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3 Ways To Decorate With Tinsel This Christmas

3 Ways To Decorate With Tinsel This Christmas

3 Ways To Decorate With Tinsel

This year, we’re reviving the retro trend for tinsel with the fabulous Eco-Friendly Recycled Tinsel! Firstly, let us be the first to tell you that tinsel is back. However, despite the kitsch nostalgia associated with tinsel, it is no longer a novelty decoration. Instead, the designs in our Xmas 2022 collection focus on sustainability and style.

Our Co-founders Jane & Lucy are always looking for ways to help us make more sustainable choices for the festive season. In this spirit, eco-friendly tinsel is the perfect solution! Made from recycled PVC plastic, old piping is turned into granules which are then repurposed into tinsel. Available in Black or Metallic Gold, our eco-friendly alternative looks incredible as part of a maximalist display. Combining eco-conscious credentials with glamorous colourways, tinsel is a failsafe and fabulous way to decorate the home. In addition, it can be hung almost anywhere, from your mantelpiece to the branches of the tree. So, to celebrate the magic of this often-underestimated decoration, we’ve put together our favourite three ways to style tinsel this Christmas...

Create A Tinsel Christmas Tree

image of tinsel Christmas tree

The tinsel tree is a fabulous alternative to real Christmas trees. For example, you don’t need to worry about watering or any other maintenance! Moreover, this creative idea is fabulous if you are just starting to build your bauble collection. It's also a brilliant way to introduce festive spirit to smaller spaces. So, make the most of retro strands of tinsel and create a seasonal style statement on the blank walls of your home. As an added bonus, a tinsel tree will make far less mess than the real thing!

When creating your tree, start from the top and display each length in a chevron shape. Above all, keep building up layers until you have the classic branch shape of a Christmas tree. We love the two-tone design of black and gold. However, feel free to find the colour palette that best suits your home. Next, pair this with a strand folded in half and styled vertically for the tree trunk. And voila, you have a unique and fabulous Christmas tree unlike any other! In short, when assembling the tree on the wall, double-sided sticky tape or small pins both work well. Finally, it’s time to decorate... So, tie baubles around the tinsel and style a beautiful star at the top of your DIY Christmas tree for the perfect festive flourish.

Drape Far & Wide

One of our favourite things about tinsel is its ability to instantly transform your home with holiday spirit. In other words, nothing says Christmas quite like tinsel! This year, we’re loving a glamorous take on all things kitsch and colourful. So, at team RSG, we will be decorating our homes with no shortage of sparkle. Firstly, tinsel can be draped from furniture to update everyday pieces with Christmas cheer. Secondly, it can be introduced to mantelpieces or shelves alongside foraged foliage for a fabulous festive garland. However, one of our favourite spots for tinsel has to be the Christmas table. Simple drape a couple of strands along the table and add candlesticks, flowers and fairy lights for a Christmas centrepiece that commands attention!

Create A Tinsel Curtain

image of tinsel curtain

Last but not least, it’s the turn of the creative DIY tinsel curtain. Similarly, to the Christmas tree, this is a wonderful way to introduce a unique take on Christmas decorating. Moreover, this clever decoration is ideal for creating a party atmosphere in your home. Therefore, we strongly recommend trying this out for Christmas or New Year, especially if you are entertaining!

To create the curtain, simply hang strands vertically from the ceiling. In the same vein as the tree, double-sided tape or small pins are great for fixing the strands in place. However, please check the suitability of your wall for each method first. After that, all you need to do is decide on a colour palette. For example, a block of gold exudes glamour, while all-back is dark and dramatic. Our personal preference is to mix the two together to create a stripy tinsel curtain that celebrates the magic of the season!

For more Christmas decorating ideas, head over to our Pinterest!

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