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7 steps to prepare your guest room for christmas 2019

7 Steps To Prepare Your Guest Room For Christmas

Prepare your guest room at Christmas in 7 easy steps.

Through many years of hosting at Christmas, we think we have nailed how to prepare a guest room for the festive season. So with this knowledge in mind, we want to share with you our top guest bedroom tips. Along with this, you will find some of our co-founders own guest bedroom tips for Christmas as featured in The Metro. Keep reading to discover how our easy ideas will help you make the most of your spare room or even your own bedroom.

An Instant Spare-Room-Revamp

Product Featured: Oriental Black Floral Headboard £475.00

If you change or update one thing in your bedroom or guest room, let it be a new headboard. A work of art in itself, this lovely floral hand-painted headboard will create a show-stopping focal point in the bedroom. It will also never fail to make your guests smile and they will adore sleeping in it. If you're also planning a slightly bigger revamp, why not incorporate some of the beautiful colours from this piece into the rest of the room with cushions, throws, bedding, or even paint on the walls.

Create a Glowing Atmosphere


ornamental and unique table light for the bedroom


Products Featured: LED Cubic Frame Battery Operated Table Lamp £35.00

We couldn't talk about how to prepare a guest room without mentioning lighting. Let's face it - we all look better in low-level lighting! The best mood enhancer going, soft glowing light should be your best friend when it comes to bedroom decor. We always talk about the importance of lighting and recommend fitting dimmer switches on all central lights. But we also love the magic that fairy lights and vintage style bulbs can add to a room. Ornamental or sculptural table lamps look really cool on a bedside table. Play around with different shapes, sizes and scales for a designer look - the quirkier the better!

"Fairy lights are also a failsafe way of achieving a more luxe feel by shining a sparkly glow around the room." - Jane Rockett (The Metro)

Add Luxurious Layers


linen bedding with soft throws and velvet cushions on the bed


Products Featured: Lisbon Soft Linen Duvet Cover - Slate Grey from £135.00, Various Cushions from £55.00, Cotton Pom Pom Blanket 200x300cm - Black With Gold Stripe £145.00

A super-affordable way of upgrading your bedroom or spare room is to add cushions and throws. We love to layer different fabrics, such as velvet, linen and woven cotton for a super-luxe and textured look. Perfect for colder months, pile up blankets and throws for a cosy and welcoming display that your guests will want to dive straight into!

"I always add extra cosy throws and cushions to make the bedroom feel warm and snuggly." - Jane Rockett (The Metro)

Ban Boring Furniture


wall mounted bedside table saves space in the bedroom


Products Featured: Mango Wood Wall-Hung Bedside Shelf £135.00

Some furniture is essential in the home and aside from the bed, bedside tables are a must. Great for small spaces, a wall-mounted bedside table will give the illusion of more space. But if you're after something a little more unusual go for something with character, such as the Oriental Gloss Black Bedside Table (also available in White). Whichever style you choose, try to buy a bedside table with a drawer or shelf storage as it's always handy, even if your guest is staying just one night.

Keep it Soft Underfoot


soft moroccan berber rug in the bedroom


Products Featured: Original Moroccan Berber Large Rug - Morocco £950.00, King Size Four Poster Iron Canopy Bed £850.00, Malmo Washed Cotton Duvet Cover - Soft White £98.00, Bureau-Style Black Mango Wood Bedside Table £230.00, Gold Dome Table Lamp £150.00, Antique Style Black Multi-Drawer Storage Cabinet £995.00.

The ultimate way to make your guests feel relaxed and comfortable during their stay is to give them a gorgeous rug to sink their toes into. A bedroom without a rug is simply not complete and will look cold and unfinished. A great interchangeable piece, you can swap your rugs from room to room throughout the year making this the perfect investment piece. We love Original Moroccan Berber Rugs for the bedroom which are beautifully neutral and luxurious.

"A rug underfoot not only adds texture and depth to the room, but it also helps the room feel like a retreat." - Jane Rockett (The Metro)

Beautifully Scented Candles


life is beautiful scented candle for the bedroom


Products Featured: Rockett St George Life Is Beautiful - Amber Rocks Candle £34.00

One of our best guest bedroom tips has got to be scented candles. Not only do candles give off a sexy, warm, and flickering ambient glow; but scented candles can help set the mood in any room. We recently launched our own Rockett St George scented candle collection with new and improved paraffin-free wax ingredients. So you can scent your bedroom guilt-free with a beautiful scent that will last for hours.

"Smells are really important in the home, especially at Christmas because smell connects us to our memories and emotions. I like to put a Christmas scented candle and some matches in my guest bedroom as it gives off a gorgeous scent, even if left unlit. My favourite is our Bliss & Mischief scented candle which has a sensational mix of pomegranate, pepper & spices on a bed of spicy woods. When I stayed in Marrakesh recently, the housekeeper used a room spray before we arrived which was so beautiful - I'd like to try this with a warming wintery scent this year." - Jane Rockett (The Metro).

A Treat to Make Them Feel Special


an eye mask makes a great guest bedroom gift at christmas


Products Featured: Mademoiselle Butterfly Eye Mask £10.00


Make your guest feel special by leaving a special token gift in their room. It will be a lovely surprise and if you opt for something like our fabulous eye masks which will also ensure they have a good night sleep too. As they're not at home surrounded by their own comforts, something like this will be really appreciated - especially if you don't have blackout curtains or blinds.

"As a special treat, hang a mini Christmas stocking at the end of the bed and fill with something naughty like chocolate or even some fluffy socks. It always goes down well and makes your guest feel really special." - Jane Rockett (The Metro)

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