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essential home decor accessories

What Home Accessories Should Everyone Have?

Essential home decor items for 2020

Your guide to the top home accessories no home should be without

When it comes to setting the 'rules' for home decor, we are often the first to suggest breaking them completely. But a 'rule' is simply another word for a 'guide'. A guide that will help kick start your interior decor choices. If you're still finding your 'style' is then this guide will help you get to grips with the basics. The essentials. Once you are armed with this knowledge, it's easier to apply this to your chosen style. We have written about finding your style in Chapter 1 of our first book.

home accessories that every home should have

There are a number of go-to accessories that feature in our little black book of design advice. Think of this list as your guide to rely on no matter how your style changes over the years. Accessories add personality and magic to a room and tie together all the textures and colours. So let's get started, read on for your essential home decor items for 2020 and beyond.

Essential Home Decor Items

1. Add layered texture with cushions, throws & rugs.

Image: The home of Shelley Carline as featured in 'Extraordinary Interiors' by Jane Rockett & Lucy St George. Published by Ryland Peters & Small. Photography by Debi Treloar.

You can add texture to your home in buildable layers using cushions, throws, blankets and rugs. All of these essential home accessories will make your home more welcoming as well as comfortable and cosy. Adding layers of texture to a room is one of the key tricks we use to make a room more beautiful. Try using different types of tactile materials such as cotton throws, velvet cushions, leather seating and jute rugs. There is so much you can do with texture. In fact, we have written a whole blog post on How To Add Texture To Your Home featuring our top 10 tips.

2. Give structure to your home with vases, planters and plants.

the best vases and plants for your home

Image: The home of Jane Rockett as featured in 'Extraordinary Interiors' by Jane Rockett & Lucy St George. Published by Ryland Peters & Small. Photography by Debi Treloar.

Vases, planters and plants (faux or real) will give your room more depth and add vitality. We are huge fans of the amazing faux artificial plants available nowadays. They give you the same effect but without the maintenance of looking after a real-life plant. Fill vases with a variety of plants and flowers for a fresh and impactful look. Our co-founder, Jane Rockett, gave us her top 5 styling tips in a recent blog post that she uses in her own home. Follow Jane's guide to discover more about how to style your vases at home.

3. Add personality with art and books and decorative ornaments.

what home accessories should I buy

Image: The home of Jane Learmonth as featured in 'Extraordinary Interiors' by Jane Rockett & Lucy St George. Published by Ryland Peters & Small. Photography by Debi Treloar.

Beautiful artwork never fails to turn heads. Create a gallery wall of your favourite photographs, prints and wall art for an eclectic display. Or, go for a giant show-stopping work of art to draw the eye and highlight any key tones in the room. Coffee table books are also a great way to add your own touch to your room display. Just as important as photographs, your display of books shows what you are interested in most and find inspiring. Mix these up with funny, quirky or beautiful decorative ornaments to complete your look. There are no fixed 'rules', just use anything that makes you smile every time you see it.

4. Create ambience with lighting, mirrors and candles.

style with mirrors lighting and candles

Image: The home of Helene Morris as featured in 'Extraordinary Interiors' by Jane Rockett & Lucy St George. Published by Ryland Peters & Small. Photography by Debi Treloar.

The final items for your essential home decor list are those that help you to set the mood. Mirrors are known for their light-bouncing properties which can project wonderful glowing reflections around the room. Added to this is your layers of lighting. We always recommend fitting dimmer switches to any over-head lights to avoid a washed-out blanket of light. Added to this should be a range of table and floor lamps and wall lights if you can. Having a variety of lighting allows you to be flexible within the space and adjust to match the mood. Candles are the ultimate light source in the evening. The flickering light will glimmer on the walls and make you and your guests feel warm and welcome. Plus, we all look better by candlelight, right?!


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