If you are a renter you'll be all too aware of the added difficulties of putting your own unique stamp on your flat or home.

Often creatively restricted to one Magnolia wall colour, carpet colour and tile choice it can be really frustrating and at worst the house can end up never really feeling like home. The good news is that there are plenty of easy decorating tricks that you can use to disguise the features of the house that you do not like and to make the house feel more like your own.

So to help you create the rented property of your dreams, we've come up with our top 10 tips to help you decorate your rented home...


lifestyle image of freestanding ladder shelf unit perfect for rented homes

Industrial-Style Ladder Shelf Unit With Round Mirror £275.00

Freestanding shelves and cabinets are a renters dream! Yes, you may not be able to fix your chosen cupboards and shelves to the wall, but darlings don't let this discourage you. Easy to do, invest in some stylish freestanding storage solutions such as cabinets, shelves, ladders and units. You can then add your own magical touch to your rental, by accessorising the freestanding shelves and cabinets with your favourite quirky ornaments, photographs, candles and display pieces.

Freestanding Shelving Units Available To Purchase At Rockett St George

Industrial-Style Ladder Shelf Unit With 2 Drawers £390.00 | Display Cabinet With Industrial Doors £375.00 |Sungkai Woven Cane & Mango Wood Oval Cabinet £850.00

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Original Moroccan Berber Large Rug - Marrakech - No.12 £950.00

An easy way to add texture and interest to the home is with rugs! Use runners down the hallway, large rugs in the living room and dress sofas with sheepskin rugs. A deep pile rug will work particularly well if your rented home has laminate flooring and a bold pattern or geometric runner will look great in the hallway instantly drawing the eye as you enter the home. You could even hang the rugs on the walls or ceilings!

Another brilliant idea has come from our co-founder Jane Rockett, who has suggested hanging a rug at the head of your bed as your headboard. Not only is it a super cosy and eye-catching wall feature it will also hide or blend with the wall colour if you are not keen on it.

Discover Beautiful Rugs At Rockett St George

Pune Mustard & Gold Cotton Dhurrie Rug £195.00 |Natural Jute Rug With Black Tassels £150.00 |Jaipur Green & Coral Cotton Dhurrie Rug £195.00

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Lacroix Playing Card Artwork created by Jane Rockett

If you can't face filling in the holes that you make in the walls or simply don't have the budget to do so, then consider leaning mirrors, artwork and photographs against the walls. This is a great trick for those unfilled nooks or walls and can look really showstopping, particularly if you opt for giant artwork. It also works just as well if you sit your mirrors and artwork on cabinets and shelving units which will instantly add visual interest to the room with variations in heights and sizes.

Alternatively, you can layer smaller framed prints on shelves, cabinets and draws and if you have a pinboard why not create an inspiration board with your favourite art and quotes and hang over your desk? It's a super easy way of adding life to the home.

Shop Unique And Eclectic Mirrors and Artwork At Rockett St George

Vintage Style Champagne Mirror £595.00 | Feather Effect Metallic Wings £180.00 |Unframed Dancer 03 Art Print By Amelie Hegardt £54.00

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Set Of 2 Brass Jaguar Door Handles £60.00

Replace door handles and cupboard knobs with beautiful knobs and handles. Not only is this an inexpensive way to update your interiors, but it's also super easy to install and once you move out you can easily put the door handles and cupboard knobs back.

Discover Door Knobs and Door Handles At Rockett St George

Set Of 2 Elegant Brass Peacock Door Handles £40.00| Set Of 2 Curved Peacock Door Handles £72.00 | Lying Buddha Brass Door Handle £40.00


The home of Jane Rockett as seen in Rockett St George: Extraordinary Interiors (Ryland Peters & Small, £19.99) Photography by Debi Treloar.

Renter or homeowner, lighting is so important for creating a beautiful home. Rather than relying on one source of light, namely overhead lighting opt for warming glows from table lamps, floor lights and candlelight! These light sources create beautiful pockets of light and shadows which creates a sense of calm and serenity in the home. For overhead lighting, opt for statement pendant lights that really catch the eye and if you are not lucky enough to have a dimmer switch, be sure to use a bulb with a low wattage that will not drown the room in an unforgiving white pool of light.

Don't forget lampshades either! Lampshades can add pops of colour and pattern to the home plus the texture can soften the harshness of stark white walls.

Discover Unique & Quirky Lighting That Will Inject Personality Into Your Rented Home At Rockett St George

All Over Velvet Table Lamp With Fringe - Dusky Rose £120.00 |All Over Velvet Table Lamp With Fringe - Mustard £120.00 |Palm Tree Floor Light £595.00 |Velvet & Rattan Pendant Ceiling Light - Gold Mustard £185.00

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Burnt Orange Velvet Chesterfield Sofa £2,750.00

There are some pieces that you just fall in love with. Be it a marble and gold coffee table, velvet chair or leather sofa - whatever it is, these are the pieces that you simply cannot scrimp on. If you really love a piece of furniture, lighting or home accessory it is guaranteed to stand the test of time and you will find yourself taking it from home to home as you move on through the years. These statement pieces are guaranteed to enhance your interiors as well as adding a touch of luxury.

Shop Statement Furniture At Rockett St George

Ochre Gold Velvet Petal Occasional Chair £995.00 |Circular Art Deco 3-Tier Drinks Trolley £250.00 |Midas Gold Geometric Side Table £95.00

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The home of Quentin Larouix as seen in Rockett St George: Extraordinary Interiors (Ryland Peters & Small, £19.99) Photography by Debi Treloar.

Ugly curtains?! Boring blinds? Then replace them or enhance them! Luckily curtains can be easily taken down and put back up, so don't suffer with ugly curtains, simply take them down and store in airtight clothing bags. The same goes for shower curtains too! If you have boring blinds that lack serious personality - ask permission to add a curtain rail (9 times out of 10 a landlord won't mind as long as you remove and fill in the holes afterwards) and hang some curtains to add a more homely and luxurious feel to your window dressing.

Discover Velvet and Beaded Curtains At Rockett St George

Bamboo Door Curtain - Black & White Design £95.00 | Black Floral Velvet Curtain £135.00 |Bamboo Door Curtain - Tropical Design £95.00


The home of Helene Morris as seen in Rockett St George: Extraordinary Interiors (Ryland Peters & Small, £19.99) Photography by Debi Treloar.

We heard this rather excellent tip from Kate Watson Smyth (mad about the house) at our Interior Trends Event back in January. Kate advised that if you don't like your kitchen cabinets or cupboards then consider taking the doors off for open storage units. Not only does this create the illusion of more space in your home, it's also a great way to show off your gorgeous kitchen crockery! It's a WIN-WIN!

You can also hang racks and display shelves up which will not only give you more work surface space but is also like art for your walls! Alternatively use artwork, vinyl or self-adhesive wallpaper and cover the kitchen cabinets for a bold and showstopping look. Once you have your kitchen the way you want it - all you will need are some delicious recipes to experiment with! Check out our blog for inspo.

Shop Kitchen Storage Racks And Shelving Units At Rockett St George

Antique Brass Coloured Wire Wall Rack & Hooks £80.00| Kitchen Rack For Cups, Mugs & Glasses £45.00 |Industrial-Style 4-Shelf Barrel Mesh Storage Cabinet £150.00

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Discover Kitchen Pieces At Rockett St George

Create a breadboard display in the kitchen to hide the tiles. Not only does it look really fabulous but it's also a really easy and inexpensive way of covering the tiles and paint up. The trick is to stand the breadboard up at a slight angle and layer three or four other boards against it. For interest choose carved or patterned breadboards like the Hand Carved Small Mango Wood Board or our Mango Wood Mandala Chopping Board which will instantly draw the eye. Different sized chopping boards will also add interest and of course, is super practical too!

If you have a large counter then you could also consider balancing vinyl against the back of your kitchen counters to cover the paint and tiles. Vinyl splashbacks are also super low maintenance meaning they are easy to clean and easy to remove once you decide to move out!

Balance Breadboards Against The Walls To Hide Kitchen Tiles That You Do Not Love

Ink Dipped Mango Wood Chopping Board - Small £15.00| Natural Acacia Round Chopping Board £75.00 | Small Marble Effect Bread Board £20.00


Discover Decorative Accessories For Your Rented Home At Rockett St George

Cushions, throws, houseplants, quirky display pieces, photographs, ornaments the more the better! Curate style spots and shelfie's around the home for instant impact! The trick is to play with heights and textures; so use your favourite book as a base and then display quirky accessories on top or create a quirky candlestick display with different sized candles. You could even create an asymmetrical display by building heights at one end of your shelves or coffee table which is particularly eye-catching.

Then add texture by displaying faux coral, crystals, plants and patterned pieces for an attention-grabbing display!

Discover Rented Home Accessories At Rockett St George

Bronze Effect Rabbit Bookends £38.00 |Sexy Blink Glamorous Beaded Cushion £95.00 |Wiggly Dog Sculpture £32.00

Find everything you'll need to create extraordinary interiors at Rockett St George 

Alternatively, discover our top tips to create a rented home on the Rockett St George YouTube Channel:


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