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Beautiful blue and white strip lips shape sofa in a living room styled with a gold and black star cushion.

How To Measure Your Sofa & Home

How to measure your sofa and home ahead of your new sofa delivery!

Whether you have a small or large sofa, a corner sofa or a love seat, it is crucial to know it will fit before purchasing. Read on for our guide on how to measure for a sofa and where to position it in your room.

Beautiful blue and white stripe statement lips sofa from Rockett St George.

Measuring Your Sofa

When you come to measure your sofa make sure you are taking your measurements from all angles of the sofa. You may be moving a sofa from one room to another or to a new home. Perhaps you are buying a new sofa and need to take measurements before placing your order. No matter what your situation our handy measuring your sofa guide is just what you need.

Sofa Main Measurements Guide


Always measure your width from the sofa arm to arm. This is usually the widest part of any sofa, and the measurements need to be taken from the outside edge. Avoid measuring the base or from leg to leg.


The next measurement is the height. Most of the time you will want to take the measurement from the floor to the highest part of the back. If you know the legs can be removed, or if you are buying new and you are told the legs need attaching then measure from the base of the sofa.


The depth is important. Not only for fitting your sofa into a room, but for how much space it will take up in the space. Take this measurement from the back of the sofa to the front edge of the seat. Often you will find a sofa is deeper than it is tall.

Diagonal Depth

This measurement is a useful one for manoeuvring your sofa through your home, especially through doorways. Take the measurement from the top of the back down to the bottom of the front.

A blue sofa with measuring angles guide

Top Tip: Don't only measure your sofa, measure the hallway and doors as well to make sure your new sofa fits in your home when delivered. The rule of thumb is if your door width is larger then your sofa height it should fit through.

Once you know what sofa you want in your room, whether you're moving an existing piece or buying something new you need to make sure it works in the space. Measure your old and new sofa to compare, and see if the new one will be large or smaller.

Doing this will allow you to visualise your room and where the sofa will be. You may find you need to remove a side table or similar to make space. Alternatively, you might have a gap that needs filling, and knowing this before is really useful.

When choosing a new sofa for a room, be aware of the scale, and if it will work with everything else. You don't necessarily want your sofa to dominate the space, equally, you don't want it to get lost by being too small.

a leopard print three seater sofa in a neutral living room

Corner Sofas

If you are measuring a corner sofa, follow the same guidelines as mentioned above. In addition to this take a measurement from the corner of the room you want your new sofa in and measure out horizontally to the maximum allowance you can give. This will help guide you when choosing a new corner sofa. As with a lot of corner sofas, there may be slight length differences between to two sides. Be sure you have ordered the correct version that will fit in your home.

We hope this simple guide gives you the confidence to measure and purchase your sofa of dreams!

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