sideboard for them. This will help you keep a tidy mind at the end of each day. If you don't have spare storage consider investing in a sideboard which can be really useful for a multitude of items which are better tidied away and out of sight. Whether you like Industrial, vintage or mid-century modern styles, our Home Office Storage and Cabinets collection will have something perfect for you.

Books Full of Ideas & Inspiration

Much like your wall of inspiration, it's important to keep a variety of great coffee table style books to hand. Not only do they look great styled upon your shelves, but they can give you that boost of ideas just when you need it. Take a 5-minute break with a cup of tea of coffee and flick through a book full of beautiful images. You'll be brimming with inspiration in a shorter amount of time than reading lots of information and can spring into your next task feeling refreshed and re-energised. Here are some great books available in our online collection which is packed with beautiful and inspirational imagery.


For more home office decor ideas and inspiration, check out our Instagram competition and join in for the chance to win £50 Rockett St George e-voucher! Follow our Instagram hashtag #rockettstgeorge to see all the latest.

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