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Eco-Friendly Furniture - The Benefits Of Mango Wood


The Sunburst Sustainable Wood TV Stand

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do at Rockett St George and we believe that little changes can make a big difference. Now, more than ever it is so important to be environmentally conscious, so our mission is to create more sustainable products for the home. In this post, we will introduce you to mango wood, a much-loved material used to craft some of our unique eco-friendly furniture.

What Is Mango Wood?


The Sunburst Sustainable Wood TV Stand

Mango Wood, in fact, comes from the tropical tree that grows the mango fruit. Mango trees can be found across the globe, originally in Far East Asia. Native to India, Mango Wood is now made in parts of Kenya, China and Mexico.

A wonderful product that we adore, Mango Wood can be used for furniture after the mango tree stops producing its fruit. This happens seven to fifteen years after the tree is grown. After that, mango farmers continue to plant new trees so that the cycle of fruit production can continue. This means that only the trees that have stopped producing mangoes will be cut down for furniture production. For this lovely reason, creating furniture from mango wood relieves deforestation of endangered tree species such as teak.

Why We Have Created Mango Wood Products


The Mango Wood Desk With 3 Open Shelves

At Rockett St George, we are always looking for sustainable materials such as mango wood, to encourage people to shop consciously. We know that this makes for a better buying experience, as it is so important to shop with the environment in mind.

The Benefits

There are numerous benefits to creating products using this type of wood, many of which are helpful to the environment. Mango Wood is a durable hardwood, meaning that it is perfect for creating bespoke furniture designs from. Additionally, the natural markings of the wood are totally unique from one piece to the next. This means that we can create charming furniture that can be treasured amongst any scheme and will last for years to come. Whatsmore, each handcrafted piece of mango wood boasts a boldly beautiful variety of natural stains. We think that this makes for some fabulously ornate designs that are simply bursting with character. So what's not to love?!

The Rockett St George Eco Policy

At Rockett St George, we are making it our mission to source, design and produce products with sustainability at the forefront. Wherever possible, we are carefully considering what we buy and how we can minimise our impact on the environment. On top of this, we are always looking for more ways to improve our products. This is why our new range of mango wood furniture is so important to us. Above all, we love creating quirky pieces that are long-lasting, stylish and eco friendly!]

You can read our Eco Policy here.

Introducing Our New Eco-Friendly Furniture


The Sunburst Sustainable Wood Bedside Table

Sustainable accessories for the home never looked so glorious! Using densely grained wood, our Mango Wood Furniture showcases a variety of texture and tones. Moreover, this creates a brilliant talking piece for any interior that will also last the test of time. Finally, we love that our marvellous mango wood products mix functionality with dazzling design. Each piece is an eco-friendly addition to your decor that will stand out from the rest!

Get The Look - Eco-Friendly Style


Our Sustainable Products For An Eco Friendly Home

Using products from our Eco-Friendly Living Collection, we have used natural materials with hints of luscious green to curate a gorgeous space for either your bedroom or living area. Please see below to shop the products used. Additionally, you can shop our Eco-Living Range here.

1- Round Bamboo Tray With Hand-Painted Eye

2-Rockett St George Paint - Dalloway

3- Beautiful Big Bell Bamboo Ceiling Light

4- Cole & Son Botanical Botanica - Fern Wallpaper - Leaf Green & Olive

5- Blonde Rattan Dining Chair 

6- Sunburst Sustainable Wood Bedside Table

7- Le Feu Ground Eco Fireplace

Take a look at our Eco Home Sustainable Living Pinterest Board to shop more of our lovely environmentally friendly products!


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