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5 Tips For Choosing A Bedside Cabinet

5 Tips For Choosing A Bedside Cabinet

In your bedroom, a bedside cabinet is a hero piece of furniture where practical use meets dazzling design.

There are lots of things to consider when looking for a new bedside cabinet. As such, we want to show you a few ways you will always get it right. Moreover, the bedroom is a sanctuary where you want your interiors to look and feel in keeping with the rest of the decor. For this reason, the furniture you pick really does change the space. In this blog, you'll find some handy tips to ensure that the bedside table that you choose will complete your bedroom scheme seamlessly. So, read below to choose something you can treasure for years to come...

1. Measure Your Space

Measuring the space you have is the first and most important step. You'll need to know the size of your bed and how much space is left over either side for your tables. If the furniture isn't in the room already, you can use masking tape to get an idea of scale for your side tables. When looking at designs online or in-store, you'll need to note down width, height and depth for your bedroom design. Once you know the measurements, assess how the bedside tables would fit in the given space. As such, if you have room, you may need more of a statement piece to match the scale of the space. Or, if the space left is less, think about a floating shelf or a smaller design that fits just right and doesn't overpower your scheme. Finally, make sure you're happy with the height and depth in comparison to your bed. Height will benefit your coffee perching and depth will determine seamless walking around the room too.

2. Find Your Style & Function

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Making a decision about style can be hard. But, a few things may help you to do this. If you have already chosen your bed, this is a great starting point. Moreover, look at the colour tones already used in the room and see what bedside cabinets match or have materials in common amongst the existing scheme. Alternatively, if you're doing a complete bedroom makeover, perhaps this is your chance to go all out with your design. Choose something you're drawn to and your other colour and decor choices can be built around this. A bedside table is a great way to introduce a pop of colour, a quirky shape or a sexy hotel-luxe feel into your space. So, don't be afraid to pick something that catches your eye from the moment you walk into the room!


When it comes to function, think about if your space can afford a bedside table with storage. The storage element will allow you to keep knick-knacks hidden away, which can be great as the surfaces will look less cluttered. Moreover, perhaps you're not someone that keeps a lot on their bedside or you have limited space. If so, you can go for a more minimalist design that still serves a purpose but has less storage. As such, there are still many clever designs that provide a drawer for storage that won't take up too much room.

3. Pick A Forever Piece

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It's important to pick a bedside cabinet that becomes a forever piece within your bedroom decor. As such, if you take the time to think about your scheme, your choices become more eco-friendly as you know that you will not change them. For this reason, something that goes with plenty of colours and styles allows you to change your bedroom interior without having to swap out the side tables. Whatsmore, you can also shop sustainable tables which have been responsibly sourced, which is great for a closed-loop way of living. Meaning that the materials have been upcycled and are recyclable after use.

4. Go Symmetrical With Your Design

Now that you've taken the time to choose a piece that you love, it's time to double up! Whilst mixing and matching your decor with eclectic pieces is always on-trend, we say, with your bedside cabinets, you must go symmetrical. Even better, sitting pretty on either side of your bed, the scheme will suddenly feel complete once your beautiful bedsides are in place. The sense of symmetry helps to create a calm and peaceful looking space. It will compliment your bed wonderfully and feel ultra-welcoming and relaxing in style. So, what's not to love?!

5. Accessorise Wisely

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A bedside cabinet is a great starting point for the scheme that surrounds it. For this reason, you can elevate the look with art on either side of the bed, low hanging pendants, table lamps and ornamental treasures. The opportunities are endless. Moreover, to create a lovely cohesive look, you can style matching lighting options on either side or play with varying designs with your art and adornments. Plus, if your side table has storage, this leaves plenty of space to curate a style spot on the surfaces. Just remember, simplicity is key so that you have enough space to keep your cuppa tea, phone and other essentials.

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