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How To Keep Your Houseplants Happy With The Little Botanical

How To Keep Your Houseplants Happy With The Little Botanical

With a shared love for glorious greenery, The Little Botanical have a fabulous range of indoor and outdoor plants as well as some amazing accessories too.

Your one-stop-shop for pretty plants small and large, we simply adore The Little Botanical. So, we've asked you to give us your questions for The Little Botanical to answer on all things plant-related. From plant styling to plant care and everything in between, see below to find out how to keep your houseplants happy!

1. What are the best plants to buy for a complete houseplant novice?

Our Plant Gang for Newbie Plant Parents is the ultimate choice for a houseplant novice. This gang of 3 plants potted in our bespoke pots are easy to care for and we call them the “plant survivors”. With only a little TLC; some light and a drink every 3-4 weeks they’ll be happy in your home.

2. What plant care essentials should I buy to keep my plants healthy?

All plants need water and light, which of course you can provide easily with whatever you have in your home. A few little extras like a watering can; perfect to water those beauties without spillages or our misters to ensure you keep the leaves moist. Also very popular are our Mango Wood Plant Coasters. Moreover, these are perfect to ensure your furniture is protected if there are a few drips when watering. On top of this, feeding your plants is also recommended during the Summer months. Add some plant food (just once a month) to encourage new growth. Who doesn’t love to see a leaf uncurl? We love the brown glass-bottled Plant Tonic and Plant Mist by Plantsmith. All our plant accessories can be found here.

3. I’d love to know if any houseplants might exist that don’t require regular watering other than a mini cactus’?

Our range of Sansevieria is the perfect choice for the 'forgetful waterer'. They just love an arid environment and will cope without water for 4-6 weeks. Our favourite is the Sanseveria Punk.

4. I would like some tall plants for a south-facing kitchen that gets all the sun. I can't seem to find anything that will tolerate this?

big zamioculcas

Image featuring the Big Zamioculcas

Our top picks for a sunny spot are Yuccas and Zamioculcas. Our lovely glossy leafy Big Zamioculcas will cope in a bright spot and is drought tolerant too so will perform well in a south-facing kitchen. He’s the perfect height for a kitchen worktop. Our Yucca Plants come in various sizes from small to XL so you can pop a small one on the kitchen island or a larger one to fill a kitchen corner. Their sword-like leaves are perfect to green up your space. Moreover, yuccas like lots of light all year round and don’t like to be overwatered so are just perfect for a south-facing kitchen. Finally, just make sure you turn them once a month, so they grow evenly.

5. Suggestions for the best bathroom plants for a room with limited light?

All plants need light but some cope well in low light levels so would suit a darker bathroom. Our favourites to green up a bathroom with low light levels are Devils Ivy or Sansevieria. We have a stunning Low Light Level Bundle that is perfect for greening up a gloomy bathroom.

6. The perfect statement plant for a living room that lacks greenery?

Image featuring the XL Birds Of Paradise & the Acreca Palm

We’d say go bold. Bring the outdoors into your living room with our XL Birds of Paradise; an interior lovers dream with its huge paddle-shaped leaves. Or our best-selling Areca Palm, this huge leafy palm will add some real wow-factor to your space. These statement plants will help create the sought-after jungle look that we all love!

7. What plants would be suitable to keep in my bedroom?

We think all plants look great in a bedroom, but we particularly love to pop a few air-purifying heroes in there to help you sleep better. Our faves for the bedroom are the white blooms of a Peace Lily, the stripey leaves of a Sansevieria, the plethora of little leaves of a Ficus Benjamina or the dramatic Lemon and Lime leafy Dracaena. These are all air-purifies so would be ideal for a bedroom. We’ve even curated the perfect Air-Purifying Plant Gang if you can’t decide.

8. What should I do if the leaves on my plants start to go brown?

This is most likely due to under or overwatering. Check the soil by pushing your thumb into the soil. If it is dry make sure you give your plant a big drink. On the other hand, if it is very wet, check you are not overwatering your plant. Drain any excess away from the bottom of the ceramic by tipping it up over the sink and reduce the frequency of watering. Finally, we suggest you tidy up your plant by trimming off those brown leaves to keep it looking fresh and healthy. Now just keep an eye on your watering regime.

9. I want to spruce up my hallway with a plant display. Which plants of different heights would look best in this kind of space?

Image featuring the Large Plants for Big Spaces Bundle | Selection of plants on the Antique Copper Shoreditch Drinks Trolley

We think the plants in the Large Plants for Big Spaces Bundle will work perfectly for a hallway. They look so good grouped together and at 3 different heights, they’ll instantly green up a hallway or living room. If you are looking for something smaller to create a gorgeous green display of plants at different heights. Our bestselling My Home Bundle will look perfect on a sideboard in your hallway.

10. How often should I re-pot my houseplants?

We’d suggest not rushing into repotting your houseplants. Most houseplants will be happy for a year or up to 18 months. Below is a handy guide on how to check if your plant does need repotting.

You Need To Repot Your Plants If:

  • Your plant looks too big for its growing pot.
  • Your plant has no new growth – even in Spring/Summer
  • There are lots of roots growing out of the drainage holes
  • Your plant is top-heavy and topples over
  • You are watering your plant more often as it dries out so quickly

You can read A Guide To Repotting Houseplants here.

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