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Hallway Wallpaper Ideas for 2020

7 Top Hallway Wallpaper Ideas For 2020

First impressions are incredibly important and your hallway is the perfect place to make an impact! From statement wallpaper to stylish staircases, there are many ways to transform your entrance space. Most importantly, your hallway is the first thing you seen when you walk through the front door. Therefore, it deserves to be decorated with a healthy dose of drama! So, to help you get inspired, we’ve put together seven top hallway wallpaper ideas for a fabulously elegant entranceway.

When it comes to using wallpaper in the hallway, it’s all about the walls! Above all, wallpaper is a wonderful way to transform your space in an instant. Also, the walls of your hallway help set the tone for the rest of your home. So, the bolder and more beautiful, the better! However, the walls are not your only option to create impact. For a quirky style statement that will set your interior apart, try adding wallpaper to your ceiling or stairs. This promises a playful take on pattern and also helps to create a truly individual scheme. For more inspiration, here are our top tips to transform your hallway…

Floral Hallway Wallpaper Ideas

Image Credit: Leith Clark's London Home via Domino
Wallpaper: Twilight Garden Wall Mural: £295.00, Witch & Watchman Folia Wallpaper: £240.00


Floral patterns are a timeless addition to your home. From oversized flowers to quirky vintage prints, floral wallpapers are always top of the trends. Above all, floral wallpapers are a classic choice for introducing colour and pattern to your hallway. Firstly, florals add instant elegance! Moreover, delicate garden rose of dahlia patterns provide the perfect backdrop for celebrating a more eccentric scheme.

As the main introduction to your home, the hallway should be full of personality and playful design details. For example, in the home of fashion stylist Leith Clark, vintage floral wallpaper is paired with a quirky art collection. As a result, Leith has created an entrance that is chic, unique and blooming beautiful! Similarly, pairing florals with dark colours helps create an individual space with a welcome dose of drama. So, don’t be afraid to decorate on the dark side and paint your woodwork in bold black or graphite grey.


Tropical Ceiling Scenes

Image: Interior by Crystal Sinclair via Domino
Wallpaper: Cole & Son Palm Jungle Wallpaper - Forest Green: £100.00, Mind The Gap Birds Of Paradise Wallpaper: £175.00


Sometimes we all need a touch of the tropics to brighten up even the darkest days. Reminiscent of fabulously hot holidays, palm prints and luxe leaves introduce vacation vibes to your home. Therefore, what better way is there to welcome you home than a tropical pattern on the walls or ceiling?!

This has to be one of our favourite hallway wallpaper ideas for a playful scheme that commands attention. And whilst tropical patterns look beautiful on the walls, we love the bold design decision of adding wallpaper to the ceiling. As a result, regardless of the demands of your day, you can look up and be transported to an exotic oasis. In addition, a tropical wallpaper pattern helps bring a piece of your favourite holiday home with you. Consequently, holiday blues are banished and you’re left with an inspirational interior that is both chic and creative!


Rock 'n' Roll Hallway Wallpaper

Image: The Home of Jo Wood as featured in Extraordinary Interiors In Colour by Jane Rockett & Lucy St George, Published by Ryland, Peters & Small, Photography by Catherine Gratwicke
Wallpaper: Day Of The Dead Skull Wallpaper Gold & Black: £120.00, Rockett St George Leopard Love Wallpaper: £99.00

It's no secret that we're a fan of all things rock 'n' roll. From fashion to music and even our interiors, rock 'n' roll provides endless inspiration! So, why not translate elements of the iconic rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle into your home?!

When it comes to hallway wallpaper ideas with an edge, Jo Wood is the ultimate inspiration. For example, you only have to look at Jo’s hallway to know instantly how cool her home is. Featured in our latest book Extraordinary Interiors In Colour, Jo’s home is filled with eccentric character, pattern and colour. And that all starts in the hallway! So, for a fabulous hallway scheme, we recommend taking inspiration from Jo with statement skull wallpaper in black and gold tones. Alternatively, the rock ‘n’ roll wardrobe staple of leopard print also looks incredible on the walls of your home!


Lines & Stripes

lifestyle grid of striped hallway wallpaper ideas
Image: Interior by Suzy Hoodless via House & Garden
Wallpaper: Cole & Son Fornasetti Uccelli Wallpaper Cerulean Sky: £210.00, Cole & Son Marquee Jaspe Stripe Wallpaper: £65.00


Contemporary, classic and cool, lines and stripes are an easy way to instantly update your home. With patterns that range from striking stripes to subtle grid patterns, linear details add an architectural element to your entranceway. And whilst you can create the same effect with paint, wallpaper will make your life much easier! Also, it provides the opportunity to be playful with bold lines and more elaborate patterns.

For a magnificently modern look, opt for simple stripes or chevrons in monochromatic tones. In addition to this, bright pops of colour help to create a unique and contemporary scheme! On the other hand, linear details also look beautiful in traditional-inspired interiors. For example, the lines of the birdcage in the Uccelli wallpaper add structural style and frame the delicate design. Above all, the trick with stripes is to have fun and play around with colour, design and direction!



Hero Hallway Wallpaper Ideas

Image: Livingetc
Wallpaper: Chinoiserie Wallpaper Mural Taj Mahal Aloe: £510.00, Chinoiserie Tree Wallpaper Mural Cora Spring: £510.00


With hallway wallpaper ideas, it’s important to create an impression. Whether you have a grand entrance or a more compact space, wallpaper is perfect for making a statement. And when it comes to hero hallways, you can’t beat a wall mural! In the same vein as tropical wallpaper, a luxurious wall mural has the ability to take you on a trip far away…

A few of our favourite hero hallway murals include beautiful botanical patterns and serene Chinoiserie scenes. So, take a trip to the tropics of India and enjoy views of the Taj Mahal in your hallway every day! Or, take inspiration from Japan with the Chinoiserie Tree mural that captures the beauty of the blossom season. Either way, large-scale wall murals promise an entrance like no other. So, don’t hold back – the more colourful and dramatic, the better!



Statement Stairs

Image: Anna Hayman Designs Pearl Wallpaper
Wallpaper: Anna Hayman Designs Pearl Wallpaper: £120.00, Va Va Frome Noir Black Wallpaper by Pearl Lowe: £120.00


As an important part of your hallway, your stairs should be celebrated! Also, don’t panic if you don’t have a grand staircase - there are many ways to create a statement. For example, a showstopping stair runner is a wonderful way to add pattern and colour to your hallway. However, this can be incredibly expensive for even a small staircase. Therefore, we wanted to think outside the box and include the stairs in our top hallway wallpaper ideas for 2020…

Perfect for DIY novices or experts alike, wallpaper can be easily added to your staircase with a few easy steps. Preparation is key but as long as you’ve measured properly, the process should be simple. For more info, check out this guide from Ideal Home. However, first of all you will need to decide on the perfect wallpaper pattern. Take Inspiration from Anna Hayman’s Pearl Wallpaper and opt for an Art Deco design with hints of black and gold. Alternatively, a bright and bold pattern will add a playful pop of colour to your home!


Wood-effect Hallway Wallpaper Ideas

Image: The Home of Michael Minns, as featured in Extraordinary Interiors by Jane Rockett & Lucy St George, Published by Ryland, Peters & Small, Photography by Debi Treloar
Wallpaper: NXLX Scrapwood Wallpaper by Piet Hein Eek: £175.00, Koziel Antique Wood Chevron Wallpaper: £75.00


Finally, we couldn’t complete our list of hallway wallpaper ideas without a few natural textures. As a big trend for 2020, natural textures are more important than ever. Therefore, anything that brings an element of nature into the home is a guaranteed winner!

In particular wood-effect wallpaper is a wonderful way to add texture and interest to your walls. Embracing chalet-chic vibes, wood effect designs have a cosy feel that welcomes you home in style. Plus, wood-effect wallpaper is a much simpler solution than adding cladding to every single wall! Within our wood wallpaper collection, the range includes everything from antique chevron styles to driftwood textures and modern panelling. The collection also includes both light and dark designs to suit every scheme imaginable. So, if you're looking to add natural pattern to your home, look no further than wood-effect wallpapers!


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