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image of Reeded Black Wood & Marble Console Table for small furniture ideas for the home

10 Small Home Furniture Ideas

image of sideboard with vases and artwork styled on top

Having a small home does not mean you should only have small ideas, so think big and find solutions to create a home you love! To help inspire you, we have put together 10 small home furniture ideas to steal...

1. Mirrors


image of black iron freestanding mirror with shelf for storage


When you have a small room mirrors are a great way to give the illusion of more space. A large mirror on the floor against a wall can really help as you are getting the floor reflection as well as from the walls. Check out the Black Iron Freestanding Mirror With Shelf for inspiration! Alternatively place a large circular mirror on a wall, preferably near to a window. This will help with reflecting the light and give the space a more spacious airy feel.

2. Media Unit Furniture Idea


image of Rockett St George Sustainable TV Stand


A compact media units like the Sustainable TV Stand are a great choice for furniture that can provide many different functions in a small home. You really only need a surface for your TV and some storage underneath, either shelving or cupboards. Keeping the unit small means you create more floor space for other items like plants and side tables. Avoiding large sideboards or media units will benefit the space and leave it less cluttered and enclosed. There is nothing stopping you from having a number of different pieces of furniture in a small room, you just need to make them compact and considered.

3. Small Shelving Ideas

Shelving is a great way to help with storage, whilst at the same time keeping floor space clear. A narrow shelving unit could be the answer, especially if you have the wall space and the height. Built-in shelving in alcoves is always going to be a winner. Utilizing the room's features and maximizing its use is always going to result in a better final design. A really good way to utilize a wall is to keep the shelving or cupboards high up. Attach them near to the ceiling for ultimate space-saving. This will work well in a corridor or bedroom.

4. Small Sofa Home Furniture Ideas

With limited space, the sofa will need to take priority in your living room. But it doesn't need to be a big one, and realistically will only need to be enough for those that live there. Consider a 2 seater rather than a 3 seater. This way you may be able to fit in an armchair and another small table. A small L-shape sofa would be ideal for a corner or snug giving you a bit more comfort, but without compromising the floor space!

5. Stools & Side Tables


image of Large Natural Woven Cane Coffee Table/Footstool


In addition to your main sofa or armchairs, consider using stools for extra seating options. A footstool or pouffe like our Large Natural Woven Cane Coffee Table/Footstool that can double up as a seat is ideal for when you have guests. When working with a small space you need to consider how the room is being used and what furniture you need for the majority of the time. On occasions when entertaining, can your room accommodate others without changing the aesthetic of what you have created?

Keep reading for more small home furniture ideas...

6. Nest Of Tables


image of Set Of 3 Vintage Style Numbered 1,2,3 Nest Of Tables


A nest of tables is ideal for small spaces. The flexibility of using one or more tables and being able to store them neatly is perfect. Our Set Of 3 Vintage Style Numbered 1,2,3 Nest Of Tables is a gorgeous example of multi-use furniture, perfect for a small home. Having a nest of tables means you can do away with a traditional coffee table. Use the different size tables for different occasions when needed.

7. Multi-Functional Home Furniture Ideas

Where possible choosing multi-functional furniture will benefit small spaces. Maybe it's a desk you can double up as a dressing table in a bedroom. Perhaps you have a side table or coffee table with a removable top and added storage inside. Look out for pieces of furniture that will give you extra functionality, as it will help to create a cleaner-looking space.

8. Small Dining Furniture Ideas

Whether you have a dining table in the kitchen or in your living room, consider what you can do to maximize the space. Opt for a fold-down table in a small kitchen, that can be accessed when needed, and use fold-up chairs to help with storage. A small round table with an extendable middle panel is an ideal piece of furniture. Again, as with the other pieces of furniture we have mentioned, it is all about flexibility. Click To Shop Dining Furniture!

9. Handy Bathroom Storage

image of Industrial Style Metal Bathroom Mirror With Side Shelving Unit

Quite often the bathroom can end up being one of the smallest rooms in the home. Utilize all the space you have, but keep it as decluttered as possible. A mirror in the bathroom with built-in storage like our Industrial Style Metal Bathroom Mirror With Side Shelving Unit is a great item to have. Being able to neatly store bathroom products in one place will keep an organised, modern vibe.

10. Small Console Table Home Furniture Ideas

image of Reeded Black Wood & Marble Console Table

A console table is a great piece of furniture for a narrow corridor or a living room. It offers an extra surface to style where you can display lamps, plants and ornaments. In a small room, you need surfaces to add height and texture to your home and our Reeded Black Wood & Marble Console Table is the perfect example of this!

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