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Arranging cushions

How To Arrange Cushions On A Sofa

At Rockett St George, we believe in curating sumptuous style spots all around the home. This guide on how to arrange cushions on a sofa will help you to instantly uplift your living area.

Colour Scheme Ideas

Once you have chosen the sofa that you wish to style, you can start to think about colour. Firstly, is your sofa a calming neutral or a boldly beautiful piece? Your cushions are accessories that will soften the look of your scheme whilst elevating your style. This means that your choice of cushions can really change the feel of the room in the most marvellous way.

Below we are going to talk about your block colour cushions. These will be the cushions that are there for comfort but that doesn't mean that they sacrifice style! Think of your block colour cushions as the base, where pattern and texture can be explored after that. We will later talk about where to place these block colours within your sofa arrangement.

Calming Neutrals

If you have a neutral sofa that you wish to uplift, the addition of cushions will then become the focal point of the display. You can incorporate additional calming tones to compliment your existing scheme or go for a pretty pastel or pop of colour as an accent. Furthermore, don't be afraid to mix and match your cushion colours to help tell a story, matching the hues of the room beautifully. To ensure that you encapsulate a calming allure, it is important to use a selection of peaceful colours which can be accessorised with additional texture later on. We will talk about how to do this in the 'How To Arrange Cushions On A Sofa' section below.

Boldly Beautiful Tones

Whether your sofa is a bold hue in itself or gives an opportunity to add colour, cushions are a fabulous way to enrich your showpiece. A boldly coloured sofa will allow you to go as eccentric or harmonious as you wish with your cushion colour choices. By introducing additional colours to the room, this will draw attention to your sofa whilst the cushions become the star of the show. If you want your sofa to stand out in colour, consider using toned down cushions that blend beautifully with your wall colours and allow the sofa to do the talking within the space.

Check out our Modern Living Room Colour Ideas blog post for more inspiration.

Working With Pattern & Texture

Now that you have decided on your block colour cushions, we can now explore the world of pattern and texture. If you are planning to make your sofa an unforgettable style spot, then this is where you can let your personality shine. Adding pattern and texture is imperative to a sofa that screams sumptuous style! Above all, this is an opportunity to really have fun with beautiful designs that exude a plush elegance too.


Incorporating pattern into your cushion arrangement will bring instant joy to your space. The use of pattern doesn't always mean that you have to be eccentric with your style. In fact, pattern is a way to add interest to your sofa and will bring depth to your block colours. Think of your patterned cushions as your accents, something that will create the wow factor or exude a peaceful feel. Whether you are going for a stand-out colour or a marvellous monochrome, ensure to choose a palette that will seamlessly complement the plain coloured cushions.


Texture is so important when it comes to your sofa and its soft furnishings. If you want a cushion arrangement that showcases stunning style, adding texture is a glorious way to bring interest. Moreover, textural cushions are the perfect alternative for those who do not want to explore the world of pattern. Whatsmore, a charming textured cushion will add variety and character to a daring eclectic display. From calming cotton and voluptuous velvet to bohemian tassels and beautiful beads, there are so many ways to bring texture into your cushion arrangement.

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How To Arrange Cushions On A Sofa

So now that we have talked about all of the amazing cushion styles, let's go through how to arrange cushions on a sofa. By gathering together your wonderful styles, this is a chance to really steal the show with your dazzling display. At Rockett St George, we love any excuse for a restyle as it can really uplift your scheme. This is why we always encourage a revamp in any corner, just for the fun of it! See below to discover how to arrange your cushions on a sofa in an oh-so-chic way.

Block Colours

To start, arrange your block colours in a row of three along the back of your sofa. You can use as many of these as you wish depending on your sofa size. The base cushions will add comfort as well as a starting colour for your palette that is essential for both practical use and a harmonious style. Moreover, having these cushions as your base is perfect for all year round as you can then change your additional cushions accordingly.

Accent Pattern

For your accent pattern, choose two matching cushions that you can't get enough of. These could be textural delights or pretty patterns to layer in front of your base cushions. Simply place these two cushions in front of your first layer of cushions in the gaps, forming a pyramid layout. The two accent cushions that you choose will bring symmetry and added charm to your existing display so effortlessly.

Striking Show-Stoppers

For those who love to go all out, you can top off the look with some striking show stoppers! These will be the final cushions to really make your arrangement pop. Choose two unique cushions to place at the front of your display or perhaps one large cushion to create the wow factor. On top of this, as these cushions will be at the forefront of your sofa, this is where you can experiment with quirky shapes too. Introducing a unique cushion shape is a wonderful way to draw eyes to your fabulous showpiece. You will not regret it!

We hope that you have enjoyed this How To Arrange Cushions On A Sofa guide. For more inspiration for your dazzling cushion arrangement, visit our Pinterest board here.






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