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Sophia Ferrari-Wills Christmas table

How To Style The Up & Over Table Stand for Christmas

How To Style The Up & Over Table Stand for Christmas

This time in our Guest Blog Series we have invited colour creator Sophia of @thiscolourfulnest to guide us on how we can best style the Up & Over Table Stand this Christmas!


Sophia (@thiscolourfulnest) has pulled together a colourfully curated display using our Extendable Up & Over Table Clamp.

Is there anything more magical at Christmas than celebrating under twinkly lights, glittering baubles and rich green eucalyptus? I think not.

This is how I’d like to dine all year round, nestled under the prettiest decorations, with exquisitely adorned table settings. Want to achieve the same look this festive season?
Grab a hot cuppa, pop your fleecy slipper socks on and have a read -

How To Style The Up & Over Table Stand for Christmas


Step 1. Setting up

The Extendable Up & Over Table Clamp is perfect for most tables with dimensions of 110.5cm in height and an expanding width of 117cm-211.5cm. It’s sturdy with a smart matt black finish to it, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
You simply align the clamps centrally on either side of the tabletop, secure tightly with the fastenings and weave the decorative top poles to the desired width.

Once that’s securely in place, it’s all about the choice of foliage!

*The Extendable Up & Over Table Clamp is due back in stock January 2022. An alternative is their Clamp On Table Stand For Hanging Decorations.


Sophia starts by laying out all her decorations and tools ready to begin creating

Step 2. Choose you foliage

I prefer to use faux as good faux is extremely effective and lasts for the whole festive season. The Natural Eucalyptus Stems in Teal drew me in immediately. Rich depth of colour and made of natural flower, these dried stems ooze glamour and texture!
With some green wire begin to weave the stems up the rods, securing with the wire at the centre point, letting the leafy branches droop and hang romantically.

Note - be careful not to get carried away. Less is more. Not often a term I use but you definitely want the stems to not appear over cluttered.


Sophia (@thiscolourfulnest) uses Faux Eucalyptus in her scheme tied around the table clamp.

Step 3. Next, fairy lights!

You can use them in either of two ways. Intertwining through the eucalyptus and rods or through the decorative ornaments when you create the table centrepiece. Both are effective and create immediate ambience. I chose to use through the foliage for purpose of downcast light when dining.

How To Style The Up & Over Table Stand for Christmas


Step 4. Work your way down.

Start with the decorative ornaments that will either hang from the rods or from the ceiling.
I chose to hang honeycomb decorations from the ceiling, along with a spectacularly glittery gold disco ball, then statement baubles and mini disco balls from the rod itself. Achieving varying lengths creates a cascade effect and draws the eye up and down. The Rockett St George Leopard Print Baubles have a 3D embossed effect striking a playful vibe, while the disco balls attract the light, especially from the fairy lights, adding a level of depth and a serious wow factor!


A beautiful clashing of colour and texture on Sophia's table.

Step 5. Layers of colour.

Don’t be afraid to mix metals or clash colours. Choose a main focal colour and build around it. In true Rockett St George style, I chose gold. While orange and pink paired together offends some, I find a cool pink with orange super pleasing! The addition of earthy brown honeycomb decorations grounds the gold and offers a rich warm hue behind the scenery of sparkly decor.

How To Style The Up & Over Table Stand for Christmas


Step 6. There are no styling rules!

Add the decorative pieces wherever you like. Keeping a mix of heights within the display and being aware of the descending decorations from the rods, you can pull together a festive scenery easily.
Personally, I feel one statement decoration sets the scene for the rest to follow. My choice was the Petal Design Bottom Vase, with faux foliage. More colour, more glitz, more texture! There’s no getting away from the sex appeal of the vase. Speaking of which….


Sophia's table at night ready for hosting

Step 7. Table settings and showstopper crackers.

Leopard print crackers? Uh, yes please!
Rockett St George is the sexiest, most glamorous brand. Playful decs to sumptuous designs. The crackers are the icing on the cake! Add the gold rim etched coupe’s and you’ve nailed sophisticated table glamour!

Step 8. Pop the fizz!

Merry Christmas ya filthy animals!


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