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Eco Home: UK Made Sustainable Furniture Collection

Eco Home: UK Made Sustainable Furniture Collection

Introducing Our Rockett St George Sustainable Furniture Collection

There are so many reasons to shop consciously, which is why we are thrilled to bring you our new sustainable furniture collection...

With a mission to supply affordable, closed-loop, sustainable furniture to the home interiors market, we have partnered with Sussex Craftsman, Jani Lemut to create our first UK Made Sustainable Furniture Collection. Lovingly crafted using FSC wood, coffee grounds and locally sourced upcycled pallet wood, keep on reading to discover our eco-friendly furniture collection.

About The Rockett St George Sustainable Furniture Collection

Rockett St George Sustainable Furniture - Made In The UK - King Size Bed Headboard | Click To Shop

It all started when we met local sustainable craftsman Jani Lemut. With a passion for reusing local waste materials and turning them into something beautiful, Jani Lemut's ethos of caring for the environment perfectly aligns with Rockett St George's sustainability mission. So, with sustainability at the heart of this collection, we discovered how we could use wasted wood pallet furniture, dried coffee grounds and FSC wood to create stylish and eco-conscious pieces that you can treasure forever in your home.

What Makes Each Product Sustainable?


Rockett St George Sustainable Furniture - Made In The UK - Bedside Table | Click To Shop

In order to craft something with the planet in mind, we made sure that the wood used in each of our products is FSC certified wood.

  • What is FSC Certified Wood? FSC stands for 'Forest Stewardship Council' and ensures that the wood meets the highest social and environmental standards. This type of wood is durable, long-lasting and high quality.
  • What Does FSC Certified Wood Mean? Wood harvested from forests is environmentally conscious as well as responsibly managed. Moreover, wood sourced from FSC certified forests is reusable, renewable and recyclable.

Rockett St George Sustainable Furniture - Made In The UK - Round Side Table | Click To Shop

For the marquetry, we used dried coffee grounds to create beautiful patterns on the surface of the products. Then, the stain is then sealed with a water-based lacquer.

  • Why coffee grounds? With coffee consumption on an all-time high, keeping used grounded coffee from our supplier's carpenters and neighbours follows closed-loop principles. Moreover, this means that using materials sourced from waste streams is a great environmentally friendly initiative for our products. Finally, sourcing these materials locally keeps carbon footprint at a minimum.
  • How Is The Coffee Used? By drying used local coffee, this is perfect for inlaying intricate designs into the furniture without using harsher materials. Additionally, using the coffee grounds creates a stylish monochrome design, which we love!

Image featuring the Sustainable Bedside Table | Click To Shop

For the furniture legs, we have upcycled pallet wood from our warehouse, using our waste to craft sturdy and functional furniture legs for our new collection.

  • Why Pallet Wood? Contributing to our Rockett St George Eco-Policy, turning warehouse packaging into something meaningful and beautiful is an exciting way to make use of our in-house resources. Moreover, this is a great way to upcycle an existing material at Rockett St George HQ.

Why Shop Sustainable?

The Rockett St George Sustainable Sideboard Cabinet | Click To Shop

People often ask what is sustainable furniture? and there are so many ways to define this. Furthermore, researching the materials that go into the things that you are buying is ultra-important. There is so much that can be done to shop sustainably from your garden to your home. This could be buying sustainable outdoor furniture or looking into FSC certified wood furniture for your interior.

Shopping Consciously With Rockett St George

'Buy Beautiful & You Won't Need To Buy Again'

For this collection, we have chosen to reuse pallet wood and coffee grounds to upcycle materials that would otherwise end up as waste.

Moreover, we know how important regeneration furniture and sustainable furniture is becoming. So, putting care into where our products come from means a lot for the planet, our customers and our brand. For this reason, creating sustainable furniture in the UK has been a dream come true for us. We are so thrilled to add this recycled wood pallets furniture to our Rockett St George range and we hope you love it as much as we do!

What's In The Collection?

Rockett St George UK Made Sustainable Furniture Collection

Now it's time to introduce you to each piece from the collection in detail. Showcasing sleek lines, gorgeous textures and eyecatching designs, we can't wait for you to discover these totally unique pieces. Whatsmore, see below to discover the collection for every room in the home...

Rockett St George Sustainable Bedside Table


Rockett St George Sustainable Bedside Table | Click To Shop

This beautiful bedside table is perfect for any interior. Showcasing a suave design with intricate lines on the drawer, this piece will bring both functionality and style to your bedroom scheme. Use these beautiful reclaimed wood bedside tables on either side of your bed for a seamlessly modern and eclectic look. Moreover, this table can be paired with many beautiful colours to bring it to life in your space. We are loving this table against calming neutrals, dreamy terracotta tones and marvellous mustards alike.

Rockett St George Sustainable King Size Bed Headboard


Rockett St George Sustainable King Size Headboard | Click To Shop

Making a stunning statement in any bedroom, this King Size Bed Headboard will become the boldly beautiful centrepiece of your space. With a delightful dark wood finish and angular lines, this upcycled wood headboard is a piece of art in itself. Additionally, this lovingly crafted piece will create a modern boho feel amongst any interior. Its striking pattern and effortlessly stylish character will steal the show against your bedroom wall. So what's not to love?!

Rockett St George Sustainable Round Side Table

Rockett St George Sustainable Round Side Table | Click To Shop

A must-have for your garden room, living room or reading corner, this Round Table embraces the beauty of nature whilst bringing interest to your scheme. Whatsmore, the marvellous line design is perfect for monochrome, neutral and colourful homes alike. We love how eye-catching this ravishing round table is, adding a chic and eclectic feel to any room in the home. Perfect for spaces small and grand, this table is a treasure that you can adore for years to come.

Rockett St George Sustainable Square Side Table


Rockett St George Sustainable Square Side Table | Click To Shop

The ideal rest for an afternoon tea or a glass of wine, the Square Side Table makes anything that graces its surface look all the more gorgeous. On top of this, you can use this innovative repurposed wood table to display your ornaments or add pattern to any corner that is lacking interest. Using sustainable materials paired with a dazzling design, this side table will become an envious part of your quirky home scheme with its bold shape and line detail.

Rockett St George Sustainable Sideboard Cabinet


Rockett St George Sustainable Sideboard Cabinet | Click To Shop

Every home needs a Sideboard Cabinet and this one is something that you will simply adore within your interior. Displaying wonderfully curated craftsmanship using only sustainable materials, we can see this sumptuous sideboard as part of a dreamy beach house scheme or daring dark decor alike. Even better, there is plenty of storage space for practical use and the surfaces will house your unique treasures to create something oh-so-special. Moreover, this is such a fabulous talking point for any room, with a lovely story behind it that cares for the planet.

More On The Rockett St George Eco Policy

Rockett St George's Sustainability Promise

All of the products from our new UK locally-made collection are dropped to our warehouse with no packaging then shipped out to customers in recyclable boxes. Whatsmore, we've also replaced bubble wrap and plastic with paper and we have paper parcel tape too. This is a step further to our no single-use plastic policy, making the necessary substitutions towards greener living. Our customers will notice that we use clever recycled paper to protect fragile elements rather than bulky bubble wrap. Lastly, in our warehouse, we've also changed our electricity supplier to Ecotricity the world's first green electricity company. All of these steps coincide with what our new collection stands for!

Inspiring Words From Jani

Jani Lemut | Craftsman Of The Sustainable Range

We couldn't have done it without the talented Jani Lemut. To see and learn more about Jani's clever and creative process when making this collection, click here to watch our video. Alternatively, read our 10 Mins With interview with Jani Lemut on the blog.

Sustainability From Jane & Lucy

Jane Rockett & Lucy St George | Sustainability At Rockett St George

Jane & Lucy's creative ideas for homewares are really brilliant and forward-thinking for the planet! You can find more on our sustainability policy here.

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