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Kitchen Decor Ideas For 2020

Kitchen Decor Ideas For 2020

Top 12 Kitchen Decor Ideas To Explore This Year

As we settle into the new decade, it’s only natural to think about transforming our homes for the year ahead. While we’re firm believers that the best interiors take time, a new year is a great opportunity to make changes. Maybe you’ve been considering an entire kitchen overhaul? Or perhaps you’re looking for smaller changes to create a fresh and fabulous space for your family? Either way, now is the perfect time to make those changes. So, look no further for our top 12 kitchen decor ideas that will create instant impact in your home! Above all, your kitchen needs to work for you and your lifestyle. Therefore, we’ve created a range of decoration ideas for every kitchen project, big or small. From investment pieces to easy updates, these kitchen decor ideas for 2020 promise to help create the kitchen of your dreams…


1 - Colourful Kitchen Decor Ideas

Chrome & Velvet Stackable Dining Chair In Rich Rust: £145.00, Image from Extraordinary Interiors In Colour by Jane Rockett & Lucy St George, Published by Ryland, Peters & Small, Photography by Catherine Gratwicke, Curved Back Velvet Dining Chair In Moss Green: £145.00


One of the easiest ways to completely transform your kitchen decor is to add colour. As a result, it had to be at the very top of our list of kitchen decor ideas! Moreover, a colourful kitchen can be achieved in many wonderful ways without spending a fortune. For example, something as simple as a coat of paint can bring your kitchen back to life. We love the vibrant tones and clever colour-blocking of this kitchen from our book Extraordinary Interior In colour. However, you don’t necessarily need to go bright to make a statement. Most importantly of all, your kitchen needs to be a colour you can live with. So, choose your colours carefully and don’t be afraid to paint the walls or existing cabinets in your kitchen. Not only will this brighten the space but it promises to instantly update your scheme without investing in a new kitchen.

While paint is always a great place to start, it’s not your only option. Colourful dining chairs are a great way to play around with pops of colour. Also, don’t neglect your accessories! From artwork to lighting and glassware, there’s no shortage of solutions to create a fabulous kitchen scheme with colour.


2 - Fabulous Freestanding Storage

Image from Extraordinary Interiors by Jane Rockett & Lucy St George, Published by Ryland Peters & Small, Photography by Debbie Treloar, Industrial-Style 4-Shelf Barrel Mesh Storage Container: £150.00, Black Industrial Reeded Glass Storage Cabinet: £645.00


Storage is essential in any hardworking kitchen. Therefore, it’s a key consideration that should be given as much time and thought as your colour palette and furniture. Whether your kitchen is large or small, freestanding furniture is an important component to complete your dream scheme. Also, these multi-functional pieces of furniture are amazing for anyone renting their home.

So, if cabinet storage space is tight in your kitchen, look no further than freestanding storage solutions. From floor-to-ceiling cabinets to DIY pantries and stylish shelving, these pieces combine practicality with serious style.


3 - Luxe Lighting Decor Ideas

Natural Texture With Gold Interior Ceiling Lights: from £120.00, White Three-Tier Tassel Chandelier Light: £195.00, Beehive Metal Mesh Pendant Light in Black Noir: £78.00, Natural Woven Cane Sphere Pendant Light: £190.00, Woven Cane & Velvet Cylinder Pendant Light Gold Mustard: £195.00


In the same vein as colour, lighting is a quick and easy way to totally transform the feel of your kitchen. As one of our favourite kitchen decor ideas to play around with, the options for lighting are endless. Maybe you’re looking to add natural warmth and texture through rattan pendant lights? Or perhaps you’re hoping to introduce old school glamour with a fabulous fringed chandelier? Either way, lighting is key to creating an individual style statement in the kitchen!

So, why not hang a set of 3 pendant lights over your island to create a fabulous focal point? On the other hand, you really can’t beat a dazzling chandelier hung low over your kitchen table… Like we said before, the options really are endless!


4 - Step Up Your Storage

Cut Glass Storage Jar: from £26.00, Ethnic Black & Natural Woven Display Tray: £58.00, Set of 5 Glass Bowls With Black Lids: £15.00


Not content on settling with freestanding furniture, one of our top kitchen decor ideas for 2020 involves expanding all storage solutions. During the planning of our own kitchen projects, we’ve discovered the beauty of putting storage on display. From glass jars for pasta, to woven baskets for bread and fruit, your storage deserves to be showcased! Also, as we aim to create a more Eco-conscious kitchen, we’re investing in glass bowls and containers that last. Therefore, beautiful cut glass containers and stylish storage solutions are a guaranteed winner. These beautiful counter pieces not only help reduce your use of plastic, but they also look great in the process!


5 - Transform Your Kitchen Decor With Tin Tiles

Image: The home of Suszi Saunders as featured in Livingetc. Photography: Paul Raeside, Products: Small Quad Traditional Tin Tile: £24.00, Five Point Star Tin Tile: £24.00, Filigree Tin Tile: £24.00


Tin tiles are our secret weapon in transforming your kitchen decor. Firstly, tin tiles can be used on almost any surface, from the walls to the ceiling or your cabinetry. With a metallic finish, they also help to bounce light back into the room and create a showstopping sense of glamour. Furthermore, we have eight unique designs in our Tin Tile collection to ensure something for everyone!

We love the combination of classic cabinetry and industrial details in the home of Suzi Saunders, as featured in Livingetc. Also, our own Lucy St George has the beautiful Filigree Tin Tiles on the ceiling of her kitchen/dining room. So, we can confirm that our tin tiles have truly been tried and tested! In conclusion, tin tiles really are the perfect kitchen decor idea for magazine-worthy schemes with real wow factor!


6 - Beautiful Bar Stools

lifestyle image and product images of beautiful bar stool ideas for the kitchen
Image from Extraordinary Interiors by Jane Rockett & Lucy St George, Published by Ryland Peters & Small, Photography by Debbie Treloar, Curved Back Velvet Bar Stool in Moss Green: £165.00, Black Framed Natural Rattan Bar Stool: £195.00, Curved Back Velvet Bar Stool In Mink Grey: £165.00, Black Soho Bar Stool With Gold Legs: £95.00, Casino Velvet Bar Stool Rich Green: £150.00


As an important piece of furniture that helps tie your look together, never underestimate the power of a great bar stool! Our favourite kitchen decor ideas are the ones that don’t cost the earth. Therefore, before embarking on a big renovation project, why not consider updating your bar stools first? You can always start with a couple and mix and match until you can afford the entire set. While velvet adds luxury, rattan stools introduce texture and metal designs create an industrial edge. Just like our collection of dining chairs, bar stools are a great way to add playful colour to your kitchen.


7 - Kitchen Table Decor Ideas

Large Zinc Dining Table: £1400.00, Vintaged Glass Mirror & Iron Round Dining Table: £695.00, Round Leather Dining Table With Glass Top: £795.00


The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of your home and your dining table deserves attention. As the place where you socialise over good food, this should be central to your kitchen decor ideas for 2020. After all, staying in is the new going out! Also, what’s better than a delicious dinner at home with friends and family?

With that in mind, one of our top tips for your kitchen has to be to transform your table. While classic farmhouse tables are great for causal family dinners, round tables encourage conversation. Therefore, investing in a round table is a key consideration for us in 2020! Furthermore, something as simple as a new table can take your kitchen decor to the next level.


8 - Artful Display

Images taken from Extraordinary Interiors by Jane Rockett & Lucy St George, Published by Ryland Peters & Small, Photography by Debbie Treloar


Above all, your personality should be showcased throughout your home. Also, your kitchen provides the perfect place to celebrate your unique sense of style! With countertops and shelves to style, our favourite kitchens are the ones with character. So, don’t be afraid to curate style spots with all your favourite pieces. Maybe you’ve been hiding a collection of beautiful bread boards? Or maybe you have a collection of cookbooks or gorgeous glass jars waiting to be displayed? Either way, displaying your treasures is a one of our top kitchen decor ideas. The impact is instant and this clever style tip ensures a wonderful kitchen like no other.


9 - Style Your Shelves

lifestyle and product images of stylish kitchen shelving
Images taken from Extraordinary Interiors by Jane Rockett & Lucy St George, Published by Ryland Peters & Small, Photography by Debbie Treloar, Square Metal Glass Pane Wall Cabinet: £240.00, Wooden Antique-Style Library Cabinet: £225.00, Pigeon-Hole Shelf Unit: £325.00, Pigeon-Hole Wooden Storage Wall Unit: £95.00


In the same vein that an artful display can create character, so too can a beautifully styled shelf. Firstly, open shelves and quirky display cabinets are a Rockett St George must-have for any modern kitchen. Moreover, classic painted shelves and vintage wood finishes help to add a timeless quality to the kitchen. Designed to be decorated and filled with collected treasures, shelving provides a snapshot of your individual sense of style. Therefore, no kitchen is complete without a stylish set of shelves!

Built-in shelving is a brilliant addition to any kitchen but there are also plenty of other options. Depending on the size of your kitchen, our kitchen decor ideas for 2020 range from wall units to cabinets of curiosity. In addition, our collection also includes counter top cabinets and a unique Pigeon-Hole Shelf Unit. Once you have your shelves, it’s time to have fun with styling!


10 - Playful Plates

Slogan Fine China Plates: from £16.00, Image by Lisa Dawson, Giraffe Dinner & Side Plate Set: £35.00


With a huge variety of playful plates out there, there’s no need to settle for plain white plates! From special occasions to everyday dining, plates are an absolute necessity. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and introduce a hint of colour or sassy slogan to your table. We’re firm believers that the practical pieces don’t need to be boring and this starts in the kitchen. Perfect for introducing character to a table setting or brightening up your shelves, you can never have too many plates! A few of our favourites include the Soul Food Plate, Whale Plate Set and Cupcake, Treacle, Tart and Crumpet designs.

Take inspiration from Lisa Dawson and create your very own gallery wall of patterned plates. Or, create an individual focal point in a display cabinet in your kitchen or dining room. As a smaller kitchen accessory, playful plates are an affordable and easy way to switch up your kitchen in style.


11 - Kitchen Decor Ideas For The Walls

Black Quadratic Shelf Unit: £95.00, Antique Bronze Finish Hook Rail: £22.00, Antique Brass Coloured Wire Wall Rack & Hooks: £60.00


A great option when cabinet space is limited, introducing storage to the walls helps maximise your kitchen. Also, it’s the perfect opportunity to show off a few of your favourite pieces. From gorgeous ceramics to quirky mugs, plants and personal mementos, wall-mounted storage is both practical and effortlessly stylish. With shelf units and hook rails to choose from, these handy wall storage solutions are the perfect decor choice for smaller kitchens.


12 - Add Artwork To Your Kitchen Decor

Image from Extraordinary Interiors by Jane Rockett & Lucy St George, Published by Ryland Peters & Small, Photography by Debbie Treloar, Vintage Style Champagne Mirror: £595.00, Black Lovers Art Print: from £38.00, Unframed Midnight Art Print: £54.00, Large Framed Oil Painting Of An Incognito Philosopher: £520.00, Palm Leaf Art Print: from £45.00


Last but not least, introducing artwork to the walls of your kitchen will provide a true transformation. Firstly, art is wonderful for adding colour or pattern. In addition, like many of our other kitchen decor ideas for 2020, it’s perfect for revealing hints of your personality. When it comes to art, as long as you love it then it deserves to be displayed!

Whilst there are many different ways to work with art, considering your space is the most important starting point. For blank walls, we recommending curating a gallery wall with your favourite artwork and framed postcards. Also, don’t forget the benefit of kitchen shelves for showcasing pieces from your collection. Likewise, colour can play a big part in successfully celebrating artwork in the kitchen. Inspired by Lucy St George, we’ve put together a collection of marvellous monochrome pieces. However, in more muted kitchen schemes, sometimes a pop of colourful artwork can go a long way!

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