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Home Office Ideas For Two Or More People

Home Office Ideas For Two Or More People


Working from home needs a lot of discipline and motivation. If you have to do this sharing a room with a partner or flatmate, then its a whole new ball game. Fear not as there are ways to have your own home office space and share one at the same time. Read on for our guide to home office ideas for two people.


Image: The home of Deborah Vos as featured in 'Extraordinary Interiors' by Jane Rockett & Lucy St George. Published by Ryland Peters & Small. Photography by Debi Treloar.


Home Office Ideas For Two People

Defining Boundaries

It doesn't matter where or what you are sharing. The first thing to do is define boundaries, and in the case of a home office, this is quite straight forward. Look around the room you are transforming and make a plan of where your desks are going to go.

Think about the wall space each of you will need, to fit your needs. Is there enough light coming in for you both. Is there an equal number of plug sockets. It's the small details that will matter later on.

Once you have made the plan you can start fitting out your home office.

Tip: Even if your desks are close to each other, make sure you are looking away from anyone else in the room. This avoids distractions and gives you more focus.


Two Of Everything

To make things easy and keep everything simple, we recommend doubling up desks and shelving as these are the main items of furniture you will need. Get two matching desks, and then you can dress them in your style. Two matching shelves will bring unity to the office, and again use these as a base to create your own space. Your home office needs to be a place that works for everyone, whether you are in it on your own of sharing with others.

Choose an item that comes in multiple colours. This will bring a cohesive feel to your home office but at the same time a pint of difference. It also means you all get a say in the look of the room. A desk lamp is a good example of this. Have a look at our online selection, where we have various colour options available. Including the Retro Desk Lamp, which comes in 4 different colours. It's a classic shape that will look great in any room.

One piece of furniture that you may only need to buy one of might be a storage unit. Something you can all share. Divide up the drawers, so as you each get your place to store files, paperwork etc.


Personalise Your Space

Once you have the basics in place, you can start personalising your desk, shelving and walls. Add plants and ornaments to your area. Put up art and pictures that are going to inspire and motivate you.

Bring personal items into your area, and create a home office that is functional, but also pleasing to the eye. Stick notes to the wall, hang photos and layout all your stationery for easy access. Whatever it is that makes your office space work for you.

tip: plants can be used as a divider between you and others. It's softer than a physical screen and its also nicer to look at.


Head to our Pinterest & Instagram for more home office ideas for two or more people.

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