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image of black beeswax food wrap with white stars covering a glass jar filled with figs

Eco-Friendly Food Storage Ideas

Stylish and good for the environment too, our range of eco-friendly beeswax food wrap, containers and more will help you make small changes that add up to a big difference.

From beeswax sandwich wraps to beautiful glass containers for lunch on the go, there are so many eco-friendly food storage swaps that you can make today. So, for this blog, we've rounded up a few of our top sustainable food storage ideas for you to

Beeswax Sandwich Wraps

image of three beeswax sandwich wraps in a black star design, gold star design and leopard print design

Set Of 3 Rockett St George Beeswax Food Wraps £25

Single-use plastic sucks. Primarily made from fossil fuels the problem with single-use plastic is that its thrown away after one use and can wreak havoc on our environment and oceans breaking up into micro-plastics that harm wildlife.

So ditch single-use plastic such as cling film with sustainable alternatives. New to Rockett St George our exclusively designed Beeswax Food Wrap is a reusable alternative to clingfilm that you can keep and reuse for years to come. Available in a set of three these fashionable beeswax sandwich wraps come in small, medium and large for all of your storing needs.

Lunch On The Go

three glass and stainless steel food storage containers

Products: Set Of 4 Clear Storage Bowls With Black Spot Pattern & Lids £29 | Stainless Steel Round Air Tight Lunch Box £24 | Set Of 5 Glass Bowls With Black Lids £19

Plan ahead and save time and money with beautiful food storage containers. Perfect for leftovers and for lunch on the go, opt for beautiful glass bowls or stainless steel lunch boxes. These are sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives to a meal deal or takeaway - all of which is likely to be sold in single-use packaging.

Glass Bottles & Jugs

beautiful glass bottles, cups and a silicone lid for milk bottles

Product: Clear Milk Bottle With Silicon Lid £3 | Traditional French Latte Glass With Lid £4 | Traditional French 'Eau' Water Bottle £18

Next up, for our top eco-friendly storage ideas are glass bottles and jugs! Store drinks, oils and liquids in beautiful glass bottles. Perfect for when you're on the go and a sustainable storage idea for your salad dressings, oils and more. Our beautiful glass bottles are household essentials that you'll love.

Stylish Shoppers

three beautiful black shopper bags with white typography writing

Don't forget your reusable bags! A really easy and yet effective swap is to invest in beautiful shopper bags that you don't mind wearing when you're out and about and reduces your single-use plastic use too. Stylish and practical our Food Shoppers are perfect for your weekly shop, but we also think that they would make great gym bags and overnight bags too!

Compost Bins

grid image of three sets of tin compost bins for the kitchen.

Products Featured: Set Of 2 'Poubelles' Trash Cans £98 | Set Of 2 Zinc Bins With Wooden Lids £145 | Set Of 2 No.1 & No.2 Storage Tins £120

Compost it! Once you're done eating, don't chuck out your food, compost it instead! Better for the environment and for your garden soil, invest in some beautiful compost bins to get started. We found this helpful guide by RHS Gardening on how to compost which is well worth checking out.

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