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Kitchen Decor Ideas for Traditional Interiors

Kitchen Decor Ideas for Traditional Interiors

We love a traditional kitchen at Rockett St George, from those with original Victorian features to rustic barn conversions. However, sometimes these spaces can be small and tricky to decorate. So, we’ve put together five kitchen decor ideas for traditional interiors that will help create a truly inspirational space. As the heart of the home, your kitchen deserves your full attention to ensure a fabulous space to socialise. Most importantly of all, it’s the place where we spend quality time with loved ones and celebrate special occasions. Therefore, it should be cosy, comfortable and beautifully unique…

In our opinion the very best interiors all have one essential thing in common, character. Whilst there are many ways to achieve this, traditional kitchens benefit from amazing natural character in their surroundings. For example, there’s nothing quite like exposed brickwork or ornate coving to create a unique focal point with fabulous flair! As a result, traditional kitchen interiors have a great advantage that should be celebrated. However, there’s no need to worry if your kitchen no longer displays plenty of period features. There are many ways to highlight your traditional decor, from vintage-inspired furniture to statement lighting and contemporary pieces that create balance. All of these options are beautiful and ultimately help create the traditional kitchen of your dreams!

Traditional Kitchen Decor Idea: Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

lifestyle grid of colourful kitchens and paint swatches decor ideas for traditional interiors
Images 1 & 2: Extraordinary Interiors In Colour by Jane Rockett & Lucy St George, Published by Ryland, Peters & Small, Photography by Catherine Gratwicke, Image 3: Extraordinary Interiors by Jane Rockett & Lucy St George, Published by Ryland Peters & Small, Photography by Debbie Treloar

One super simple solution for updating your kitchen decor is to add a pop of colour. Whilst traditional cabinetry is timeless, changing the colour of your kitchen doors can breathe new life into your interior. For instance, natural wooden finishes can often look dated in a traditional setting. But with a coat of paint, these can be transformed without spending a fortune on a whole new kitchen! Also, this is a great way to work with what you already have and make a more eco-conscious decor decision.

When it comes to the colour palette, the choice is really up to you. Firstly, only you know the colours that you love. Moreover, it has to be a colour that works for your lifestyle and the rest of your home. Colour is incredibly personal and affects both the look and feel of your space. So, whilst we have gathered some of our favourite palettes for inspiration, don’t be afraid to go your own way.

Taking inspiration from our new book Extraordinary Interiors In Colour, the home of Synne and Vermund celebrates a beautifully bold palette. We love the combination of simple, classic cabinetry and the daring dark grey walls paired with a pop of yellow. Although a bold choice, this is a traditional kitchen that demands attention. On the other hand, sometimes more subtle schemes are the best kitchen decor ideas for traditional interiors. For example, dark green is a heritage colour that goes with everything. Also, pastel and clay pink tones offer a soft colour palette with plenty of trend-setting style. If you’re not confident to go for a bold colour on the outside, try painting your cabinets on the inside. This is not only incredibly effective but also helps to build up your colour confidence!

Celebrate Original Features

lifestyle grid of kitchens with original features
Image 1 & 3: Extraordinary Interiors by Jane Rockett & Lucy St George, Published by Ryland Peters & Small, Photography by Debbie Treloar, Image 2: Extraordinary Interiors In Colour by Jane Rockett & Lucy St George, Published by Ryland, Peters & Small, Photography by Catherine Gratwicke

Often one of the best parts of a more traditional kitchen scheme is the presence of original features. Certainly not every kitchen will have original beams or exposed brickwork. But if you do have these features then celebrate them! From ornate ceiling roses to elaborate coving and original flooring, the best kitchens embrace every unique detail. So, don’t be afraid to leave the brickwork exposed and introduce other rustic finishes that bring the look together.

One of our top decor tips for traditional kitchens is to showcase the natural beauty of the space. For example, introducing vintage cabinets, display cases or shelving will instantly complement the room’s character. Also, the beauty of a traditional kitchen is that you don’t need to worry about a sleek finish. Mismatched furniture, collected treasures and stacks of ceramics all look incredible in a traditional kitchen. And a top tip for anyone that wants to achieve this look in a more modern way? Take a look at brick or panel wallpapers for a fabulous trompe l’oeil effect that will impress just about anyone!


Traditional Kitchen Decor Idea: Statement Lighting

lifestyle grid image of statement lighting kitchen decor ideas for traditional interiors
Image 1: Extraordinary Interiors by Jane Rockett & Lucy St George, Published by Ryland Peters & Small, Photography by Debbie Treloar, Beautiful Big Bell Bamboo Ceiling Light: £195.00, Spiral Shell Shaped Rattan Ceiling Light: from £180.00, Woven Cane & Velvet Cylinder Pendant Light in Burgundy: £195.00, Two-Toned Smoke & Clear Textured Glass Pendant Light: £135.00, Fabulous Feather Chandelier Featuring Chains: £565.00


Statement lighting is one of the easiest kitchen decor ideas to play around with. As a result, there are very few rules in sourcing lighting for a traditional kitchen. Classic chandeliers are always a beautiful choice for any kitchen. However, there are many other fun and fabulous options to choose from. Whether hung from the centre of the room or placed over a kitchen island, lighting helps complete your scheme. It also has the ability to completely transform your space. So, never neglect the importance of lighting when decorating or updating your kitchen.

When it comes to the ceiling or wall lights, a traditional interior doesn’t necessarily need a traditional lighting choice. In fact, some of our favourite traditional kitchens feature bold, modern pendant lights that take the look to the next level. For instance, rattan pendant lights offer stunning natural textures that can be paired perfectly with period features. Glass pendant lights also offer a brilliant balance between classic and contemporary. And finally for a serious style statement, we love the idea of the Fabulous Feather Chandelier in a traditional interior!

Stylish Storage Solutions

lifestyle grid of kitchen storage options
Traditional Numbered Pigeon-Hole Shelf Unit: £325.00, Image from Extraordinary Interiors by Jane Rockett & Lucy St George, Published by Ryland Peters & Small, Photography by Debbie Treloar, Timber Strips Shelved Storage Cabinet: £1500.00

Firstly, sufficient storage is an essential in any kitchen. As one of the most hardworking spaces in your home, everything needs its place. Furthermore, you need to be able to find what you’re looking for when cooking or entertaining. So, organisation is key! Typically, traditional kitchens tend to be on the smaller size. And whilst you may be limited with cabinet space, there are great storage alternatives out there to meet your needs.

Arguably, storage is one of the most important kitchen decor ideas for traditional interiors. Also, it provides the opportunity to introduce more of your personality to your interior. As a result, when your cabinets are at capacity, freestanding storage is the best investment you can make. When displayed against the wall, these pieces don’t take up too much room. However, slimmer wall shelf options are also available if floor space is limited. Above all, freestanding storage is perfect for storing anything you can’t fit elsewhere. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with styling! Traditional interiors are a dream for eclectic styling and artful displays. So, be playful and introduce a few personal pieces amongst the more practical items.

Traditional Kitchen Decor Idea: Introduce Modern Influences

images of rockett st george products for traditional kitchens
Curved Back Dining Chair In Mink Grey: £145.00, Handmade Black Glass Bobble Jug: £95.00, Image from Extraordinary Interiors by Jane Rockett & Lucy St George, Published by Ryland Peters & Small, Photography by Debbie Treloar, Cast Iron Star Candle Holder: £18.00, Antique Black 4-Piece Cutlery Set: £24.00

There can sometimes be a fine line between traditional kitchens and slightly dated spaces. The trick here is to create harmony between classic and more contemporary details. In other words, don’t be afraid to introduce modern furniture or take note from the trends. Your home should be a reflection your individual sense of style. And nothing achieves this more than a curated collection of all things you love!

For example, pair traditional painted cabinets with contemporary chrome or brass handles. Or, introduce modern dining chair designs against a classic farmhouse table. The mix of modern and traditional influences can be as large or small as you like. The important thing is to be true to your own style!

For more inspiration, check out these 2020 kitchen trends from Homes & Garden.

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