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top 5 interior design trend predictions 2019

Our Top 5 Interior Design Trend Predictions for 2019

Find out what Interior Design Trends will be HOT in 2019! From getting tactile with your textures, revisiting the 1970s, repurposing your old furniture and so much more, we have curated a list of our Top 5 Interior Design Trends that you will be seeing a lot of in the interiors world this year. Plus, we will be discussing trends that we've seen towards the end of last year that we still love and think will continue to be trending in 2019.

quirky table with brown purple yellow and florals


Interior Design Trend Prediction 1 - Tactile Textures

textured bedsheets throws and cushions
Can we include pets in this interior trend?! The home and dog belonging to Jane Rockett. As featured in Extraordinary Interiors. Publisher Ryland Peters & Small.

In a recent article for Dezeen, creative talent (and one of our named influencers to follow in 2019), Michelle Ogundehin sites textures as a trend that we will see more of in 2019.

Michelle states "In this acutely digital age, as physical, sensory beings we have a primal need to surround ourselves with surfaces that thrill our fingertips or tempt our toes. Tactile stimulation, whether being hugged or stroking a pet, triggers oxytocin, the love hormone. It also lowers cortisol levels, reducing anxiety and stress. It is the language of compassion, helping us bond and connect with others." Read the full article here.

A trend then based on connection and feeling, incorporating pieces such as rattan ceiling lights, woolly deep pile rugs, textured vases, handmade Tamegroute pottery will tantalise the senses.

Check out our blog on how to incorporate more texture into your home here: HOW TO ADD TEXTURE TO YOUR HOME.

green moroccan bowls
Rockett St George Products Featured: Authentic Tamegroute Small Bowl - 11cm

Interior Design Trend Prediction 2 - Shells and Pearls

monochrome desk with plants
Mother Of Pearl Monochrome Console Table £1,600.00

We recently visited the home of Instagram Influencer, Lorna Luxe (keep an eye out for our blog on this, releasing in February). Well-known in the fashion sphere, Lorna predicted that in 2019 we will see a rise in the popularity of shells and pearls as its been recently been appearing on catwalks too. This may be something to do with David Attenborough and the popularity of Blue Planet, so expect to see more of shell-shaped furniture and accessories in the home and lots of fish scale tiles in the bathroom and kitchen.

petal velvet armchairs
Rockett St George Products Featured: Rose Pink Velvet Petal Armchair £850.00| Bespoke Oyster Shell Armchair £1,750.00

Interior Design Trend Prediction 3 - Eco Home

glass straws and pink tinted glassware
Rockett St George Products Featured: Set Of 4 Animal Charm Glass Drinking Straws - Tiger, Elephant, Ostrich & Snake £36.00 | Set Of 3 Recycled Glass Nude Tinted Assorted Vases £24.00

Our fabulous co-founder, Jane Rockett, predicts that in 2019 we will be seeing more and more products made from recycled materials given new life. In fact, as we head into spring we will even be stocking new lights made from recovered paper waste that Jane discovered in Morocco a few years back.

The idea of giving old things new life will extend in all areas of life, not just interiors. But if you can, try and be more resourceful with the things you buy and use this year. Whether that's cutting down on single-use plastic, re-upholstering an old unloved cabinet with wallpaper to give it a new lease of life or simply switching to glass drinking straws. Even the smallest change will make a difference and guarantee that you are ahead of the curve in 2019 too. A win-win in our opinion!

For tips on how to cut down on single-use plastic, check out our recent blog here: TOP 5 2019 RESOLUTIONS FOR YOU AND YOUR HOME - TIP No. 3

And, for ideas to upcycle and repurpose your furniture with wallpaper check out our blog here: 5 ALTERNATIVE IDEAS FOR UPCYCLING WITH WALLPAPER.

Interior Design Trend Prediction 4 - Brown Furniture

The home of Shelley Carline. As featured in 'Extraordinary Interiors' By Jane Rockett and Lucy St George.

Journalist, Kate Watson-Smyth of Mad About The House, predicted in her latest blog post that Brown Furniture will be making a comeback this year.

Expanding on the return of 1970's style interior design, brown wood chest of drawers, coffee tables, dining tables, side tables (the list could go on), will be a theme that we will see creeping into our Instagram feeds.

Kate has listed 10 Reasons Why You Need To Include Brown Furniture In her Home, which we have linked to here. But, she rather aptly sums up why this is such a fabulous trend: "Your home should tell your story. A piece of furniture that has been passed down to you will do that. But even if it belonged to someone else’s Granny rather than yours, it will still have a story to tell through the wearing of the wood, the dents and the scratches. It just has more character and who doesn’t want that in their home?".

leather chair and wooden shelving desk
Rockett St George Products Featured: Faux Leather Dining Chair With Black Hairpin Legs - Brown £215.00 | Elm Wood Dining Table With Hairpin Legs £450.00 | Industrial Style Desk Unit With 2 Shelves £430.00

Interior Design Trend Prediction 5 - Clay Colours

quirky bowls and rattan chairs
Set Of 4 Rustic Oxidised Metal Bowls £18.00 | Rockett St George Exclusive Paint Collection - Cloisters From: £2.50 | Capri Black & Natural Rattan Chair £215.00

Earthy clay colours were a big colour trend in 2018 and we think that this year this colour trend will develop and evolve into more earthy pink and pastel tones like in the bedroom image above. A great colour for creating a calm and relaxing environment in the home, make sure you keep an eye out for our colour trend blog that will be released later next week!


Interior Design Trend 6 - And It Was All (still) Yellow

The Hoxton Hotel Paris

Mustard yellow is here to stay and we couldn't be more delighted!

Expect to see more of the golden yellow and ochre hues that we're all the rage in 2018. Up +45% on Pinterest, mustard yellow tones energises your home in an instant and so even small changes like a cushion on the sofa or a throw on your bed will make a dramatic difference in your home. Check out our Pinterest Board here for marvellous mustard inspiration.

yellow velvet cushion and pompom throw
Rockett St George Products Featured: Glorious Velvet Cushion - Mustard £32.00 | Cotton Pom Pom Blanket 200x300cm - Mustard £145.00

Interior Design Trend 7 - Heading back to the 70s.

leather sofa in white traditional living room
The home of Quentin Leroux. As seen in 'Extraordinary Interiors' by Jane Rockett and Lucy St George. Publisher Ryland Peters & Small.

70's style interiors are having a comeback in 2019.

The blogger and influencer, Kimberly Duran of Swoon-worthy Blog writes in her recent trend blog: "I’m seeing a lot of rounded sofas and plenty of fringing on everything from sofas to lampshades to mirrors and more – huge news if you want to get into the 70s vibe ahead of the curve." Check out the blog on Swoon Worthy here.

So if you're a 70's child at heart, then get your retro orange cushions, mid-century furniture, oversized rounded seating out of storage and the lead the way with this interior trend comeback.

tassel pendant and velvet pouffe
Rockett St George Product Featured: Three-Tier Fringe Chandelier - Black £165.00 | Burnt Orange Pouffe With Chocolate Brown Piping £65.00

Interior Design Trend Prediction 8 - Vertical Gardens

wooden outdoor chair
DIY Merci Chair Painted by the talented @patirobins

It cannot be understated how much life and interest house plants and flowers bring to the home. Not only do gorgeous greens and bright blooms add vibrant colour to the home, but they also incorporate texture (another trend for 2019) and, most importantly happiness. What's not to love?!

Up +287% on Pinterest, one such trend that will see you incorporating more plants into the home is vertical gardens. A great way to blend your home interiors with the outdoors, there are so many different vertical garden ideas that you could incorporate your home. If you're a serial plant killer (like us) then a good faux vertical garden is for you. Another alternative is to attach panels to the wall with lots of plant pots attached so that you can them with your favourite potted plants.

green plants in a rattan basket
Rockett St George Product Featured: Faux Monstera Jungle Plant £36.00

Interior Design Trend Prediction 9 - Tin Tile Tastic

patterned tin tiles

Up by +536% on Pinterest, Tin Tiles are making a come back big time!

Wonderfully versatile and unique, you can repurpose and reuse your tin tiles in so many different ways. Use tin tiles as a backsplash in your kitchen, as a unique headboard in the bedroom or decorate your ceilings with tin tiles. Our list could go on.

Great for adding structure to industrial interiors and edge to modern and contemporary interiors, check out our selection of Tin Tiles here.


Follow The Beat Of Your Own Drum

Okay, so this isn't exactly a trend. But the fact of the matter is that we should take inspiration from trends, not follow it mindlessly. When it comes to your home it's the personal touches and details that make your home so special. So follow the beat of your own drum and create a home that is special and unique to you.

After all, you're the one who has to actually live in your home. So if you take one thing from this blog let it be to surround yourself with the things you love. We promise that if you do this, your home will stand out from the rest.


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