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Best Modern Home Office Ideas Of 2020

Best Modern Home Office Ideas Of 2020

Best Modern Home Office Ideas Of 2020

A guide to creating the best modern home office in any space

Modern home office ideas

Image credit: The home of Jane Rockett as featured in Extraordinary Interiors by Jane Rockett and Lucy St George. Publishers: Ryland Peters & Small. Photographer: Debi Treloar.

When designing your modern office, remember there are no limits to what you can create. Whether you’re following trends or looking to push the boundaries of what is possible, the potential is endless. You want it to feel like somewhere you’ll want to be, inviting and exciting. Any home office can be given a new life with just a few simple changes.

A few things to consider when making your modern home office are:
• How much space are you working with?
• What work will you be doing there?
• How much is your ideal budget?
• What would you like to change?

Once you know this information, you’ll have a clearer perspective on how to tackle your home office redesign. Read on to find out some of the ways we think you can transform your home office into somewhere you’ll never want to leave.

Going For Glamour

Who said your modern office space couldn’t be somewhere glam and gorgeous? Incorporating dark shades with touches of gold will create a place you are drawn to be and enjoy working in. You could start with painting one or more walls black to create a contrast for your office. Adding touches of glamour with some wallpaper on a feature wall creates a striking statement. Select a colour scheme, such as warm tones of yellows and golds to harmonize with the black.

Our Deco Velvet Dining Chair in Golden Ochre is a gorgeous colour and is extremely comfortable. If you are feeling bold, why not add a gold disco ball into the mix? The pop of colour will catch the light beautifully and bring up the mood.

Lighting when working with a darker space is key to ensuring it still feels warm and somewhere you can be productive. Soft lighting will maintain a calm feel whilst also working practically. Add a chandelier to make a statement of glamour above your work desk. Be sure to add your personal touches, such as your favourite photo in a gold metal frame, or decorations like a Gold Acrobatic Hanging Lady to elevate the office even more. Try to reflect your personality, it’s about making your space your own.

Scandi Style

Originated and loved throughout the 1950s, Scandi design has very much made a comeback as a key interiors trend for 2020. If you are looking to create somewhere with a calm and minimalist feel, this trend is perfect. Adding Scandi furniture with its modern architecture will create a fresh and clean environment to work in. The saying ‘Less is More’ is the focus of Scandinavian homes.

Practicality and functionality are key elements in Scandi design, so bear this in mind when selecting your modern office furniture. You want both your desk and chair to be comfortable but also stylish. Scandi design combines both these elements and works perfectly to form a minimalist style. Wooden textures and warm tones work wonders together in forming a modern yet inviting office. Add a leather chair to accompany your desk to complement the natural theme. This is also the perfect timeless item to invest in.

You could also try adding extra touches such as a white sheepskin rug to add softness. For some chic storage solutions, why not try adding wicker baskets, such as a Set of 2 Straw Baskets with Black Pom Poms. These will practically store items whilst still being minimal and stylish. Finally, finish off your office with some small touches. Ceramic vases, soft textured pillows and a geometric print rug will tie everything together wonderfully.

Black & White

Using black and white creates a modern and timeless feel to a room, keeping it simple yet chic. Wallpaper in a monochrome print added to one wall will make a striking statement. The contrast of black and white against each other will give a bold appearance. Remember when using dark tones in any area of the home to ensure you add enough lighting or natural light to keep the room feeling light and airy.

Add some soft furnishing with a Moroccan theme such as a rug or cushions within a monochrome
colour scheme to bring everything together beautifully. Black frames on a white wall provide the perfect contrast to bring your treasured photos to life in your modern home office.

A green plant within the space would stand out drastically against the black and white. Working towards a more minimal design will create a very modern space that is very calming and clear. Using black and white together is a timeless look that will stand the test of time and allow your office to grow with you into the future. After all, who doesn’t want a classic and elegant office space within their home?

Industrial Influence

An industrial design can influence both creativity and give a modern feel. If you are looking to create an office with a professional appearance, consider incorporating the leather and woods of the industrial style. Why not try adding some DIY elements, such as making your desk from upcycled materials. This is both great for the environment and is very cost-effective.

Having a home office with character and charm ensures you will want to return and work there, and also giving you pride in another part of your house. The modern office area should feel incorporated within your home, and not somewhere that is distant and uninviting. When selecting your lighting, consider a pendant light as it would work best within this style. Exposed and visible materials will complement the structural elements of your industrial furniture.

Metal lighting such as our Retro Desk Lamp in Matt Black is both striking and functional. Try where you can to have some texture in the space to add an eclectic feel. Keep it simple with materials, as you want to keep the focus on the design elements and not overcrowd the section. An Industrial influence can create a modern, mature and sophisticated area for you to work from.

Get Organised

Ensuring optimum productivity can be heavily influenced by your surroundings and environment. So why not declutter and get an organized modern home office? Organisation can be both stylish and simple. You want it to be adaptable to work best for you and your needs. It can be incorporated in many different ways, such as shelving at various heights or using cabinets to keep your items together and neatly tucked away.

But you can also look to other areas within your home for storage ideas. Items such as an ottoman can be utilised to store and conceal all your office supplies out of sight. Why not build a feature wall of storage behind your desk, such as a peg/pinboard to keep notes together where you can see them? Remove what is unnecessary as much as you can to prioritise the essential items you need.

A clean space will help you to stay calm and productive. Feel free to recycle and reuse items from around your home if possible. In doing so you reduce waste as well as saving some money. Get creative with storage, it can be adapted to any region in a variety of ways. An Adjustable Brass & Wood Wall Shelf has shelves that can be moved and repositioned as and when you need to, making it an ideal solution for modern home office storage.

Greenery & Plants

Plants can bring a fresh and awakening feel, which makes them ideal for somewhere you want to feel alert and focused. Consider whether you’d prefer real or artificial plants. Some real plants have the bonus of air filtering, providing a modern, fresh and calm environment to work in. Artificial plants are also a great idea, as they aren’t going to be dependent on you remembering to water them!

There is a wide range of artificial plants out there to suit you, so go explore what you can find. If you don’t want to over-decorate or fill your office zone, adding one of two plants is the perfect solution for you. They could be small and sit on your desk, or be much larger and fill a large majority of the room, it’s up to you.

Why not try adding a Fabulous Faux Trailing Ivy Posy on a shelf above your desk? If you’re looking for a larger plant, try a Faux Perfect Palm to sit alongside your desk, making much more of a statement. It’s also worth bearing in mind that green is a very calming colour to us. Why not utilise this factor and add some plants to provide calmness and serenity while you work from home?


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