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5 Recycled Garden Furniture Ideas

5 Recycled Garden Furniture Ideas

If you are looking to update your garden this Summer, at the same time being eco-friendly and conscious of reusing and recycling, then we are here to help. Follow our to 5 recycled garden furniture ideas, and get inspired.


Recycled furniture, box planter from chest of drawers

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Recycled Garden Furniture Ideas

1. Box planters

Our first recycled garden furniture idea is to build a box planter. Creating a lush garden full of plants and flowers is always the goal, and raised planters are a great way of adding height and depth. For a fresh take on this idea why not try using an old chest of drawers. Remove the drawers and place them directly on the ground, or make a ladder structure using the remaining wood from the unit. Paint them up in any colour you like, to fit in with your space.

Tip: If you plant up with herbs, you could hang labelled tickets off the existing handles.


Garden dining table made with recycled wood

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2. Garden Table

Every garden needs a place to sit and eat at, so why not make your dining table unique by using an old wooden palette. By breaking up the palette, cutting the wood to the desired length, and then glueing everything together, you have the making of an individual piece of furniture. Finish off the table with your choice of legs and a good varnish. The perfect showstopper for any garden gathering!


DIY hanging chair for garden

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3. Hanging Chair

How fabulous to have your own hanging chair in the garden. Grab a good book and spend hours relaxing in your garden surroundings, just as if you were on holiday. Reuse some old fabric for the seat and together with some rope, a piece of bowling, and some metal clasps you are good to go. Of course, the ideal situation is the have a tree in your garden, for which you can hang this chair. But if you don't have a tree maybe you have a wooden gazebo or frame you can attach it too instead.

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4. Garden Bed

This a good recycled garden furniture idea if you are up for the challenge. Make yourself your own garden bed! Using old palettes and recycled wood, you can put your DIY skills to the test and create the bed structure. Once you have the base you can lay your own lawn and plant some flowers around it, resulting in your own garden haven. Paint it to match your garden or leave it natural and then add some cushions and a throw to finish it off. You can now spend the day lounging in your outdoor bedroom.


Ottomans for the garden using old tyre and rope

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5. Tyre Ottoman

Bring boho vibes to your garden with this cool idea, and you would never know it uses an old tyre. Using the tyre to create the main structure of the ottoman, you then simply wrap it with rope. Impress your guests with this really easy recycled furniture idea. The versatile ottoman can double up as a table, or just use it to put your feet up!

The great thing about this ottoman is you can take it inside and use it in your living room when you are done in the garden. You can also look at other reused objects to wrap in rope creating the same effect.

We hope we have given you some ideas for recycling some old unwanted furniture and making something new for your outdoor space. We can all be more eco-friendly at home, and this could be a great place to start.

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