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Pampas Grass Vase Buying Guide

Pampas Grass Vase Buying Guide

Pampas Grass Vase Guide

Pampas Grasses are the dried flower of choice right now and they will need an equally show-stopping vase to sit in. Follow our Pampas Grass vase buying guide to find your perfect match.

When choosing a vase for pampas grass make sure it's going to work with the stems you have as well as the room it's going in. Whether is a tall narrow vase you want to sit on a shelf or a shorter decorative vase for your dining table, there is a vase for you. Here we guide you through picking the right pampas grass vase for your home, including some perfect Rockett St George options.

Narrow vases

The most simple vase to consider for your pampas grass is a tall narrow vase. Allowing you to place two or three stems creating a subtle arrangement, but with a striking look. Keep the vase simple to accentuate the pampas grasses and their gorgeousness.

Our Tall Glass Stem Vase is a must, the ideal vase to display your pampas. Pop your stems in one at a time to create your arrangement and let them sit naturally in the vase. You may only want one or two stems in a vase like this, or perhaps you would prefer to fill it completely with your favourite colours. Because of the narrow shape of the vase, all the drama is at the top and this is perfect for a table display or on a mantlepiece.

Our Tall Glass Stem Vase displaying various Rockett St George Pampas Grass options

Wide neck vases

With complete contrast, you could opt for a wider necked vase. Often they tend to be shorter which might mean you need to cut down your stems. But this style of vase means you can really fill it to the max. Take a look at our Large Ombre Brown Vase & Candleholder for inspiration. This style of vase also works really well for smaller pampas stems, Bunny Tails or Lagarus Ovatus. Have the stems leaning to one side for a relaxed arrangement or fill the vase with a combination of different stems for a maximalist look.

Having a large neck gives you more flexibility, but you will lack the structure more narrow vases offer. We prefer using taller vases for the big pampas stems and wider necked vases for smaller stems, but it's up to you!

Decorative vases

Bring interest and form to your floral displays with a more decorative vase. This may be an unusual shape like our Abstract White Vase or Tall White Ceramic Vase with Handles. Both of these vases create a wow factor and will draw the eye to your pampas display.

As much as they have a unique design, they also have texture, something that works really well with the soft pampas. This contrast creates drama and the pampas stems will complement the vase. Also being white means you can opt for any colour pampas and it will work.

If you want something with more bling then our Black & Gold Chinoiserie Porcelain Vase is the one for you. The ornate gold pattern oozes style and grandeur and is perfect for displaying large pampas grasses.

Bottleneck vases

Similar to the narrow vase a bottleneck vase tends to be wider at the bottom and work up to a narrow neck. Often including decorative handles on the side for added interest. This style of vase is great as you get to display the pampas stems in a structured manner but with a more balanced overall look. Our Black Onyx Ceramic Bottleneck Vase With Handles is the ideal vase for your pampas stems. The narrow neck means you only need a couple of pampas grasses and immediately you have created a centrepiece for any shelf or table.

Another version of the bottleneck vase and something a bit more simple, in the case of our Glass Balloon Round Vase is a more rounded vase with a much bigger base. Being clear you can see the stems and this adds to the look of your display. This style of vase grounds your arrangement and we would recommend adding large pampas grass stems for a simple no-fuss look.

Glass vases

Another favourite vase style for pampas grass is to use a glass vase, and this can be clear or coloured depending on your decor and taste. We think the dark smoked vase looks super cool with cream pampas and the contrast really pops.

Our Cog Shaped Black Smoked Glass Vase is a great shaped vase for pampas grass and the multi-layered shape creates interest and contrasts with the floaty pampas. You may want to hide your stems in a vase and this can be achieved with smoked glass, but alternatively, you may like to show the stems through the glass. As mentioned before this can attract the eye and give an extra dimension to your display. The straight lines of the pampas stem showing through a glass vase combined with the curved natural pampas head look striking and eye-catching.

Pampas Grass Care Guide

We hope this guide has been useful and if you are looking for more inspiration on pampas and how to display them then check out our How To Care and Style Your Pampas Grass video with Co-founder, Jane Rockett.

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