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5 Tips For Working From Home

5 Tips For Working From Home

As working from home becomes the new normal, it is ultra-important to be in a space that you love. Moreover, we thought that we would share five tips for curating a home office that is will motivate and inspire. So, read on to find out how!

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We know how hard it can be to create a great space to work in. Therefore, we thought that this guide on working from home will give people the confidence to create a working zone that is both practical and stylish. From zoom meetings to trying to create an organised mess, see below to read our top tips for working from home...

1. Choose Your Work Zone

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Firstly, you need to choose an area that you would like to work in. Even if you don't have a specific room for a home office, you can still create a workspace that is functional.

Deciding On A Space

A space that you will enjoy working in is imperative to your everyday tasks when working from home. This can be helped by your surroundings, but first, you must choose an area that you can dedicate to your work. Additionally, this could be a corner of your bedroom, kitchen, living area or even hallway. As long as you can see yourself working in the space, that's what matters the most!

Separating Work & Play

It is so important that you separate your workspace from areas where you go to relax. This means that, if you are setting up your work area in bed or on the sofa, chances are you will have a far less productive day. For this reason, once you have chosen your workspace, it really helps to set it up as if you are at your usual place of work. Moreover, this can be achieved by allocating a quiet space to go to when you need to focus.

2. De-Clutter Your Space

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When it comes to your work zone, you must ensure it is as clean as possible. As they say, a clean space equals a clear mind. So, before setting up your work area, you should de-clutter as much as possible. This means that anything that is not imperative to your working day should be tidied or moved away. Furthermore, this will immediately make more room for your important work as well as some decorative pieces too. As this step is a must, why not browse some of our fabulous Office Storage Cabinets to get organised whilst adding character to your home.

3. Accessorise Wisely


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As you spend a lot of your time at work, you must ensure that the furnishing in your space is functional. Moreover, investing in a good desk and chair will improve your working day massively With this said, having gorgeous pieces in your home office will also improve the way you approach your work. So, fusing practicality and dazzling design, we have a great selection of Desks and Chairs that will help you get into work mode in style!

4. Choose Interiors To Inspire

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At Rockett St George, we believe that divine pieces in the home should be there to inspire. For this reason, adding interest to your working area makes for a better environment to get things done in!

Decorating With Work In Mind

For creatives, this part of the process is crucial. On top of this, meaningful interiors are perfect for improving your mood. Importantly, it's these little touches that will bring joy to your workspace from the moment you walk into the room. Whether you have a favourite colour, marvellous memory or amazing accessory, be sure to incorporate this into your office interior for an unforgettable office zone. If you are building up your collection, shop our delightful adornments here.

Sparking Creativity

No matter what you do for work, it's always lovely to be surrounded by pieces that inspire. Art Prints, Vases, Flowers and useful Desk Lighting are brilliant ways to uplift the mood of your space. If you want to go for something a little different, why not browse our quirky wall ornaments. By introducing unique accessories that represent your personality, this will spark creativity in everything you do.

Get The Working From Home Look

To help you create a space that you will love to work in, this Working From Home Moodboard will give you some glorious ideas to start with. So, see the products below to shop the look...

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5. Curate Your Zoom Backdrop


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Now for the zoom backdrop! In this new way of life, people often forget the importance of the zoom background. There's nothing worse than rushing into a meeting and realising that your surroundings are messy or distracting. So, let's talk about curating your zoom backdrop...

Set Up Your Camera Angle

Firstly, set up your camera and check out which part of your room will be in the shot. You'll often find when turning your camera on, that more of your home is in the backdrop than you think! But, there's no need to panic, there are so many simple ways to create an aesthetically pleasing zoom backdrop.

Start At The Back Wall


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The back wall of your frame is so important. This is something that will either stand out in your space or look very plain. Whether you have a flat wall behind you, shelves or a cabinet, consider which areas may look too busy or distracting. Moreover, depending on what your profession is, this can determine how you would like to present your backdrop.

If your profession is very creative, large art prints and stylish colours will look lovely. On the other hand, if your job involves advice or is in the legal sector, you will want your space to compliment that. For all lines of work, one large art print will look sleek and organised whereas a gallery wall can look busy so needs to be executed well. Additionally, wallpaper is also a great alternative for adding interest to your space without being too over the top. Most importantly, ensure that your backdrop is something that you are comfortable with.

Tidy Outstanding Features

Finally, working forwards from your wall, take a look at the outstanding corners of your camera shot and tidy away any unnecessary clutter. Pieces such as our Wirework File Storage Wall Shelf Unit and Antique Brass Coloured Wire Utility Basket will really help you to keep organised. So, why not shop all of our Home Storage Solutions to keep your desk space in order. We hope that these tips will help you to zoom with confidence as well as create a workspace that you can thrive in!

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